Monster Hunter Stories: additional content, videos, preview for next episode of the anime

Update: looking for details about the DLC for Monster Hunter Stories in Europe and North America? Then please check out this post instead!

Monster Hunter Stories

On Saturday, Monster Hunter Stories was released in Japan. Capcom didn’t wait before releasing some free additional content, since some collaboration items and other goodies are already available for download.

Here’s what’s available right now:

  • extra Sub-quest, that gives access to the Kumamoto goodies (Nabiru costume, Kumamoto stamps, Kumamoto Rider Card backgrounds

  • a pack of extra items, from the pre-release Twitter campaign (with a QR Code to scan from the official website)

  • a pack of items available from the Tsutaya de DS hotspots (including an exclusive Rider Card background)

But that’s not all, from October 14th, a special sub-quest will be available from 7-Eleven hotposts. It will allow players to get the first batch of The Legend of Zelda collaborations goodies: Link costume, Master Sword and Hylian Shield weapon, and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Rider Card.

Then, in December, the second batch of The Legend of Zelda collaboration goodies will be available, with Epona as a special Otomon, the Majora’s Mask for Nabiru, and some The Legend of Zelda stamps.

Next, the manual. You can find a web copy of the manual for Monster Hunter Stories on Capcom’s website: click here to check it out (only available in Japanese).

On launch day, Capcom uploaded several video messages from the voice actors (and Daigo, who stars in the TV Commercial for the game). Here’s a playlist with all the videos:

Next, here’s the full recording of the launch livestream:

And here’s a separate recording of Daigo’s segment from the Tokyo Game Show 2016 stage show:


Finally, here’s a video and some pictures of the launch event, with Ryozo Tsujimoto (Producer), and M.A.O (Nabiru’s voice actress):

Monster Hunter Stories: RIDE ON

On Sunday, the second episode of Monster Hunter Stories aired on Fuji TV, and it’s now available on Crunchryoll (though only in United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Ireland). Shortly after, Fuji TV uploaded the preview for the third episode, which will air this Sunday (October 16th).

Unfortunately, the video on YouTube is region-locked, so we re-uploaded it on Dailymotion:

About the first episode, it didn’t manage to land in the Top 10 of the most viewed anime episodes during its airing week. That means it had less than a 2.7 average household rating, according to Video Research. That being said, it’s a bit too early to say whether the anime series is a success or a failure, as it wasn’t until the 4th episode that the popular Yo-kai Watch anime made it in this very Top 10.

Source: 4Gamer.net / Nintendo / 4Gamer.net


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