FAST RMX: Remix update (remix tracks and cups) and Japanese release coming next week

Update: Shin’en Multimedia has announced (via the Nintendo News feature on the Nintendo Switch) that the Remix update for FAST RMX (Ver. 1.3) would be released on September 13th. The Japanese release of the game will be at the exact same time, but it will already be September 14th in Japan!

More details can be found on the FAST RMX Updates page.


FAST Racing Neo was released back in 2015, and Shin’en Multimedia seems to have been working non-stop on that game since then. Following the launch of the original version, on Wii U, the team worked on updates. After that, they worked on the Nintendo Swith version, FAST RMX, that features even more content than the original.

And yesterday, they announced that they weren’t quite done with the game yet, as FAST RMX is getting another update. This one will add even more content! Granted, the content is 100% new this time around (it’s “remixes”), but it’s still additional content nonetheless… and it’s still 100% free!

Here’s everything included in the Remix Update for FAST RMX on Nintendo Switch:

  • six new Remix tracks
  • two new Remix cups

But that’s not all: with this update, the game is finally getting a release in Japan. Granted, users with a Japanese account could always make a European or North American account to download the game, but with a proper Japanese release, it’s going to get a lot more exposure among Japanese players.

What’s more, the Japanese translation is definitely going to help with sales in that country, though it’s true that this isn’t really a text-heavy game to begin with.

FAST RMX (Switch – eShop) comes out next month in Japan, just like the Remix Update for Europe and North America. It’s pretty much guaranteed the Japanese version will include both updates from the get-go.

Source: Shin’en Multimedia



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