Layton Mystery Agency ~Katrielle’s Mystery Files~ (anime series): additional details

Today, Level-5 shared some more details about Layton Mystery Agency ~Katrielle’s Mystery Files~, the Layton anime series that was announced in December last month (make sure to check out this post if it’s your first time hearing about it).

But first, a key artwork for the anime series:

As announced last month, the anime series will debut in April in Japan. To be more precise, each episode will air on Fuji TV on Sunday, at 8.30AM JST. That means the first episode should air either on April 1st or April 8th.

Back in October, Fuji TV created its very first daytime anime timeslot in 10 years specifically for Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On. And it’s that very timeslot that Layton Mystery Agency ~Katrielle’s Mystery Files~ will take over starting in April. In other words, Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On will either end in April or be moved to a different timeslot (the former is the most likely outcome).

The first episode will have a special guest: Imai Tsubasa, who will make his anime debut with his role as Simon Wright, Katrielle Layton’s very first client. Simon has two daughters, and recently bought a house to live in. But soon after setting in, his two daughters and his wife mysteriously disappear… just like the person he first sends to investigate.

With events taking such a strange turn, it’s no wonder Simon Wright starts believing he bought a cursed hourse. That’s when he turns to Katrielle Layton, and asks her to investigate this mysterious incident. Will she be able to get to the bottom of this mystery, or will she end up disappearing, too?

Finally, here’s a more complete list of key staff working on the anime series:

  • Creative Director / Original Draft / Series composition: Akihiro Hino
  • Original Creator: Level(5
  • Animation Production: Liden Films (“Arslan Senki” series)
  • Director: Susumu Mitsunaka (“Haikyu!!” series)
  • Original Character Design: Takuzo Nagano
  • (Anime) Character Design: Takada Shiko
  • Assistant Director: migmi
  • Prop Design: Takayuki Onoda
  • Color Design: Takahiro Mogi
  • Art Director: Takamasa Nakakuki
  • Backgrounds: Quun Plant
  • Music: Tomohito Nishiura
  • Sound Director: Ryou Tanaka
  • Sound Effects: Yuusuke Inada
  • Sound production: Tohokushinsha
  • Director of Photography: Ayumi Okano
  • Photography: Graphinica
  • 3DCGI: FelixFilm
  • Editing: Kiyoshi Hirose, Misaki Enokida

The Layton Mystery Agency ~Katrielle’s Mystery Files~ anime series will debut in April in Japan.

Source: 4Gamer


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