[N-Direct] Puyo Puyo Chronicle: gameplay footage

Puyo Puyo Chronicle is one of the third-party games Nintendo chose to showcase during the latest Nintendo 3DS Direct presentation in Japan, on Thrusday. Nothing really new was shown, but if you need a rundown about what the game is like, you’ve come at the right place!

In the Story Mode, Arle and Carbuncle are transported into a magical world, which only begs to be explored. There, they meet some new characters (such as Allie), but also familiar faces. As far as the battle system goes, it uses a new Puyo Puyo rule called Skill Battle. Characters can use skills during battles, which is pretty useful when you’re in a pinch.

Of course, you can also play in Multiplayer (via internet if you want), with several modes (including Boss Battle with Everyone, where you can get rare items by fighting against bosses). The game features a total of 17 rules, including:

  • Puyo Puyo Tsu
  • Puyo Puyo Fever
  • Deka Puyo Rush
  • Chibi Puyo Fever

Here’s the segment from Thursday’s Nintendo 3DS Direct presentation:

And here’s the long version of the debut trailer:

Looking for more gameplay footage? Click here!

Puyo Puyo Chronicle (3DS) comes out on December 8th in Japan.



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