Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch Ver.: overview trailer, additional features, details on DLC

In exactly three weeks, Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch Ver. will be released in Japan, and to prepare for this launch, Capcom has uploaded a brand new trailer. This “Hunter Life” overview trailer showcases the various elements of the game, from the point of view of a hunter, as if it was part of their daiy life.

Here’s the trailer:

Capcom also detailed some of the additional features found in this version of the game. First, we have rumble, which is triggered when specific “events” occur:

  • when a monster roars
  • when you land a blow with a Hunting Art
  • when Barufaruku’s special move, Comet (Suisei in Japanese) lands

Of course, you’re free to disable/enable rumble at any time. Unfortunately, Capcom specifies that Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch Ver. is not compatible with HD Rumble: it will be plain ol’ regular rumble!

Another new feature: one-button map scaling. By pressing the L stick, you can enlarge/reduce the size of the maps. This allows you to scale it on the fly while on the hunt, which is pretty handy when you’re going from one area to the other, looking for a monster.

In Monster Hunter XX, in order to take on special quests, where you get to hunt Deviants, you need special tickets. In Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch Ver., you can get a few such quests from the postman, but also from Millsy at the bar.

By pressing the R button, you can display a list of melodies for your Hunting Horn, complete with the effects for each one. Pretty handy for beginners who are yet to memorise the various melodies.

As for chat, the virtual keyboard is now larger, making typing messages easier. Also, if you’re playing in Handheld or Tabletop Mode, you can type on the keyboard using the touchscreen… by far the most convenient method!

Also, Capcom confirms that Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch Ver. will get the same bonuses that were available to players on Nintendo 3DS:

  • Monster Hunter Diary Poka Poka Airou Village DX (special Palico, Baby Tigrex armour, items, special titles, and Guild Card background)
  • Monster Hunter 4G (special Palico, items, money, points)
  • Monster Hunter Stories (items, special titles, Navirou armour)
  • Monster Hunter XX demos (items)
  • USJ Real Pack (items)

Finally… DLC! All the DLC released for Monster Hunter XX on Nintendo 3DS will be available on launch day, for free. After that, DLC will be released simultaneously on Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch. And in case you’re wondering: yes, the collaboration DLC (such as The Legend of Zelda and Fire Emblem) will also be released!

Here’s some screenshots for the game:

Finally, here’s some more gameplay footage for the game, from the latest episode of Capcom TV:

Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch Ver. (Switch) will be released on August 25th in Japan.

Source: 4Gamer



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