Picross 3D2: video and TV Commercials

Picross 3D 2Good news for fans of Picross: the long-awaited Picross 3D 2 is coming out in just a week… in Japan! In order to promote the game, Nintendo has prepared several videos, including two TV Commercials that you will find below. But if you’re more interested in some gameplay footage, you should definitely check out the first video.

It shows a dad and his daughter discovering the game together. First, they go through the tutorial, which explains the basic mechanics of the game. Then they start solving actual puzzles, and at 3’20 we get a demonstration of a useful tool for beginners: the bomb, which makes all the 0 blocks explode.

Here’s the video:


Head after the break for the two TV Commercials!


Picross 3D2 (3DS) comes out on October 1st in Japan. Unfortunately, Nintendo hasn’t announced any release for Europe and North America yet.

Source: Nintendo



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