Japan: official Mario / Pokémon / Animal Crossing 2DS pouches releasing in December

In September, Nintendo finally launched the Nintendo 2DS in Japan (following a limited release in February, with the Pokémon Red Version / Green Version / Blue Version / Yellow Version: Special Pikachu Edition bundles). Naturally, various companies have already released their own accessories, including screen protectors and pouches.

And it turns out Nintendo is also going to release some official hard pouches for the Nintendo 2DS, in collaboration with Hori. There are three models:

  • one featuring Mario (Black)
  • one featuring Pikachu, Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio (Blue)
  • one featuring various Animal Crossing characters (Red)

Those hard pouches for the Nintendo 2DS will be released in December in Japan, and will cost 1 780 Yen (+ taxes). They are made of Ethylene-vinyl acetate, so as to properly protect the console. The inside is made of a soft material, so as not to make your console look like your cat has been playing with it. The pouch was also designed in such a way that the console does not come into contact with the zipper.

The pouches can store:

  • one Nintendo 2DS
  • up to three Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo DS game cards

Here’s what those hard pouches for the Nintendo 2DS look like:

Unfortunately, we don’t know if Nintendo is planning to release those outside Japan or not.

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Source: Nintendo



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