Miitomo: 1st Anniversary Celebratory Promo now live

Today is March 31st 2017, and exactly one year ago, Miitomo was launched in Europe and North America. To celebrate this first Anniversary, and thank players for their support, Nintendo launched the Miitomo: 1st Anniversary Celebratory Promo.

As usual, there’s several parts to this event:

Part 1: Anniversary Login Bonus

From March 31st to May 1st, you can get several goodies as log-in bonus. There’s 8 of them in total, and if you want them all, you need to log-in for the first time before April 24th and then never miss a single day.

Here’s the various log-in bonuses:

  • Day 1: Miitomo Anniversary Hat
  • Day 2: Game tickets x 3
  • Day 3: Party Time Wallpaper
  • Day 4: Miitomo coins x 1,000
  • Day 5: Party Time Carpet
  • Day 6: Game tickets x 3
  • Day 7: Monogrammed Rosette
  • Day 8: Miitomo coins x 3,000

Part 2: Anniversary versions of items in Miitomo Drop!

 From March 31st to April 27th, popular items from previous Miitomo Drop stages are back in 1st Anniversary versions:

  • Miitomo 1st Anniversary! Limited Edition Colour Collection [A]: Goth Lady Crown (Anniversary Ver.), Goth Lady Dress (Anniversary Ver.), Wedding Veil (Anniversary Ver.), Wedding Dress (Anniversary Ver.);
  • Miitomo 1st Anniversary! Limited Edition Colour Collection [B]: Ninja Hood (Anniversary Ver.), Ninja Outfit (Anniversary Ver.), Wanderer Outfit (Anniversary Ver.), Gothic Butler (Anniversary Ver.).

Part 3: 1st Anniversary Miitomo coin-exclusive requested stages

Ahead of this Anniversary promo, Nintendo held a survey via Twitter, so that fans could choose their favorite Miitomo Drop stages. The 4th stages with the most votes would be brought back for the Anniversary promo, in a special version with only items (no sweets). However, there’s a (minor) catch: you can only use coins to play… no ticketing your way out of paying, this time!

Here’s the 4 stages being brought back (as well as their availability period):

  • By Request: Happy Wedding (from April 2nd to April 9th)
  • By Request: Forest Friends (from April 9th to April 16th)
  • By Request: Gothic Wonderland (from April 16th to April 23rd)
  • By Request: Happy Halloween (from April 23rd to April 30th)

Part 4: 1st Anniversary items in the Shop!

Starting today, the following items are available in the Shop:

  • Big Bow Tie
  • Evening Suit Set (Jacket)
  • Evening Suit Set (Trousers)
  • Evening Suit Set (Shoes)
  • Open Back Dress
  • Panda Companion

Part 5: Miitomo Outfit Design Contest!

 To celebrate the 1st Anniversary of the app, Nintendo launched the Outfit Design Contest, which runs until April 16th. The goal is to have players come up with unique designs for Mii outfits, with the winning entry to be distributed to everyone at a later date.

If you want to participate, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind:

  • Entries can be digitally drawn or photos of hand drawn images (so no need to worry if you don’t have a scanner, or anything to draw on a computer),
  • The clothing items should be pictured on a Mii, with a back view if necessary (if there’s something in the back. If there isn’t, no need to include one);
  • Not all items from the winning entry will automatically be turned into an actual in-game clothing item. Nintendo could chose only a specific one (such as a hat or a dress, for example);
  • There is a restriction on item size, so it’s recommended to use the template provided by Nintendo;
  • Entries will be accepted by email only;
  • You can enter as many times as you like;
  • The results will be announced on April 28th, via an in-game notification.

For more details about this Outfit Design Contest, including more guidelines and the Terms and Conditions, click here!

Part 6: Let’s make a first anniversary Miifoto mosaic!

This part runs until April 17th, and has players share their own Miitomo 1st Anniversary-themed Miifotos for Nintendo to create a Miifoto mosaic with. They’re going to take the various (eligible) Miifotos shared during the event, and then compile them into “one amazing piece of mosaic art” that will be displayed on the official website.

You can submit pictures from April 7th (today) to April 14th: you can check the pictures submitted by others users by clicking here!

Here’s how you can enter:

  • Select “Menu” from inside the Miitomo app, then select “Miifoto”. Choose which Miifoto you want to submit and post it to Twitter. Note: Images posted by other means will not be eligible for the event.
  • When posting to Twitter, the event hashtag #Miitomo_1st must be used (for example: #Miitomo #Miifoto #Miitomo_1st).

Nintendo specifies that not all Miifoto will be used in the mosaic, even if they’re eligible. Naturally, your entry has to be created in Miifoto, must be your original creation, must not include any sensitive content, etc. You also need a valid Twitter account, and live in one of the countries where Miitomo has been officially released. Finally, there’s no limit on the number of entries.

The mosaic will be revealed on or after April 30th, on the official website. For more details about this event, click here!

Miitomo Miifoto MosaicPart 7: Miitomo staff team Style Central On Trend Picks!

Starting today, and until April 16th, the Miitomo admin team is going to go through the various submissions sent to Style Central, picking their favourite outfits. After that, the chosen outfit will appear in an in-app notification, along with comments from the admin team. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like there’s anything to win, just a little bit of fame!

The good news is: all outfits submitted during the event will be considered, and there’s no set theme… you can chose whichever outfit you want!

Here’s some important info about the event:

  • If multiple entries with the same outfit are submitted, only one may be chosen.
  • Outfits will be chosen based on the admin team’s preferences. The number of hearts received will not be taken into consideration.
  • As the outfits are the focus of this event, the look of the Mii characters will not be taken into consideration.

Click here for more details!

Part 8: Anniversary Answers!

From March 31st to April 25th, special Anniversary-themed questions will be available as the Question of the Day and in Answer Central.

Part 9: Special sale on coins

From March 31st to April 30th, you can purchase 6,500 Miitomo coins for the price of 3,150!

Source: Nintendo


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