Pictlogica: Final Fantasy ≒ announced for the Nintendo 3DS (Picross x Final Fantasy)

Today, Square-Enix a brand new Final Fantasy game, and it just so happens that it will be released on the Nintendo 3DS. But if you were expecting a traditional RPG, you can close this tab right away, because only disappointment awaits you if you keep reading… unless you happen to like to Picross! Indeed, the game announced today is Pictlogica: Final Fantasy ≒ (based on the smartphone game).

Pictlogica: Final Fantasy ≒ is a Free 2 Play title, that brings together Picross and Final Fantasy. It was originally released on smartphones, but was completely revamped for the Nintendo 3DS. It offers over 300 puzzles, featuring illustrations from the Final Fantasy series.

But the game also offers a twist on the traditional Picross formula, with battles and quests, and even an overworld (though it’s the usual “map” often found in F2P puzzle games). Naturally, the battle system relies on puzzles (as you can see on the trailer below), with magic, summons, and character skills. By completing quests, you can unlock Memoria (characters): there’s over 160 of them in total.

Here’s the debut trailer for Pictlogica: Final Fantasy ≒ on Nintendo 3DS:

The game will be released on Nintendo 3DS on July 12th in Japan, and will be Free 2 Play. Naturally, there will be the usual microtransactions, but Square-Enix hasn’t said a word about them.

Here’s some screenshots:

Pictlogica: Final Fantasy ≒ (3DS – eShop) will be released on July 12th in Japan. Unfortunately, we don’t know if Square-Enix is planning to release the game outside Japan at the moment… The Upcoming Releases page has been updated!

Source: 4Gamer



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