Fire Emblem Heroes: plenty of additional details from previews (drop rates, system requirements, etc.)

Today, previews for Fire Emblem Heroes (the very first Fire Emblem game on smart devices) went live, allowing us to get plenty of details about the game (including those found in this post!).

Let’s start with a pretty neat detail: not only is Fire Emblem Heroes developed by Intelligent Systems, but it’s Nintendo Treehouse that’s taking care of localisation.

The prologue mentioned in this post serves both as a tutorial,  and a way to setup the story. You start with 3 unit per battle, but most of the game is then played with 4 units per battle. Each unit/character can have the following:

  • 1 weapon
  • 1 support skill
  • 1 special attack (activates after a certain number number of turns, and then is automatically used during the next attack)
  • up to 3 passive abilities

To level up your characters, you need to use Shards (from Level 1 to 19) or Crystals (past Level 20), that you get from the Training Tower (they cannot be bought anywhere).

Regarding the Arena (the PvP mode), the number of times you can play each day is 3 times, though you can use orbs to keep playing if you want. About the Heroes Battles, we did mention that you get better characters with harder maps, but what we forgot is that you can actually replay a Heroes Battle in a higher difficulty to recruit a higher ranked version of the Hero.

Fire Emblem Heroes also features monthly quests, that you can complete up to five times each for various rewards.

About your Home (that serves as the base of operation for the Order of the Heroes), you can actually upgrade it using orbs. Doing so allows you to get (permanent) bonus XP for your characters, and obviously, it changes the appearance of the place itself.

When in your home base, talking to characters with hearts around them allows you to get rewards, and you can enjoy various lines of dialogue with the others. There’s no marriage/children system per se (at least, not at the beginning), but those conversations allows you to deepen your relationship with the heroes. It looks like there’s also friendships events, that are unlocked when a hero reaches a certain level of development/growth.

Also, when you want to summon characters using orbs, you first start by selecting a set, which includes a specific bunch of characters. Here’s two examples:

  • Devoted Characters set: Roy, Lyn, Camilla
  • Legendary Heroes set: Robin, Lucina, Marth

Here’s the summoning rates for heroes:

  • 3% for 5-star
  • 36% for 4-star
  • 61% for 3-star

About the stamina mentioned in this post, there’s two ways to get some back:

  • wait 5 minutes for 1 unit of stamina
  • use orbs

Orbs can be bought in packs, from $1.99 to $99.99.

Finally, here’s some technical details about Fire Emblem Heroes:

  • Compatible OS: Android 4.2 (with at least 2GB of RAM), iOS 8 or more recent;
  • Internet connection: required

Fire Emblem Heroes (Android, iOS) comes out on February 2nd, worldwide.

A big thank to Nirolak for the round-up of info.



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