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NINTENDO_LOGOYesterday, Nintendo updated its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Report for 2016, that you can find on this page (only the Japanese version is available as of writing). In there, there’s quite a lot of interesting info (but nothing really groundbreaking… no, you will not find the release for the NX there!), such as the employee count for the various Nintendo companies.

Here’s the employee count for each Nintendo company/subsidiary/affiliate as transcribed by Shikamaru Ninja from Kyoto Report (who provided a significant amount of additional data):

Nintendo Company Limited (Global) – 5,120 Total Employees

This includes all the Nintendo companies and subsidiaries (including Nintendo Co., Ltd in Japan), which are fully owned by Nintendo:

  • Nintendo (Japan) – 2,009 Employees
  • Nintendo of America – 1,257 Employees
  • Nintendo of Europe (includes regional branches, such as Nintendo France) – 868 Employees
  • Nintendo of Australia – 75 Employees
  • iQue (Nintendo subsidiary for the Chinese market) – ? Employees
  • Mario Club (debugging) – 305 Employees
  • ND Cube – ? Employees
  • Nintendo European Research & Development – 30+ Employees
  • Nintendo Network Service Database (subsidiary operating the Nintendo Network) – ? Employees
  • Nintendo Technology Development – 30+ Employees
  • Nintendo Software Technology – 50+ Employees
  • Retro Studios – 70+ Employees
  • Monolith Soft – 109 Employees
  • 1-Up Studio – 30 Employees
  • NES Merchandising (division of Nintendo of Amrica) – ? Employees

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Major affiliate

The companies below are technically independent, but are deeply tied to Nintendo for various reasons (because Nintendo owns a significant part of the company, because they own the IP they work on, etc.):

  • The Pokémon Company – 400 Employees
  • HAL Laboratory – 149 Employees
  • Intelligent Systems – 134 Employees
  • SRD – 107 Employees
  • Creatures – 84 Employees
  • Genius Sonority – 22 Employees
  • Pux – ? Employees
  • Warpstar (managing Kirby animated series, Kirby rights) – ? Employees

Contract / Minor affiliate

The companies below are fully independent, but still chose to work closely (exclusively for some of them, such as Next Level Games) with Nintendo, for various reasons (such as Game Freak, who work on the Pokémon franchise, which is owned by them, Nintendo, and Creatures).

  • GameFreak – 108 Employees
  • DeNa
  • Alpha Dream
  • Vanpool
  • Hatena
  • Grezzo
  • Next Level Games
  • Headstrong Games
  • Indies Zero
  • Camelot Software
  • Digipen Studios
  • First Avenue Entertainment (Seattle Mariners)

NB: data is as June 2016.

Source: CSR Report 2016
Data transcribed by Shikamaru Ninja from Kyoto Report



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