Inazuma Eleven: more teasing from Akihiro Hino

Back in March, Akihiro Hino (CEO of Level-5) confirmed that there would be a Level-5 Vision conference this year. He even teased a new game for the Inazuma Eleven series, with the following tweet:

Of course, we will also show that game. I… (oops, it’s too early to talk about that)

And today, Akihiro Hino once again teased something for Inazuma Eleven. He tweeted this “hint”, which is (as he admits himself) more an answer than an actual hint:

This is quite obviously a character from the new Inazuma Eleven project, but he certainly doesn’t look like the main character… is that the main villain?

In another tweet, Akihiro Hino gave more details about this project, and explained that it would be a return to “basics”: no more epic transformations, no more time traveling. Of course, there will be some new elements, but don’t expect anything over the top like the “GO” series. Akihiro Hino also confirms that it won’t be a pro league story either.

We don’t know when the Level-5 Vision conference will take place, but it’s guaranteed that this new Inazuma Eleven project will be revealed there. Unfrotunately, we don’t know yet for which platform it will be.

Source: Akihiro Hino
Via: Siliconera


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