Disney Dreamlight Valley: all the Redemption Codes

Disney Dreamlight Valley is an adventure game that doubles as a life-sim. It allows you to explore a world filled with Disney magic, with many characters from Disney and Pixar to meet and befriend. There’s quests to tackle, areas to explore, and activities to take part in. The game also features special codes (known as Redemption Codes), that allow you to claim various goodies in-game.

In this post, you will find the complete list of all Redemption Codes for Disney Dreamlight Valley. It will be updated on a regular basis (as soon as a new code is shared, basically), so keep checking back!

Disney Dreamlight Valley – How to redeem Redemption Codes?

To redeem Redemption Codes, following these steps:

  • launch the game
  • go to the Help section
  • enter the Settings menu
  • enter the code in the Redemption Code box

Disney Dreamlight Valley: latest Redemption Codes (latest update: December 22nd)

  • SG2023GIFTS​ – Painted Table, Vine Flower Lamp, Snowy Festive Window, Telescope (available until February 5th)

Disney Dreamlight Valley: current Redemption Codes

  • PRIDE20231 – Gleam Tee (Pride)
  • PRIDE20232 – Illuminate Tee (Pride)
  • PRIDE20233 – Shine Tee (Pride)
  • PRIDE20234 – Shimmer Tee (Pride)
  • PRIDE20235 – Glow Tee (Pride)
  • PRIDE20236 – Radiate Tee (Pride)
  • PRIDE20237 – Bright Tee (Pride)
  • PRIDE20238 – Dazzle Tee (Pride)
  • PIXL – Air Hockey Table, Game Machine, Coin-op Game
  • HALLOWEENBUNDLE – Playful Pumpkin Scarecrow, Small Pumpkin Collection x2, Large Pumpkin Collection x2, Heavy Iron Cauldron
  • DDVBPACK – Celebration Backpack (available until ???)
  • DDVHEADBAND – Celebration Headband
  • DDVBALLOON – Celebration Arch, Celebration Ballon Cluster x2
  • SGMULTIPLAYER​ – Pixelized Cooking Flame x2, Glitchy Pixel Duplicate x2 (available until February 5th)
  • SG2023 – 500 Moonstones (available until February 5th)
  • SGCOZYCOCOA – Marble Fireplace , Marble Coffee Table​, Ornate Couch​, Hot Cocoa x5 (available until February 5th)
  • SGWRAPPINGPAPER – Festive Wrapping Paper (available until February 5th)
  • SGSNOWDAY – Snowy Brick Road with Border x20, Haughty Snowman, Snow Kid , Snow Lady, Snow Hut (available until February 5th)
  • SG2023GIFTS​ – Painted Table, Vine Flower Lamp, Snowy Festive Window, Telescope (available until February 5th)

Disney Dreamlight Valley: expired Redemption Codes

  • GPOT-OATO-LDFS-ENNM – Mysterious Golden Potato
  • CENTENNIAL – Melting Platinum Minnie Mouse Ears, Iron Ingot x15
  • DREAMLIGHTPARK – Magical Recyclers
  • FOFSOUVENIR – Iron Ingot x5, Gold Ingot x5, Tinkering Parts x5
  • FOFCRAFTYKIT – Clay x5, Fabric x5, Cotton x5
  • FOFCATCHDAY – Kingfish x5, Fugu x5, Anglerfish x5
  • FOFSURPRISEKIT – Snowball x15, Hardwood x15, Glass x15
  • FOFSUCCESS – Pumpkin x8
  • FOFLOGEMS – Diamond x3, Ruby x3, Sapphire x3
  • FOFLOSHARD – Dream Shard x5, Night Shard x5
  • FOFTROPHY – Moonstone x150
  • FOFGLITTER – Moonstone x150
  • OCEANVIEW – Light Blue Ice Cream Stand, Minimalist Surfboards, Lightning Strike Wagon
  • AUTUMNBUNDLE – Pampas Grass Jug x2, Bountiful Marigold Basket x2, Autumn Wreath, Autumn Harvest Pennants

Source: Gameloft
Thanks Disney Dreamlight Valley for some of the codes!


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