Pokémon GO Summer Tour 2018 announced

Summer is the perfect season for outdoor activities, and therefore, it’s no surprise Niantic will once again have several events for Pokémon GO this year. This year, the series of events is called the Pokémon GO Summer Tour 2018!

Safari Zone – Europe

On June 30th and July 1st, there will be a Safari Zone event in Dortmund (Germany), open to everyone. Players will be able to catch a wide variety of Pokémon, including some that are pretty rare in Europe. There’s a special website for the event, and you can click here to check it out!

Together with the city of Dortmund, we will host an event from June 30 to July 1 in beautiful Westfalenpark. Westfalenpark is not only one of the largest inner-city parks in Europe but also includes elaborate water features, a Japanese garden, and large playgrounds for kids and families. Enjoy the fresh air and beautiful view while catching many types of Pokémon! Activities will expand to Dortmund’s entire city district, inviting players from all over Europe to explore the city’s cultural history through Pokémon GO. This is an open event for all to enjoy, so book your travel and accommodations soon!

Pokémon GO Fest

This year, the Pokémon GO Fest will take place on July 14th and July 15th. Its full name is “Pokémon GO Fest 2018: A Walk in the Park”. Niantic explains that it will have a “brand-new look”, and will offer a “unique, immersive play experience unseen anywhere else”. It will be held in the Lincoln Park, with a 1.8-mile walking course filled with exclusive activities for Trainers of all ages.

Single-day passes cost $20, and will go on sale on May 11th on the official website.

Safari Zone – Japan

This Summer, there will be a Safari Zone event in Yokosuka, in Japan.

Various events – Asia

This Summer, there will be various events for players in Asia.

Community Day

The next Community Days will take place on:

  • May 19th (with a special Charmander to catch)
  • June 16th
  • July 8th


If you can’t attend any of the events in person, don’t worry: there will be various ways for you to participate, with activities and challenges. More details about those will be shared at a later date.

Finally, a new Another Adventure event was announced for later this month… or rather, teased: we don’t know when it will run, or what it will be about just yet!

Source: Niantic / Serebii


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