Nintendo Pictures gets an official website; a few more details about the company (Yoshiaki Koizumi as Director, official Message)

Back in July, Nintendo announced that it had entered into an agreement to acquire 100% of the outstanding share of Dynamo Pictures, a company working on the planning and producing of visual content (like 3DCG animation, motion capture, etc.). And as previously stated in the press release, the acquisition was finalised today (October 3rd), and the company was subsequently renamed Nintendo Pictures.

And alongside that name change, Nintendo also launched the official (corporate) website for Nintendo Pictures: click here to check it out!

Unfortunately, this website is fairly empty at the moment (no details about what they’re currently working on at the moment, unsurprisingly), though it does feature some additional details. FIrst, it re-confirms that the goal of the company is to create visual content based on Nintendo IP, though it will also provide motion capture services (presumably for development teams at Nintendo).

Also, Nintendo Pictures will start a recruitment drive next month (November), and people interested in applying for a job can register to be notified of when openings will be available. As of October 2022, the company only has 102 employees, but that number is bound to increase significantly within the next few months.

Among the key people working at the company is Hiroshi Hirokawa (Representative Director, previously President and CEO of Dynamo Pictures), but also a certain Yoshiaki Koizumi!

Here’s the translation of the Message found on the official website:

Nintendo Pictures Corporation is a visual content production company wholly owned by Nintendo.

Through our visual content, we aim to make it so that Nintendo characters can reach customers all around the world, and we will create unique content that will be remembered forever.

To this end, each and every one of our employees will always think about what our customers around the world will find interesting, and will strive to bring about an organisation where they will be able to thrive while producing video content and achieve personal growth.

We will continue to take on the challenge of providing unique and unexpected visual content that can transcend generations and eras to reach customers all around the world.

Right now, it’s not clear what will come out of this acquisition, but it’s another proof that Nintendo is pretty serious about its visual content endeavour. The upcoming Mario movie is but the beginning, it seems!

Source: Nintendo


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