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Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross): Brave Style videos, more screens, 3DS Themes

Today, Capcom shared a lot of content for Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross), starting with some videos showcasing the brand new Brave Style, but also plenty of screenshots, and even some cleaner picture of the Nintendo 3DS Themes.

Let’s start right away with the videos, which showcase one of the two new Hunting Styles found in Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross): the Brave Style. There’s several of them:

  • the first one showcases the basic actions of the Brave Style
  • the second one showcases the actions for the Sword & Shield
  • the third one showcases the actions for the Great Sword
  • the fourth one showcases the actions for the Long Sword
  • the fifth one showcases the action for the Dual Blades

For your convenience, we merged all videos into a single one:

The videos for the remaining weapon types will be shared tomorrow and on Friday by Capcom.

Next, we have plenty of screenshots, which don’t show anything really new. They showcase the 4 other Hunting Styles, along with the Brave Style (click here for more details about it), Prowler mode, and more.

Finally, we get a cleaner picture of the two Nintendo 3DS Themes that will be released alongside the game (more details will be revealed at a later date):

Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross) (3DS) comes out on March 18th in Japan.

Source: 4Gamer.net (1 / 2)


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