Inversus Deluxe headed to the Nintendo Switch this Fall

Can’t keep up with all the new indie games announced for the Nintendo Switch on a (basically) daily basis in the past few months? Don’t worry… you’re not the only one (*wink wink*)! And it’s far from over… Last week, Hypersect announced they were bringing Inversus to the Nintendo Switch, in a Deluxe version featuring extra content.

But what’s Inversus Deluxe, exactly? It’s a negative-space shooter for one to four players, with movement constrained to opposite colours of a black and white grid. Basically, your walls are other players’ paths, and their walls are your own paths.

By shooting tiles, you can flip them, which is what allows you to block, trap, and close in on the enemy. But be careful, you could very well end up helping your opponents in doing so, so (try to) think before shooting!

Inversus Deluxe offers both online and local multiplayer. It comes with a competitive VS mode, that pits players against each other in 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2 battles. There’s also a Single Player and co-op (2 players), where you have to battle against endless waves of enemies in order to get the highest score, on a special board that changes constantly.

Here’s a trailer Inversus Deluxe, that shows clearly what kind of game it is:

Now, you’re probably wondering what the “Deluxe” bit in the title refers to. The answer is… all this:

  • 12 new VS maps
  • 4 new Arcade maps
  • new Single Player VS Mode (where you get to battle against AI bots, with difficulty ranging from beginner to expert)
  • ranked multiplayer (1 vs 1, and 2 vs 2)
  • new split-shot ammo to fork bullets, and shoot around corners
  • new unlockable motion trails

Inversus (Switch – eShop) will be released this Fall in Europe and North America. The Upcoming Games page has been updated!

Source: Hypersect PR


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