Hollow Knight: Nintendo Switch version now feature complete, Hidden Dreams DLC included

Yesterday, Team Cherry posted the latest Kickstarter update for Hollow Knight, which is coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year. They have a quick update for players waiting for that version: it’s now feature complete! From now on, the team is focusing exclusively on testing and optimisations, which is definitely a pretty big task.

We do not have a release date or even release window yet, but Team Cherry confirmed that the Hidden Dreams free DLC pack would be included at launch. Said pack will be released in July on other platforms, which means the Nintendo Switch version of Hollow Knight will not be released until then… which was pretty obvious, as it’s not quite done yet.

Here’s a trailer for the Hidden Dreams free DLC pack:

Here’s all the additional content included in this pack:

  • 2 New Bosses – Leap into battle with the mightiest of foes! These epic duels will test even the most skilled of players. Each fight grants rewards to the victor, though note: Engaging with these imposing bosses is entirely optional!  Who are these enigmatic, impossible-to-discern figures? We’re not telling! It’s up to you to find out this July! 
  • 2 New Music Tracks – Epic battles need epic music and Chris’s been preparing just that, with new stirring boss themes for each encounter! He’s gone all out on these ones!
  • New Upgrade: Dream Gate – Discover a whole new method of traversing Hallownest! Slice through the Veil and travel in an instant from one corner of the kingdom to another.
  • A New Stag Station Uncovered – Hallownest’s stags once travelled the breadth of the kingdom but with the departure of the King, one special station was walled away, hidden from bugs and forgotten by stags, until now!

That content will be available at any point in the game, which means you will not have to start a new playthrough or anything.

Hollow Knight (Switch – eShop) will be released later this year in Europe and North America.

Source: Team Cherry (Kickstarter)



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