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Indie News (Nov. 11): 80’s Overdrive / Runner3

Today’s Indie news: another animated GIF for 80’s Overdrive, but also…

  • Runner3
  • Ohayou! Beginner’s Japanese

80’s Overdrive

80’s Overdrive is a retro racing game that was supposed to come out this Autumn on Nintendo 3DS (it’s pretty clear now it’s not going to make it). It’s been a while since we last heard about it, but yesterday, the developer shared another animated GIF for the game, showcasing a road split.

Here it is:


Yesterday, Choice Provisions posted the latest devblog post for Runner3. This time, it’s Brian (one of the artists) who shared some details about the game. He confirmed that, just like Runner2, Runner3 would be “jam-packed” with as much art as possible.

With this game, the developers are challenging themselves to “open up the world”, so that players can see as much of the environment as possible. This is quite the (fun) challenge for the artists, especially for Brian who happens to be an environmental artist (primarily). The good news: the developers have a “lot of amazing sights and spectacles planned for the game”, including some really strange things…

… such as this thing…:

Source: Choice Provisions

Ohayou! Beginner’s Japanese

Earlier this week, Finger Gun Games announced that Ohayou! Beginner’s Japanese (on Wii U) would be released on November 17th in North America, and November 24th. And yesterday, they shared some of their plans for the game. It looks like they want to bring it to both the Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo Switch, but also update it with vocabulary, grammar, and even kanji.

Source: Finger Gun Games


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