Miitopia preview to be updated next week, new jobs revealed, TV Commercial, more

Miitopia is a unique and incredibly wacky RPG where the Mii of yourself, your friend, and your family are the characters. Nintendo showcased it during a Nintendo Direct presentation earlier this month, but before that, a preview/demo was released on the Nintendo eShop. It allows you to check out two “trailers” featuring Mii of your chosing,  but there’s absolutely no gameplay involved.

This preview allows you to try out some of the features of the game, including the increase of colour options (8 in Mii Studio, but 32 in Miitopia), and more. And next week, on November 30th, the preview will be updated with another feature from the full game: Minna no Mii (lit. Everyone’s Mii).

Minna no Mii is a feature meant for players who don’t really know or want to create/import Mii to use in Miitopia. It allows you to chose among popular Mii created by other players. How popular a Mii is is determined via a questionnaire that pops up when you launch the game.

But that’s not all: the update will also add a new “trailer”, simply called “Adventure”. What’s more, it looks like you will also be able to have your Mii wear special costumes!

Also, Nintendo updated the official website for the game, and revealed the last 6 classes (click here for the first 6!):

  • Cat: they’re the cutest!
  • Devil: they love to cause mischief;
  • Scientist: Science is King;
  • Tank: a decidedly modern weapon…
  • Princess: they just want to be adored by their people;
  • Flower: flowers also know how to fight, you know!

We gathered the video clips for all jobs, and merged them into a single video for your viewing convenience:

And here’s a second TV commercial for the game:


Finally, here’s more screenshots for the Miitopia preview:

Miitopia (3DS) comes out on December 8th in Japan.

Source: Nintendo



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