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Japan: Play Movies and screens for this week’s Virtual Console titles (August 19th)

This week, four new titles were added to the Wii U Virtual Console in Japan. Those are:

Kirby 64 (Nintendo, Nintendo 64): 1 028 Yen

Magical Tree (Konami, MSX): 823 Yen

Magical Vacation (Nintendo, GameBoy Advance): 702 Yen

Gussun Oyoyo (Bandai-Namco, Super Famicom): 823 Yen

Here’s the play movies for these games (head after the break for the rest and the list of upcoming titles!):

Finally, here’s the line-up for the Wii U Virtual Console next week (August 26th) in Japan:

  • SUPER E.D.F. EARTH DEFENSE FORCE (Hamster, Super Famicom): 823 Yen

  • Tomato Adventure (Nintendo, GameBoy Advance): 702 Yen

  • Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow (Konami, GameBoy Advance): 702 Yen

Source: Nintendo


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