Indie news (Sept. 29) – Hover: Revolt of Gamers / Runner3

Today’s Indie news: latest Kickstarter update for Hover: Revolt of Gamers, but also…

  • Runner 3
  • Super Destronaut 2: Go Duck Yourself

Hover: Revolt of Gamers

Yesterday, the developers of Hover: Revolt of Gamers posted the latest Kickstarter update for the game. In this one, they mainly talk about the game’s brand new User Interface, but also team based gameplay, which were both added with the latest update for the game on Steam. They also talk about some of the smaller changes they’ve made, but unfortunately, still don’t have anything to say regarding the console versions.

Click here to check out this Kickstarter update!


Yesterday, Choice Provisions posted a blog post regarding Runner 3. First of all, they explain that their were expecting a positive reception to the announcement, they didn’t think they would get as many trailer views, site visits, comments, and tweets as they did. Naturally, this encouraged the team to work even harder on the game.

But the main reason they posted this blog post was to talk about the characters. When the game was announced, Choice Provisions made it clear they intended to rely on fan feedback to build the game, and letting fans weigh in on certain aspects. One of them is characters! They explain that their plans is to have both old and new ones.

They would also like to know which characters fans would like to play as in Runner 3:

Which characters are you hoping return for Runner3? And who, in your wildest dreams, would you like to see added to the game? It can be a character from another property, or it can be a character you made up in your head!


Full disclosure: The character roster of Runner3 is pretty locked down by this point, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t open to suggestions. If there seems to be strong demand for a character we weren’t planning on including, then we will seriously consider it! Obviously we’re going to encounter licensing issues if everyone requests Darth Vader or Shrek or something like that, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dream big!

Click here to check out the blog post!

Super Destronaut 2: Go Duck Yourself

According to Nintendo of America’s website, Super Destronaut 2: Go Duck Yourself (the latest game from Petite Games) will be released on October 20th in North America. It will be pretty affordable: only $1.99!

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