Dragalia Lost: notice about the Stun Effect in High Midgardsormr’s Trial

A few days ago, the developers of Dragalia Lost notified players about an issue impacting the stun effect in the High Midgardsormr’s Trial. There was a fix for this issue on October 2nd, but it turns out it was not implemented properly between October 5th and October 11th.

As a result, the developers had to release another fix, which was included in the data update released earlier today. However, since some players took the High Midgardsormr’s Trial when the fix was not properly implemented, the following adjustments have been made to High Midgardsormr’s attacks today (and only today, it seems):

  • Removing the stun effect from High Midgardsormr’s “Tattered Sky.”
  • Removing the stun effect from High Midgardsormr’s “Storm Chaser.”

But that’s not all: in order to thank players for their patience, and as an apology for this issue, everyone who started the game before refresh time on October 12th can get the following as Special Log-in Bonus: Wyrmite x300. You will find it directly in your Goodies box after launching the game and downloading the second data update released today.

As always, keep an eye out on Events and Content Updates page to keep up to date with all that’s happening in Dragalia Lost!

Source: Nintendo


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