Happy Birthdays: more details about the new content on Nintendo Switch

Yesterday, NIS America sent a press release to share more details about the new content added to Happy Birthdays (the Nintendo Switch version of Birthdays the Beginning).

The biggest change impacts the very gameplay of the game, with in-game items replaced by a skill system, that both rewards and encourages shaping the world and capturing creatures. After all, doing those very actions nets you some stars, that you can then use to activate skills that affect the terrain, temperature, moisture levels, and more.

Happy Birthdays on Nintendo Switch also features some exclusive creatures:

  • Gaea Drakonis
  • Ouranos Drakonis
  • Hydor Drakonis

Those 3 creatures are mighty elemental dragons that will only appear when conditions in your world are just right.

Also, there’s Monuments. You can spend the stars mentioned above on Monuments: cosmetic decorations that were released as DLC in the original game. This time around, they’re included in the game (nothing to download), but you do have to unlock them by fulfilling certain in-game achievements.

Finally, there’s three new Starting Biomes (that have separate completion objectives, based on their environments) for you to choose from when starting a new game:

  • lush grassland
  • a bone-dry desert
  • a frozen tundra

Happy Birthdays (Switch) comes out on June 5th in North America, and June 8th in Europe.

Source: NIS America PR



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