P&D Super Mario Bros. Edition: details + screens for the upcoming update

3DS_PuzzlesDragons_case_RGB_pkg01Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition came out in April in Japan, but GungHo doesn’t seem to be quite done with the game (despite really disappointing sales). The company is currently working on an update, which will add some new characters for your team.

Here’s the list of characters to be added, along with their respective skills:

Double Mario

  • Main element: Fire
  • Secondary element: Fire
  • Skill: Double Attack (change Light and Heart drops to Fire drops)

Boomrang Mario

  • Main element: Water
  • Seconday element: Fire
  • Skill: Boomrang attack (Heals 3000HP for an ally, and changes Light drops to Heart drops)

Rock Mario

  • Main element: Wood
  • Secondary element: Light
  • Skill: Ground Rock Attack (slightly reduces damage received during 5 turns)

Gold Mario

  • Main element: Light
  • Secondary element: Light
  • Skill: Gold Shine (changes Tree drops into Light drops)

Metal Mario

  • Main element: Dark
  • Secondary element: Dark
  • Skill: Metal Walk (change Water drops into Dark drops)

Kamek (5 types)

Golden Goomba

Here’s some screenshots/artworks for these new characters:

Unfortunately, we don’t know when this upadate for Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition will be released.

Source: 4Gamer.net



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