Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch Ver. announced, reveal set for tomorrow

A couple of months ago, during the launch event for Monster Hunter XX, Shintaro Kojima (Producer) more or less confirmed that it was only a matter of time until Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch Ver. was announced. Asked about the game coming to Nintendo’s new console, he said that he hoped players would “enjoy it on 3DS first”.

Fastforward two months later, and Capcom has finally announced Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch Ver.. Announced, yes… but not revealed! Today, Capcom simply confirmed that such a version would indeed be released, but didn’t give any other detail.

All we know so far is that this version would have some new features, besides the expected graphical upgrades, and the optimisations for 1-screen display (as opposed to dual-screen on Nintendo 3DS).

Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch Ver. will be properly revealed tomorrow, during the Monster Hunter Championship 2017. There will be a livestream, but if you can’t watch it live, there’s nothing to worry about: the trailer will most likely be uploaded on YouTube shortly after the presentation. And if there’s any gameplay footage, we will make sure to have recordings ready for you.

Do note that the release date for this Nintendo Switch version of the game will also be revealed tomorrow. If there’s any western release planned, there’s no doubt an announcement will be made at E3 2017, next month!

Finally, here’s what the boxart looks like:

Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch Ver. (Switch) does not have a release date yet, but it has already been added to the Upcoming Releases page!

Source: 4Gamer


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