Perfectly Nintendo

Perfectly Nintendo is now on Bluesky!

As some of you may have noticed, Perfectly Nintendo stopped sharing updates on Twitter back in November. There were multiple reasons behind that, the main one being the state of the platform itself (something we most likely don’t need to go over, unless you’ve lived in cave over the past year or so… lucky you!).

But starting today, we are active on a new social network: Bluesky. You can click here to check out our profile and follow us.

We chose Bluesky over other platforms for several reasons:

  1. it’s the one that suits our needs the most. Our social media feed (almost) entirely consists of news updates, and so a video or image-based network (like TikTok or Instagram) doesn’t really work for us.
  2. it’s not owned by Facebook.

Our Bluesky account is effectively a replacement for our Twitter account. We plan to share the same kind of updates there, though do keep in mind that some key features of Twitter (such as scheduled posts) are still not available on Bluesky, so it will not be a 1:1 replacement right off the gate.

About our Twitter account: we are not planning to shut it down in the foreseeable future. We still use it to follow other accounts, as only a small number of the +1000 accounts we follow on Twitter have switched to Bluesky yet (and/or are not planning to). You can still contact us via Twitter if you don’t feel like shooting us an email.

If you’re following us on Twitter and need an invite to join Bluesky, make sure to contact us to get one. Do note this “offer” is only for existing followers. No need to @ us to get an invite if you’re not already following us.


Founder and main writer for Perfectly Nintendo. Tried really hard to find something funny and witty to put here, but had to admit defeat.