Fire Emblem Engage Special Vocal Edition CD (with opening and ending) announced for March 15th in Japan

Fire Emblem Engage was released less than two weeks ago, which means it’s far too early to get any news about the Original Soundtrack. Indeed, it’s more than likely we will have to wait until after the big story DLC has been released before we hear anything about it. But before that, there’s another CD on its way: the Fire Emblem Engage Special Vocal Edition CD!

This CD will be released on March 15th in Japan for 2 500 Yen + taxes, and includes both a CD and a Blu-Ray disc with some extras.

The CD includes the opening and the ending songs and… that’s pretty much it. Unfortunately, it will not include any other track (not even the instrumental or the English versions of those tracks — we will most likely have to wait for the full soundtrack for them!).

Here’s the tracklist for the CD:

  • Emblem Engage! by RYO (opening song)
  • Fiery Bonds by Rainy。(ending song)

As for the Blu-Ray disc, it includes the following:

  • Opening movie Special Edit Version (full)
  • Ending movie Special Edit Version (1 chorus)

The CD also comes with the following extras:

  • 3-side slipcase (tall case, customisable)
  • Clear illustration sheet
  • Main characters + Emblems sheets (26 in total)

The Fire Emblem Engage Special Vocal Edition CD is available for pre-order at various retailers in Japan (see source for all the links), with Amazon and CD Japan (among others) available for import.

For those of you who don’t care about the physical CD, both the Opening and Ending songs are getting an early release via digital music platforms:

  • Emblem Engage! by RYO (opening song): available starting today on Apple Music (purchasable outside Japan), mora, RecoChoku, BGS, Dwango
  • Fiery Bonds by Rainy。(ending song): available starting today on Apple Music (purchasable outside Japan), more, RecoChoku, BGS, Dwango

Source: Being Inc.


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