[E3 2016] Pokémon GO: details from the Nintendo Treehouse Live segment

pokemon_go_logo_rgb_900px_150ppiYesterday, Pokémon GO was featured in a special presentation, which kicked off the Nintendo Treehouse Live livestream for Day 2 of E3 2016. Some new details about the game were revealed, including some about the Pokémon to be found in the game.

The plan is for Pokémon GO to launch with only Gen 1 (because of the Pokémon 20th Anniversary), but after that, more and more generations will be added. The goal is to have all generations of Pokémon available in the game. What’s more, Niantic actually consulted with the Pokémon Company in order to know which Pokémon are supposed to be rare, so that they also are rare in Pokémon GO.

Pokémon GO puts the focus on catching Pokémon. It was revealed that the smaller the circle on a Pokémon, the more chances you have to catch it. You can also get XP by using special techniques, such as Curve Balls. As for evolution, it doesn’t work the same way as in mainline Pokémon games: you use candies for that. You get candies by catching lots of the same Pokémon.

Good news for players who like trading Pokémon: that feature will be added later, after launch. There will also be special events, where many players will gather in the same place, similar to the Ingress events.

But that’s not all: a feature called Photo Fun. When you encounter a Pokémon, you can turn on the camera, and then take picture. The picture is then saved to your phone, and you can share with friends and/or on social media.

During the presentation, the Pokémon GO Plus accessory was also detailed. If there’s a flashing green light on it, that means a Pokémon is nearby. You can press the button in order to try and catch it, and the colour you get tells you if the capture was successful:

  • Rainbow colour: capture successful
  • Red colour: capture failed

Pokémon GO Plus will launch in Late July, and will cost $34.99. Naturally, that means the game itself will launch sometime in July, so the exact date is not known yet.

During the presentation, it was announced that Pokémon GO will have connectivity with Pokémon Sun and Moon down the line, but no detail about that was revealed. Junichi Masuda will compose some music for the game, but it’s not clear how many tracks he will compose.

Here’s the full recording of the Pokémon GO presentation:

Pokémon GO (Android / iOS) and Pokémon GO Plus should launch in July.

Via: Serebii


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