LEGO Super Mario: Luigi Starter Course and more Power-Up Packs, Character Packs, and Expansion Sets releasing this August

First launched last year, LEGO Super Mario is a range of popular LEGO sets featuring the one and only Mario, his friends, and his many enemies. Quite a few sets have already been released, and there’s some more on the way. In August, a new Starter Course featuring Luigi will launch alongside new Power-Up Packs, Character Packs, and Expansion Sets.

Here’s the list of new sets releasing on August 1st worlwide (this Summer in Japan):

  • Luigi Starter Course (which includes a Luigi figure just like Mario’s, allowing for 2-player adventures)
  • Bowser’s Airship (Expansion Set)
  • Lakitu Sky World (Expansion Set)
  • Boss Sumo Bro Topple Tower (Expansion Set)
  • Reznor Knockdown Expansion Set (Expansion Set)
  • Frog Mario (Power-Up Pack)
  • Bee Mario (Power-Up Pack)
  • Character Pack – Series 3 (Goombob, Parabomb, Crowber, Boo, Amp, Torpedo, Bony Beetle, 1-Up Shroom, Scuttlebug, Swoop)

Here’s two trailers showcasing those new sets:

Finally, here’s some pictures:

Source: Nintendo


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