Fire Emblem Heroes: minor issues related to Ver. 2.9.0

Update: the latest Software update for Fire Emblem Heroes (Ver. 2.9.1) fixes the issue with Voting Gauntlet score display. Make sure to update before September 18th in order to avoid losing access to the game!


Today, Nintendo and Intelligent Systems released a new Software update for Fire Emblem Heroes: Ver. 2.9.0. If you haven’t already, you can check out this post for all you need to know about it! Unfortunately, it looks like a couple of issues related to that update popped up since its release, though both are pretty minor.

The first one impacts the current Voting Gauntlet event currently running. What happens is that when the score of an army reaches a certain number (2,147,483,648 to be precise… yes, precisely 2,147,483,648!), then the commas are not displayed anymore, making reading the score a bit harder. It doesn’t have any actual effect on the score itself or the event, it’s just a rather minor, odd graphical glitch that will be fixed for the next Voting Gauntlet event.

The second issue is also a minor one, and it impacts the new Summoning Focus (Heroes with Fury, that went live today). It only occurs if you launch the game without updating to Ver. 2.9.0 first, then the wrong banner will be displayed, and the weapon type when selecting a summoning stone on the summoning screen will be displayed incorrectly. The issue has no impact on the Summoning Focus itself, but it’s recommended to first update before trying to summon a Hero.

Source: official Twitter account / official Twitter account



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