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LOST EPIC (2D side-scrolling action RPG) to wage war on Switch deities later this month

One or Eight have announced the upcoming release of LOST EPIC on Nintendo Switch later this month. This 2D side-scrolling action RPG developed by Team EARTH WARS will have you and up to two friends wage war on gods in order to save humanity.

Here’s a trailer:

LOST EPIC will launch on April 20th worldwide, and is now available for digital pre-order in all regions (with the Japanese version offering an English language option). Two editions are available:

  • Regular ($13.49 until April 25th, then $17.99; 14.54€ / £13.11 until May 5th, then 19.39€ / £17.49; 1 485 Yen until May 11th, then 1 980 Yen)
  • Premium ($16.50 until April 25th, then $22; 17.24€ / £15.51 until May 5th, then 22.99€ / £20.69; 1 875 Yen until May 11th, then 2 500 Yen)

The Premium Edition includes the following:

  • LOST EPIC (game)
  • LOST EPIC -Digital Artbook & Soundtrack-
    • Digital artbook (100+ pages)
    • Soundtrack (16 tracks)

If you get the regular edition but end up changing your mind, you will also be able to buy the Digital Artbook and Soundtrack separately.

Finally, here’s some details and screenshots for the game:

This is the story of a knight who would slay the gods themselves.

LOST EPIC is a 2D side-scrolling action RPG about a war between gods and humanity.
Become a knight and set out across the sanctuaries to overthrow the six gods of the world.

Take up arms in a war between gods and men as the God Slayer. Defy eternal beings and end the reign of fear imposed by the inhabitants of Sanctum. Seek out the evil rulers and their elite guardians in an interconnected, Metroidvania-like 2D world featuring character art by Namie (Fate/Grand Order, Arknights, Azur Lane).

Gear up and set upon the sacrilegious path to terminate the Pantheon of Six and free the humans from their torment. Slay enemies to gain Anima and upgrade weapons and magic abilities after each victorious battle with an extensive skill tree. Execute and combine Divine skills to deliver ungodly levels of damage with beautiful animations. Absorb the powers of slain deities to discover new ways to journey further into the heavenly domain.

With these newfound godlike attributes, return to previous locations to access once-unreachable areas and unravel the mysteries of the divinities and their hiding places. Venture onto side quests and engage in altercations against the Elite, and stumble upon heavenly hidden loot on the way towards redemption. Craft consumable items and memorize enemy attack patterns to thwart foes in punishing souls-like combat where one mistake can spell imminent doom.

Journey into Sanctum hand-in-hand with a fellow warrior in online cooperative multiplayer, and communicate with God Slayers around the world with visual-based stamps to overcome language barriers. Take on raid bosses in Sky-Reaching Spire, or answer the call of divine challenge with New Game+ featuring deadly encounters that yield new rewards.

LOST EPIC’s debut on Nintendo Switch features all the content introduced since the start of Early Access on Steam for PC including the 1.01.7 update. Explore all six worlds and the deadly Abyss, featuring the true final boss. Find The Eyes of God and discover new secrets previously hidden throughout Sanctum with new challenges, bosses, and Transcended Weapons. Play as an A.N.T.I. Soldier from EARTH’S DAWN, and show that bullets are more powerful than Gods with new gameplay elements, evasive Boost mechanics and long-range weaponry.

◆Combine attacks and Divine Skills to create intense combos
Each weapon has a unique move called a Divine Skill. Choose your favorite Divine Skills to create your very own playstyle. By activating a Divine Skill at just the right moment, you can knock down an enemy, leaving them wide open for massive damage.

◆Use skill points to make a character build all your own
Give yourself the advantage in battle by upgrading your character’s stats with your weapon’s strengths in mind. Focusing on specific stats and creating a strength, skill, or magic build can also help you gain the upper hand.

◆Complete quests and reap the rewards
Earn rewards that will help you grow stronger and see stories unfold by completing quests given by a diverse cast of characters. Certain quests will require you to slay powerful, mutated enemies, and defeating them will earn you even greater rewards.

◆Craft items for an advantage when exploring
When you run low on healing items or status effects start to hold you back, that’s when you should cultivate plants and go fishing to get crafting materials! Even if you find yourself struggling in combat, with the right preparation, you can get through it. Throughout the sanctuaries, you will find hidden items that will help you on your adventure, so if something catches your eye, check it out. It just might be something good.

LOST EPIC (Switch – eShop) comes out on April 20th worldwide.

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