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[Europe] Nintendo eShop line-up (July 6th): Kirby’s Blowout Blast / Implosion

As of Week 10, 2017, Nintendo has stopped sending its usual press release on Monday, and is now sending it out on Thursday instead. Therefore, the Nintendo eShop line-up below is not complete, and is actually missing quite a lot of things (including sales). It will be updated regularly, until the press release is out.

Update 1: added screenshots for Kirby’s Blowout Blast (Nintendo 3DS), Shephy (Nintendo Switch), Vaccine (Nintendo Switch), Revenant Saga (Wii U), I am an air traffic controller AIPORT HERO OSAKA-KIX (Nintendo 3DS), Table Tennis Infinity (New Nintendo 3DS).
Update 2: added DLC for Blaster Master Zero.
Update 3: added missing content.

The Nintendo eShop will be updated at 2PM BST / 3PM CEST. Unless otherwise specified, retail releases are on Friday.

Nintendo Switch

  • Implosion (Flyhigh Works): 12€ / £10.79 [20 Gold Coins] [requires 3.1GB] [web eShop page]
  • Vaccine (Rainy Frog): 9.99€ / £8.99 [10 Gold Coins] [requires 309MB] [web eShop page]
  • I and Me (Ratalaika Games): 9.99€ / £8.99 [10 Gold Coins] [web eShop page]
  • ACA NeoGeo Metal Slug 2 (Hamster): 6.99€ / £6.29 [10 Gold Coins] [requires 94MB] [web eShop page]
  • Flip Wars (Nintendo): 9.99€ / £8.99 [10 Gold Coins] [web eShop page]

Wii U

  • Revenant Saga (KEMCO): 9.99€ / £8.99 [10 Gold Coins] [requires 363MB] [web eShop page]
  • Rayman Raving Rabbids (Ubisoft, Wii Download on Wii U): €19.99/£17.99 [20 Gold Coins] [web eShop page]

Nintendo 3DS

  • I am an air traffic controller AIPORT HERO OSAKA-KIX (Sonic Powered): 14.99€ / £13.49 [20 Gold Coins] [web eShop page]
  • Kirby’s Blowout Blast (Nintendo): 6.99€ / £6.29 [10 Gold Coins] [web eShop page]
  •  Alchemic Dungeons (CIRCLE Ent.): 5.00€ / £4.99 [10 Gold Coins] [web eShop page]

New Nintendo 3DS

  • Table Tennis Infinity (RCMADIAX): 1.49€ / £1.39 [web eShop page]


Harvest Moon: Skytree Village (Rising Star Games, Nintendo 3DS)

  • DLC Pack 1 to 4 (free and paid): click here for more details and screenshots!

Blaster Master Zero (Inti Creates, Nintendo Switch / Nintendo 3DS)

  • EX Character: Shantae (free until July 19th, then 1.99€ / £1.79 )

Pic-a-Pix Colour (Lightwood Games, Wii U / Nintendo 3DS)

  • Large Puzzles 8 (1.99€ / £1.99)
  • Mixed Puzzles 8 (1.99€ / £1.99)
  • Small Puzzles 8 (1.99€ / £1.99)


  • Splatoon 2: Splatfest World Premiere (click here for more details)

Nintendo eShop Sales

Click here for the complete list of games currently on sale! The new sales for this week will be added on Thursday, when the press release is out.

Ending on July 19th

[Switch] Blaster Master Zero – EX Character: Shantae (Inti Creates, DLC): Free (instead of 1.99€ / £1.79 )

Coming soon

July 13th

[Switch] De Mambo (DangerousKitchen): 10.99€ [20 Gold Coins]

July 27th

[Wii U] Galaxy Blaster (RCMADIAX): 1.49€ [requires 119.5MB]

Source: Nintendo eShop / Nintendo PR


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