FreezeMe: update to be released this week in North America

FreezeMeFreezeMe came out last week in Europe, but it was released even earlier in North America. Unfortunately, at launch, the game was plagued by various bugs and issues. The good news is that those issues will soon be a thing of the past, as a patch will be released either today or tomorrow in North America.

The patch will fix quite a lot of bugs and various issues, but also bring some new features. If you live in Europe, you don’t have to worry about it: all the changes and fixes are already implemented in the European version of the game, which came out last week!

Here’s the complete list new features and fixes:

New features

  • Green statue added to the HUB, now you can change your Green Pigcoins there
  • The stats now display the time in minutes and seconds
  • Now R has more oxygen while underwater
  • Signs indicating the location of the cubes have text
  • Now if you are crawling and press the Jump button R will roll up and stand up quickly

Head after the break for the list of bug fixes!

Bug fixes

  • In some rare cases R was wallsliding against nothing
  • Some issues with controls when playing on external HDDs
  • You could easily get into the salamander sanctuary without exploding the wall
  • When entering a specific moment the camera could get stuck in the teleporter
  • When landing in some specific platforms R turned into a Giant
  • The first person view has now the same behavior as the main camera
  • Logolo could punch you out of Sunshine Valley
  • Pontus in some cases would not fight back
  • Application would hang if you die by falling at the same time a timer is running out
  • Some issues with the scenery where R would get stuck
  • Cursor would not show up in Mini Coop if you did not plug a Nunchuk first
  • Leaving the game resting on the level load screen would cause a lockup
  • You could not turn R rage mode on using the Nunchuk + WiiMote
  • If timed correctly, while sliding you could walk under water
  • Now you can hit trees in Rage Mode
  • In some rare cases R would slowdown in midair
  • Dying inside the labyrinth on L2 while the camera was set to Manual caused the cam to misbehave
  • You could talk to someone while in Close Cam
  • The Ornithologist on L3 could give you the Green Pigcoin without completing the task
  • Transparent cubes in L1 are now ignored by the camera
  • Collecting a guinea pig, dying and retrying the same level would not allow you to complete the sidequest
  • The number of total salamanders needed to activate some extras was off
  • The number of Cubes needed to enter L2 and L3 was off
  • An issue with the colliders of the windows on the tower on L1
  • Somersault angle has been reduced so it does not accidentally trigger so easily
  • Some issues with the camera shaking

To download this update, you have two options:

  • let the Wii U do its thing if you have automatic downloads activated: you should have the latest version installed the next time you launch the game;
  • if not, simply launch the game from the Home Menu (not the Quick Start Menu), in order to trigger the download.

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