The Jackbox Party Pack: buy one, get the others two at a discount

A few days ago, Jackbox Games released the Jackbox Party Pack 1 and 2 on the Nintendo Switch, completing the trilogy following the release of Pack 3 earlier this year. While those games are tons of fun, they can pretty expensive, especially as they were released simultaneously.

Many fans were expecting Jackbox Games to come up with a special loyalty discount (similar to those we’ve been seeing plenty of times on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS), but there was nothing… at launch. Indeed, a special loyaltly went live today, and allows you to get a discount on the other two games if you already own one.

Here’s the discounted price for each game:

  • The Jackbox Party Pack (Jackbox Games): €16.79 / £15.19 / $16.79 (instead of €20.99 / £18.99 / $20.99)
  • The Jackbox Party Pack 2 (Jackbox Games): €16.79 / £15.19 (instead of €20.99 / £18.99 / $20.99)
  • The Jackbox Party Pack 3 (Jackbox Games): €19.19 / £16.02 (instead of €23.99 / £20.03 / $23.99)

If you already own one of the games, the discount will be applied automatically to those you do not have yet. If you were reluctant to buy the others games because of their prices, maybe this discount will help convince you to cave in?

Unfortunately, if you already own all three games, there is no discount or offer for you (unless they have a similiar one with the 4th game, with a bigger discounts for players who own the original “trilogy”). There does not seem to be an end date for this loyalty discount, at the very least!

Source: Nintendo eShop PR



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