Japan: My Nintendo Store opens on Jan. 23rd, will let users chose colour of Joy-Cons for the Switch

My Nintendo is the replacement of Club Nintendo, but in Japan, it’s about to become something more. Indeed, on January 23rd, Nintendo will open the My Nintendo Store, which will be the new name of the official Nintendo online store. As the name implies, you will need a Nintendo Account in order to buy things from the My Nintendo Store.

The store will carry a wide variety of items, such as games, consoles, goodies, and more… including some that will not be available anywhere else. What’s more, you will also get some Gold Coins as reward for your purchase. That’s a pretty big deal, as so far, the only physical product to offer Gold Coins is the Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System / Family Computer.

Here’s some of the items that the story will carry:

  • Nintendo Switch (Price: 29 980 Yen + taxes, 300 Gold Coins). Quite interestingly, players will be able to chose the colour of the Joy-Cons, but not like the regular packs at retail: they will be able to chose the colour of the Joy-Cons and the straps, and match them to their liking. Want Neon Blue for everything? No problem!
  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Deluxe Collector’s Edition (Price: 13 870 Yen + taxes), only sold at the My Nintendo Store. It includes everything from the regular Collector’s Edition, but also some extra goodies. Here’s what it contains:
  1. the game itself;
  2. the Link (Rider) amiibo;
  3. a map;
  4. a Sound Selection CD;
  5. a reversible cover;
  6. the Master Sword of Resurrection figure;
  7. a set of 20 postcards.
  • Nintendo Carrying Case (Price: 1 980 Yen): comes with a screen protector. Can carry the main unit, but also 5 game carts, and two Joy-Cons. The Neon Blue and Neo Red models will only be available via the My Nintendo Store.

The My Nintendo Store will open on January 23rd in Japan, and to celebrate that opening, players who purchase both the Nintendo Switch and a game will get an exclusive set of calendars (size: B2). Also, users who log in to the My Nintendo Store will get 100 Platinum Coins the first time around, even without purchasing anything.

The My Nintendo Store will open on January 23rd in Japan. Unfortunately, it does not look like a similar store will open in North America or Europe (at least not in the near future).

Source: Nintendo


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