Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle getting Versus Mode tomorrow (December 8th)

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is definitely one of the most unexpected games to be released in the past few years, and it was a true success for Ubisoft. If you’re one of those who loved it, here’s some good news for you: before the second (paid) DLC, releasing in January, the game is going to get some more DLC… for free. And we’re not talking about mere costumes, but an actual game mode!

Tomorrow (December 8th), Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle will get its 4th Software update. It will add a brand new game mode simply called “Versus Mode”, that will allow two players to battle against each other. However, there’s a (minor) catch: this mode will not be playable via the internet, only via local multiplayer.

In this Versus Mode, the two players play against each other on the same screen. They can use either a single Joy-Con or the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller in order to fight on “unique and evolving battlefields”. Each player gets to pick three different Heroes, amongst the 8 from the main game. Then, for each character, they get to choose from among three unique pre-sets, with specific statistics and skills.

A quick note about those characters: they are evenly matched (from a skill-point standpoint), and you do not get to use your leveled-up characters from the campaign. However, you get to play with upgraded versions of all eighter characters. Also, you can use one of the 16 unlockable variants, and you’re not restricted when it comes to teams (you can go with an all-Mushroom Kingdom option, if you want).

What’s more, there’s also random bonus items to pick up on the battlefield: those confer additional actions, double damage, and other advantages. No doubt there will be some fierce battles fought over those! Finally, Ubisoft mentions that you can customise the battles using various settings: you can add a timer, limit the number of turns, and even remove all the items.

While those battles offer a lot of depth, they’re also meant to be short and snappy. Basically, you’re free to play however you want: you can limit the matches to 7 or 10 turns, but also set short, medium, or long time limits for each turn, use the Showtime option (that kicks in near the end, turning regular items into super items, and opening new patchs on the map), and more!

Another interesting aspect of this mode is that each player has just three available actions per turn, which means that how you decide to use those is key to victory. Move all your characters into strategic position, focus on only one character… you will have to think really carefully before you take action!

Here’s the trailer and a couple of screenshots for the Versus Mode in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle:

The Versus Mode for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle comes out tomorrow (December 8th) in Europe and North America.

Source: Ubisoft PR / Ubisoft



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