Fire Emblem Heroes: results of the Choose your Legends vote

Ahead of the launch of Fire Emblem Heroes, Nintendo held a special event called Choose your Legends. Basically, fans were asked to vote for their favorite heroes/characters from the Fire Emblem series. Naturally, this wasn’t just a mere popularity vote to keep players entertained, as this vote was held for a good reason.

Indeed, the winning heroes will be added to Fire Emblem Heroes at a later date. Now, you’re probably thinking that it doesn’t make sense, since there’s already about 100 character: the winner most definitely are in the game already.

But naturally, the characters to be added via this vote are not regular characters: what will be added is a special version of them, with a different costume, but also different skills. Basically, it will be a entirely new character (similar to Tiki, who has two versions)!

Today, Nintendo revealed the results of the vote: which are as follows:

You can find the full results of the Choose your Legends vote on this page!

The winners of the vote are Lyn (from Fire Emblem) and Ike (from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance): a special version of them will be added to Fire Emblem Heroes at a later date. But that’s not all: Nintendo decided to also include the two characters that ranked #2, namely Lucina (from Fire Emblem Awakening), and Roy (from Fire Emblem), who will also get a special version of them in the game.

Finally, the special phone wallpapers will be released each month, as announced during the Fire Emblem Direct in January. They will feature the characters who received the most votes during the event.


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