Osomatsu-san Matsumatsuri: first trailer, details, commercial, New 3DS cover plates, more

A few weeks ago, it was announced that Bandai-Namco would release a game based on the popular Osomatsu-san series on Nintendo 3DS. Called Osomatsu-san Matsumatsuri, it’s basically a collection of mini-games featuring the Matsuno brothers.

If you play well, the popularity of the brother you’ve picked will increase. The more popular you get, the more illustrations, voice clips, and backgrounds you get. Using those, you can then create your very own scenes, as seen in the trailer below.

Here’s some of the mini-games to be found in Osomatsu-san Matsumatsuri:

  • High-Color Café: it’s your typical memory game. You work at a café, and you have to remember the orders of your brothers in order to serve them the right dish. There’s some “chance times” to increase your score, along with combos to get even more points;
  • Snowball Fight: a snowball battle game. Sometime, the snowball you throw will roll, and turn into snowmen. When that happens, you become invicible, and you can deal damage simply by touching your opponents;
  • Donjara (Ponjan): an Osomatsu-san of the famous board game for kids. There’s some specific rules to this version of the game, such as special bonuses you can trigger to get extra points;
  • Hybrid Oden: it’s your typical match-3 game, where you have to put together some bits of food to make them disappear. Sometime, some special bits will appear: they’re all shiny, and as you can imagine, you get more points when you make them disappear. There’s also a Fever Time, when you can rack up points like crazy;
  • Flag dancing: it’s your typical rhythm game, where you have to touch the flags in rhythm with the music. Naturally, if you make combos, you will get even more points. You can chose among three music tracks, and advanced players will be able to play on Hard mode.

Here’s the first trailer and a TV commercial for Osomatsu-san Matsumatsuri, along with some screenshots:

Finally, here’s a look at the contents from the New Nintendo 3DS Osomatsu-san Matsumatsuri! Kisekae Pack (sold 24 800 Yen + taxes), which includes:

  • a copy of the game
  • 6 badges (also available in the Limited Edition)
  • a New Nintendo 3DS
  • a set of cover plates
  • 1 big badge

Osomatsu-san Matsumatsuri (3DS) comes out on December 22nd in Japan.

Source: 4Gamer.net



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