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Dead Cells (Switch): all the updates (latest: Ver. 1.25.0 – Clean Cut Update / Ver. 1.26.0 – The End if Near Update)

On this page, you will find all there is to know about the various updates for Dead Cells on Nintendo Switch (originally released on August 7th 2018 in Europe, North America, and Japan)!

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Dead Cells – Ver. 1.26.0 (The End is Near Update)

  • Release date: TBA
  • Patch notes:

No patch notes available yet.

  • Additional notes: this will be the final content update for the game (updates with QoL improvements and fixes will continue). More details at the source link (Steam)!
  • Source: Motion Twin / Motion Twin (Steam)

Dead Cells – Ver. 1.25.0 (Clean Cut Update)

  • Release date: May 23rd 2023 (North America, Europe) / May 24th 2023 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:

Important features

  • New Survival Weapon: Sewing Scissors.
    Instakills all enemies it hits, as long as at least one of them dies to the weapon’s standard damage.
  • New Brutality Weapon: Giant Comb.
    Throws your enemies upwards, and deals critical damage to airborne mobs!
  • New NPC: Tailor’s Daughter.
    Find her in the Tailor’s Room, and talk to her to freely change the look of your head.
  • New Speedrun Mode option.
    Activate it to track and display the completion time of each biome. Also tracks your previous bests and compares them!
  • New Boss Rush DIY Mode, that lets you choose whichever bosses you want to face in a run.
  • The 3 Bosses from Return to Castlevania are now accessible in Boss Rush.
  • Lots of rework on the Training Room! We added a bunch of options to streamline the experimentation process, such as:
    • New UIs to spawn a specific weapon with a set Level, Quality and Legendary-ness. 
    • New UI to choose a certain number of scrolls
    • New UI to choose the overall scaling level of the Training Room, based on the values of a selected biome.
    • Added the mini-bosses to the mob spawners
    • Added a bunch of different traps to the mob rooms.
    • Added the Return to Castlevania Bosses.
    • Bosses aren’t scaled down to level 1 anymore! (no more 20 minutes fights)
    • Changed the UI to select mobs to a grid-based one.
    • Added a Training Dummy for DPS calculation.


  • Slow effects now stack up to 5 times. Each stack has a greater slowing effect, then the affected enemy is frozen at the fifth stack.
  • Bunch of Mutation Reworks:
    • Combo: Enable a damage increase with every melee hit in a 2.5 sec window (of course the window refreshes after every hit). It scales exponentially, go crazy with it!
    • Tainted Flask: Can recharge even if your flask is not totally empty. It also adds 1 more elite into every biome when equipped.
    • Networking: Marks enemies with ranged attacks now, there doesn’t need to be an actual projectile stuck in the mob’s body anymore.
    • Berserker: Can now stack, and renders you immune to stuns.
    • What Doesn’t Kill You: Now grants recovery instead of healing.
    • Necromancy: Also now grants recovery instead of healing. It scales with the max health of the mobs you kill, which means you can get more recovery by killing a stronger enemy. The cap has been removed, but it’s less effective as you get closer to max health.
    • Frostbite: Now stacks with slow effects and acts as a full stack on frozen targets.
    • Dead Inside: Doubles your life but prevents ALL healing sources.
    • Disengagement: No more cooldown!.. but can only trigger once per biome.
  • Return to Castlevania balancing:
    • Whip Sword – Whip Form now passes through shields.
    • Whip Sword’s transformation attack hitbox tended to bug, it should now be consistent with its visual FX, which means it won’t only hit one single target anymore.
    • The ghosts gathered by Death’s Scythe now have a slightly smaller explosion radius.
    • Bible is now considered to be a heavy weapon.
    • Alucard’s Shield has better parry windows, and the whole combo will now crit after a parry.
    • Rebound Stone now deals slightly more damage, and has a smaller but longer window before being able to “catch it” (i.e., trigger the crit). Its cooldown now starts upon its destruction.
    • Holy Water has a bigger vertical hitbox, and the flame now deals damage.
    • Medusa Head deals more damage and bumps further.
    • Added a long cooldown when the Cat is killed by the Queen.
    • Throwing Axe can no longer roll the Fire Bullet affix.
    • Medusa’s flurry attacks should now have a small pause after the end of the attack.
    • Haunted Armor (the one with an axe) should now activate at a slightly longer range.
    • Elite Mermans should now fire 2 big fireballs instead of a big one and a normal one.
    • Dracula (Humanoid)’s fire pillars are now slightly easier to avoid (in terms of intervals) but are not rollable anymore.
    • Dracula (Demon), Buer, Werewolves and Medusa are now considered to be Beasts (crits with the Crowbar).
    • Reverted the change on What Doesn’t Kill You. It now grants healing instead of recovery again.
    • Dead Inside now allows for healing with recovery.

Level design

  • The Mimic can now appear randomly in shops outside of the Bank. Mwahahahah
  • Switched the Dracula Castle (Hard) Cursed Chest chance to 10%.

Graphics & UI

  • Added a new Petrification affect icon.
  • Reorganized the partners part of the credits.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Agitated Pickpocket being able to hit through Global Shields.
  • Fixed a crash when an Automaton falls off a platform while using its Dash Attack.
  • Fixed a crash when saving a reloading while a Petrified enemy is on screen.
  • Fixed a softlock when falling off the map during Dracula – Final Form, while all platforms were destroyed.
  • Fixed a crash when using the Emergency Door during the Queen boss fight.
  • Fixed the Shop Mimic’s hitboxes being too big compared to the visual.
  • Fixed Cursed Sword not disabling other inventory items when switched slots.
  • Fixed a crash in Shipwreck, when a platform is destroyed at the same time as Mushroom Boi is spawned.
  • Fixed being able to duplicate Turrets using the Emergency Door.
  • Fixed Diverse Deck – Foresight tagging the blocked attacks as if they were blocked by a shield.
  • Fixed Serenade destroying deployables when activated.
  • Fixed Gold Plating not protecting against Dracula – Final Form’s grab.
  • Fixed Bobby Head’s disappearing in the Tailor’s Room.
  • Fixed Bible’s projectile disappearing after a cutscene.
  • Fixed Heal Flask glow effect also affecting the player’s glow effect.
  • Fixed weapons’ crit indicator sometimes not displaying.
  • Fixed Morning Star’s chain detaching itself from the base.
  • Fixed Pets’ behavior being broken in Dracula’s opening cutscene.
  • Fixed a crash when loading a save near the Bank elevator. 
  • Fixed “Hold to Jump” option instantly using the double jump. 

Dead Cells – Ver. 1.24.0

  • Release date: April 12th 2023 (North America, Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:

Important features

  • Fixed a crash when entering Richter Mode with Ice Armor active.


  • Throwing Axe cannot roll the Fire Bullet affix anymore.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a softlock in Dracula’s Castle if the player didn’t have the Spider Rune unlocked.
  • Fixed parallaxes not displaying correctly on Castle’s Outskirts.
  • Fixed the Katana cancel technique being wronfully removed from the game.
  • Fixed a crash when loading a very old save.
  • Fixed random crashes in Richter Mode when using certain affixes.
  • Fixed Richter Mode Vania-moves disappearing when trying to sell them.
  • Fixed a softlock in Castle’s Outskirts when teleporting through a door with Snake Fangs.
  • Fixed Medusa’s Head clipping through walls.
  • Fixed World Map vibrating up and down in certain resolutions.
  • Fixed random crashes on the title screen.
  • Fixed a random crash when blocking an attack.
  • Fixed Legendary Items spawning in areas where loot is disabled.
  • Fixed Queen’s reflected items not having the proper trail color.
  • Fixed a crash when Dracula talks during one of his interactions in Dracula’s Castle.
  • Fixed Morning Star sprite displaying behind enemies.
  • Fixed Elite Skills disappearing on Rampagers.
  • Fixed Cat being able to teleport during credits.
  • Fixed Training Room’s Boss Doors not unlocking when dying to a hazard in a boss’ arena, instead of to the boss itself.
  • Fixed some typos in french.
  • Malaise is now cleared when entering Richter Mode.
  • Fixed Dracula’s ignoring Global Shields.
  • Fixed Challenge Rifts being able to spawn on spikes.
  • Fixed Throw Master hitbox being too small.
  • Fixed being able to reflect Dracula’s Bat Volley attack
  • Fixed Morning Star’s sounds sometimes not stopping.
  • Added a few optimizations on Conjunctivius’ effects.
  • Fixed multiple blood splatter effects being able to spawn in the same position.
  • Fixed a crash with the World Map in The Crown.
  • Fixed UI inputs being able to overlap.
  • Fixed a softlock when climbing on a floor with spikes.
  • Fixed performance issues affecting Conjunctivius.
  • Fixed visual issues with MorningStar.
  • Fixed a crash happening when some bosses manage to get out of their room.
  • Fixed a crash during the Queen‘s slicing phase.
  • Fixed the removal of Hattori’s Katana tech in air.
  • Fixed the french and english descriptions for Morning Star, Bible and Alucard’s Sword.

Dead Cells – Ver. 1.23.0 (Return to Castlevania)

  • Release date: March 6th 2023 (North America, Europe) / March 7th 2023 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
Important features
  • NEW DLC: Return to Castlevania!
    A gateway to a striking castle has suddenly appeared, and an imposing warrior called Richter asks you to help him vanquish the great evil within.
    Enticed by the promise of new loot rather than a sense of moral duty, you strike out through the grounds and corridors of the gothic castle to find and kill this mysterious Dracula…
    Slay hordes of his supernatural minions as you progress through our biggest DLC yet, including two levels, three bosses and a new storyline!
  • 2 Biomes:
    • Castle Outskirts, depth two.
      Navigate this three-parts biome and use different mechanisms to find your way through. Only one thing standing between you and the castle: a drawbridge. And a tower. And a broken elevator. And a few monsters.
    • Dracula’s Castle, depth three/six.
      Scale the castle, reach the roof and find the exit to Dracula’s tower. Make sure to not get lost, as this is our first biome capable on looping onto itself!
      This biome is only accessible after Castle’s Outskirts, until you reach a certain point in the DLC storyline, at which it will start appearing at depth six. However, you can’t get there more than once per run. The biome’s overall difficulty will depend on its depth, with new monsters and a longer runtime.
  • 3 Bosses:
    • Death, stage one.
      Servant and protector of Dracula, it will prevent you from reaching the throne as long as it stands. Hits done by its iconic scythe will steal a part of your soul, who knows what happens once it gets all six of them!
    • Dracula, stage three.
      The fight against the freshly resurrected master himself is only accessible after going through the hardest version of Dracula’s Castle, fight against the master himself, freshly resurrected. Dodge his walls of projectiles, kicks and grabs to hopefully land the final blow on this monster.
    • Dracula – Final Form, stage four.
      Our most ambitious boss battle yet in terms of scale, and acting as a second phase for Dracula, fight the beast in the falling debris of a collapsing castle.
  • 11 Mobs:
    • Medusa, Mini-Boss.
      Holding the key to the Throne, she will take the first chance she gets to petrify you and unleash flurries of claw attacks. Rolling behind her is not always an option, as she is quick enough to catch you there.
    • Buer, Melee.
      Rolls around the corridors of the castle. Once it has seen you, it will charge a dash of varying speed, and try to smash you with its whole body.
    • Werewolf, Melee.
      A ferocious, very persevering beast. It will track you down and unleash flurries of claw attacks once it gets in range.
    • Dire Werewolf, Melee.
      An even more ferocious and persevering version of the Werewolf.
    • Armor Knight, Melee.
      Uses its spear to attack through walls, ceilings and ground.
    • Axe Armor, Melee & Ranged.
      Hides among the statues of the castle and will reveal itself once you pass by, at which point it will start attacking with its axe, using melee attacks and projectiles.
    • Merman, Ranged.
      Spits out fireballs right at your face, duck at the right time to dodge them!
    • Throw Master, Ranged.
      Throws bones at varying parabolic trajectories, trying to anticipate your movement.
    • Vampire Bat, Flying.
      Flies around until it finds an opening, at which point it will charge directly at you.
    • Harpy, Flying.
      Flies around the level, hitting you with its claws and regularly using charged dash attacks.
    • Bone Pillar, Support.
      Only present in one specific setting, will stay put on the ground and shoot projectiles of varying heights at you.
  • 6 Melee Weapons:
    • Vampire Killer, Brutality & Tactic.
      Long-range whip that ignores shields and inflicts Critical Damage to burning enemies. Enemies killed will leave a pool of flames at their feet!
    • Whip Sword, Two-Handed, Brutality.
      Freely switch between a long-range, slower whip and a short-range, faster sword. Can be transformed mid-combo to inflict a Critical Damage!
    • Bible, Survival.
      If the two attacks of the weapon hit a target, throw it on a rotary trajectory, dealing Critical Damage increasing with each new hit.
    • Alucard’s Sword, Brutality & Survival.
      If a target is in front of you in mid range, teleports you near it and attacks it, dealing Critical Damage.
    • Death’s Scythe, Survival.
      Forces the spirit of enemies you killed to help you, summoning them as allies. They will target and explode on near enemies, dealing a Critical Hit.
    • Morning Star, Brutality.
      A brutal whip with a star-shaped head. Can be held to spin the whip along with your movement. Deals Critical Hits with the spiked ball.
  • 3 Ranged Weapons:
    • Cross, Tactic.
      Throws a cross forward for a few seconds, after which it will return, dealing Critical Damage.
    • Throwing Axe, Tactic & Survival.
      Throws an axe on a parabolic trajectory, dealing Critical Damage during its descent.
    • Medusa’s Head, Survival & Tactic.
      Rolls the head on the ground, petrifying hit enemies. Once it stops, or upon reactivation, it bumps enemies in the air, forcing fall damage.
  • 1 Shield:
    • Alucard’s Shield, Brutality & Survival.
      Can be used to inflict melee attacks, dealing Critical Damage after a parry.
  • 4 Skills:
    • Holy Water, Tactic & Survival.
      Toss a vial on the ground, creating a pillar of fire and and burning hit enemies.
    • Rebound Stone, Survival.
      Throws a magic stone that bounces on surfaces and moves faster after each bounce. Deals Critical Damage after passing through you.
    • Maria’s Cat, Brutality & Survival.
      Summons a kitty kitty cat kitty oooo kittttyyyyy on your shoulder. It leaves and go wander around, attacking enemies he crosses. Can be reactivated to make the cat unleash a flurry of slashes, dealing Critical Damage.
    • Bat Volley, Brutality & Tactic.
      Throws a flurry of moving bats, dealing Critical Damage once they pass through one enemy.
  • 20 Outfits.
  • 12 Remixed Castlevania Tracks with their 8-bit versions.
  • New Soundtrack Option, with 51 Castlevania tracks playing throughout the whole game.
  • An alternative menu artwork.
  • New Gamemode: Richter Mode!
    Play as Richter in a modified version of Dracula’s Castle with a new moveset, new physics and a limited set of weapons, mimicking the original Castlevania gameplay.
    Explore the corridors, defeat monsters, find new abilities and unlock new paths in this fully-fledged small-scale metroivania, available once you complete the Return to Castlevania storyline!
  • Starfury now summons two stars on hit, but the base damage was reduced a bit.
  • Diverse Deck Foresight now takes a certain number of killed enemies to recharge.
  • Baseball Bat cannot breach on crit anymore. To prevent an infinite crit exploit.
  • Hunter’s Grenade and Leghugger cannot be used to feed Diverse Deck Electrodynamics anymore.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed modified Concierges not doing their leap attacks at higher difficulties.
  • Fixed some doors’ lights being way too strong.
  • Fixed big frame drops in certain biomes on Switch.
  • Fixed some localization issues, such as missing words, missing chinese characters, etc.
  • Fixed a crash when exiting a level while a Caster is nearby.
  • Fixed Risk of Rain’s Imp Altar being able to spawn on top of a Scroll.
  • Fixed Legendary Pedestal being able to spawn on top of Boss Cells Doors.
  • Fixed Diverse Deck Electrodynamics’ lightning orbs being destroyed by lava.
  • Fixed Diverse Deck Electrodynamics stunning the player against shielded Shieldbearers and Ground Shakers.
  • Fixed Diverse Deck Electrodynamics being considered a melee attack.
  • Fixed Diverse Deck Foresight passive cooldown sometimes being infinite.
  • Fixed being able to reset Diverse Deck Foresight cooldown by switching its spot in the inventory.
  • Fixed Mini-map not showing in Daily Challenge
  • Fixed Boss HP Bar being invisible after reloading the game.
  • Fixed crash with Shockers falling off platforms while doing their attack.
  • Fixed Scarecrow melee attacks hitting twice.
  • Fixed dynamic glow not displaying on some weapons.
  • Fixed Oven Knight being able to stun-lock the player while being taunted.
  • Fixed Starfury projectiles being able to attack not-yet-spawned Scorpions.
  • Fixed Lancer being able to see through Invisibility when the player is rolling.
  • Fixed Legendary Baseball Bat AoE attack also stunning pets.
  • Fixed Throwable Objects ammo resetting when putting in the backpack.
  • Fixed Double Bullets and Triple Bullets affixes descriptions being inverted in french.

Dead Cells – Ver. 1.22.2

  • Release date: December 6th 2022 (North America, Europe) / December 7th 2022 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:

No patch notes available. This update brings the following to the game:

  • fixes some performance issues like stuttering, especially in the Arboretum.

Dead Cells – Ver. 1.22.1

  • Release date: November 21st 2022 (North America, Europe) / November 22nd 2022 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:

No patch notes available. This update brings the following to the game:

  • fixes issues causing the game to crash when selecting Diverse Deck in Custom Mode, and when using the Cavern Key in Graveyard

Dead Cells – Ver. 1.22.0 (Update 32: Everyone is Here Vol. II)

  • Release date: November 17th 2022 (North America, Europe) / November 18th 2022 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
Important features
  • 6 new Outfits and Weapons based on 6 indie games crossovers!
  • Shovel Knight
    New Brutality Weapon: King Scepter. Mimic King Knight as you dash around and bounce on your enemies’ head.
    New Shovel Knight Outfit.
  • Hotline Miami
    New Brutality/Survival Weapon: Baseball Bat. Attack a stunned or rooted enemy to deal flashy critical damage.
    New Modernized Bomber Outfit.
  • Katana Zero
    New Tactic/Survival Weapon: Throwable Objects. Pick up whatever you can find on the ground and chuck it at your foes with all your strength!
    New Zero Outfit.
  • Risk of Rain 2
    New Brutality/Tactic Weapon: Laser Glaive. Throw a seeking glaive that bounces up to a certain amount of times for a certain amount of damage. Damage increases by a certain amount per bounce.
    New Commando Outfit.
  • Terraria
    New Brutality/Tactic Weapon: Starfury. Each melee hit summons a star targeting a nearby mob. Make them rain!
    New Familiar Outfit.
  • Slay the Spire
    New Colorless Power: Diverse Deck. This one’s a doozy to explain, bear with me here. The deck is composed of 4 different cards, each with a Draw, Passive and Discard effect. The current card has its Passive in effect permanently, press the power button again to Discard it and Draw the next one, triggering the corresponding effects.
    New Ironclad Outfit.
  • 6 new Lore Rooms, based on iconic in-game locations, to unlock the weapons!
  • 6 new entries in the Mysterious Book to unlock the outfits!
  • Reduced modified Time Keeper’s HP.
  • Balanced modified bosses’ HP when at higher BC levels, by adding a life reduction of 5% per BC, from BC2 and onward (up to -20% in BC5).
  • Removed some mutations from Boss Rush :
    Get Rich Quick
    Midas Blood
  • Increased Boss Rush weapon level by +1.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed a crash when entering the first door of Boss Rush.
  • Fixed the player not taking any damage when in Pollo Power.
  • Fixed being able to skip Concierge with Wings of the Crow.
  • Fixed Item Pedestals in Boss Rush sometimes not having the right color or gear level.
  • Fixed Queen sometimes being stuck after being attacked by turrets.
  • Fixed the Outfit Selection UI being broken on high resolutions.
  • Fixed Wish working on Hunter’s Grenade or Blueprint Extractor.
  • Fixed Hunter’s Grenade getting unwanted stat ups when killing a transformed enemy without using the Blueprint Extractor.
  • Fixed a crash when jumping on a Thorny with Porcupack and the Goomba Stomp affix equipped.
  • Fixed Tentacles attacking during Cunjunctuvius’ scream, in Boss Rush.
  • Fixed player taking damage when Queen destroys a deployable.
  • Fixed items from the Everyone is Here lore rooms not matching the current Major Forge progress.
  • Fixed the “Shoots an arrow” affixes displaying negative damage on certain weapons.
  • Fixed scarves and capes displaying behind props and NPCs.
  • Fixed a visual problem with the Nutcracker’s animations.
  • Fixed the “+15% damage” affix not displaying in the DPS calculation.
  • Removed a small white line below some enemies’ HP bar.
  • Fixed the Git Gud lore room not spawning enemies as intended when generating in Ancient Sewers.
  • Fixed Aspects not disabling Giant’s Flawless Outfit.
  • Fixed Crowbar not getting crits when destroying a door with Lightspeed.
  • Fixed background tiles on The Crown not generating properly.
  • Fixed reforging modifiers on a two-handed weapon resetting its counterpart’s quality level.
  • Fixed Hattori’s Katana dash attack not scaling properly.
  • Fixed Challenge Rift portals visual glitch.
  • Known issues:
  • You might have crashes when selecting Diverse Deck in Custom Mode with option “Display Stats Item in Addition to their Color” and when using Cavern Key in Graveyard. Please avoid doing those actions, there is a patch coming imminently!

Dead Cells – Ver. 1.21.0 (Update 31: Boss Rush)

  • Release date: October 26th 2022 (North America, Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:
Important features
  • Community suggestion New game mode: Boss Rush!
    There is a new area, accessible through the basement door in Prisoner’s Quarters where you access the Training Room and the Tailor. Once you’ve gone through the basement door, just follow the corridor until you come to the third door with the red boss head next to it.
    Through this door, you’ll find another 4 doors, leading to 4 different stages where you will fight:
    3 Bosses
    3 Bosses with Modifiers
    5 Bosses
    5 Bosses with Modifiers
    The bosses are randomly selected from the following tiers:
    Tier 1 – Concierge, Conjunctivius, Mama Tick
    Tier 2 – Time Keeper, The Giant, The Scarecrow
    Tier 3 – Hand of the King, The Servants (just the final fight, not the entire tower!), The Queen
    The stages with 3 bosses back-to-back will pit you against one Tier 1 boss, then one Tier 2 and finally, you guessed it, one Tier 3. Simple!
    The stages with 5 bosses follow a similar path, but here you’ll be fighting two Tier 1 bosses, then two Tier 2s, then one Tier 3. Not quite so simple…
  • Added new Bosses Modifiers
    In the door 2 and 4 of the Boss Rush, you will fight Bosses with Modifiers, which means we’ve given them even more ways to kick your ass. Think extra limbs, healing powers, buddies to help them kill you. All the good stuff!
  • New customizable Statue
    You’ve got a fan, and they’re making a statue of you! Unlock statue parts as you progress through the Boss Rush, and use them to make your own customized sculpture.
  • New Ranged Weapon: Glyphs of Peril – The lower your health, the more attacks this weapon has in its combo (up to 7 hits). Crits from the third hit onwards.
  • New Skill: Taunt – Enrage the enemy right in front of you, causing them to attack and move quicker, but also take more melee damage.
  • New Mutation: Wish– Wish for a great item and you’ll get it! The next one you pick will be upgraded to Legendary quality. Only one use, and this mutation get locked in your loadout once it triggers, though.
  • 8 new Outfits, unlocked through the Boss Rush.
  • New/updated Legendary affixes:
  • Spartan Sandals: Super Bump (New affix: greatly increases the knockback of the weapon)
  • Oil Sword: Oil on Kill (New affix: spreads oil on the ground on kill)
  • Flint: Instant Charge (New affix: all attacks are fully charged without needing to hold the button)
  • Katana: Deflect Bullets (New affix: all uncharged attacks deflect bullet (but not grenades))
  • Killing Deck: Random Effect (New affix: every card applies a random debuff on targets)
  • Money Shooter: Pay to win (New affix: refund the shot’s cost if it kills a target + innate super pierce. Can trigger multiple times if a shot kills several enemies.)
  • Bump Shield: Super Bump
  • Shockwave: Super Bump
  • Pollo Power: Miracle of Life (New affix: eggs hatch into chicks that attack nearby enemies)
  • Increased the number of Cells you get in the Boss Rush.
  • Sickles created by Modified Scarecrow during the Seeds and Vine-up attacks cannot hit for a few frames after spawning.
  • Nerfed the amount of overshield the Overshield on Crit affix generates.
Graphics & UI
  • Added a quick loading screen when using Return Stones.
  • Added Vietnamese characters to our latin fonts. To help with fan-translation mods.
  • Updated the icon for taunted enemies.
Quality of Life
  • Added names and descriptions for all the new Skins.
  • Added Custom Mode settings to Boss Rush.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed Rapier and Meat Skewer not hitting small enemies.
  • Fixed the player not teleporting when falling into the Lighthouse fire with Gold Plating equipped.
  • Fixed Auto-Hit disabling itself while in Custom Mode
  • Fixed the “Curses leave you with 1HP instead of killing you” Custom Mode option showing up when not unlocked.
  • Fixed Legendary Affixes duplicating themselves when on Symmetrical Lance
  • Fixed “Curses leave you with 1HP instead of killing you” Custom Mode option working only once per run. It will now trigger every 45 seconds.
  • Fixed a crash when using Porcupack on a Thorny.
  • Fixed Shop Mimic keeping aggro even when the player was Invisible.
  • Fixed players with curses getting locked out of their weapons after completing the Bank Platforming Challenge.
  • Arrow Affixes and Grenade Affixes now properly scale with item damage multipliers. Update 31.1
  • Fixed Queen’s visual effects not disappearing on her death.
  • Fixed Mama Tick’s Fury attack triggering its visual effect without the attack actually being there.
  • Fixed Giant’s hands freezing in place when the Stomp attack was interrupted.
  • Fixed Giant’s hands being able to be pushed by Gilded Yumi.
  • Fixed Giant giving the 5th Boss Cell when in Boss Rush.
  • Fixed the Boss Cell Note dropping from Hand of the King when in Boss Rush.
  • Fixed a crash when dying with Multiple Lives on Spoiler Boss.
  • Fixed Taunt breaking some attacks.
  • Fixed the infinite loop of transition rooms in Boss Rush.
  • Fixed a crash when grabbing a Boss Rush statue blueprint with the Homunculus Rune.
  • Fixed music cutting off when killing only one of the two Modified Concierges.
  • Fixed Pollo Power not gaining the Disengagement shield i-frames.
  • Fixed Item in Backpack disappearing after equipping a Two-Handed Weapon.
  • Fixed missing background in Panchaku’s room.
  • Fixed a softlock when dying to Timekeeper in Boss Rush.
  • Fixed a softlock when playing Boss Rush without the Spider Rune, after the Mama Tick fight.
  • Fixed a crash when fighting the Servants in Boss Rush.
  • Fixed Flint not scaling with Gear Level.
  • Fixed Conjunctivius’ projectiles being offset from their hitbox.
  • Fixed Concierge always giving its Flawless Achievement.
  • Fixed exit door not appearing after Boss Rush stage 3.

Dead Cells – Ver. 1.20.1

  • Release date: September 26th 2022 (North America, Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:

No patch notes available. This update brings the following to the game:

  • fixes the stuttering/lag that came with the latest update

Dead Cells – Ver. 1.20.0 (Update 30: Enter the Panchaku)

  • Release date: September 8th 2022 (North America, Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:
Important features
  • New Weapon: PanchakuTwo pans tied together by a string, the perfect DIY weapon to tear through the island!Crits on enemies facing you.
  • New Outfit: Bobby OutfitA new outfit inspired by the Beheaded’s design from the Dead Cells trailers, flaming head included.
  • New crossover content with Soul Knight:Those features were already in the Mobile version of Dead Cells, we just brought them over to PC and Consoles!Weapon: Magic Bow, fires 5 slowly-moving, homing arrows.Outfit: Knight’s Outfit, inspired by Soul Knight’s character of the same name.New lore room in Prisoners’ Quarters to unlock the blueprints!
  • New Custom Mode Option: Legendaries OnlyTurns all weapons found in the run into legendary ones.
  • You can now pet your Pets when you are in transition areas, by holding interact next to them!
  • We completely reworked how Legendary Weapons work!– Removed the double stat scaling, but kept the colorless status. They now scale on your highest stat only. It was mostly overpowered, rather counter-intuitive (you had to split stats whereas you should do the opposite in non-legendary situations) and not really fun (just adding more damage on top of your damage).– Added a unique Legendary Affix to all Weapons. A Legendary Weapon will always have its Legendary Affix on top of its normal rolled ones. You can find a list of all the Weapons and their respective Legendary Affix below.
  • Added new Double Stack Legendary Affix, which doubles the number of stacks applied by the weapon. (Things like poison, fire, etc.)
  • Added new Global Shield on Kill Legendary Affix.
  • Added new Better Secrets Legendary Affix, which upgrades the quality of secrets found in the ground or walls by one tier.
  • Added new True Evil Legendary Affix, deals triple damage but locks out the rest of the loadout as long as the weapon is equipped.
  • Added new God Slayer Legendary Affix, increases the crit multiplier of the weapon’s last hit.
  • Added new Death Root Legendary Affix, roots nearby enemies on kill.
  • Added new Mega Crit Legendary Affix, increases crit damage by 75%.
  • Added new Cascading Tomb Legendary Affix, unique to the Tombstone, doom effect can trigger recursively.
  • Added new Rebuild on Kill Legendary Affix, unique to the Broken Toothpick, repairs the weapon on kill.
  • Added new Speed Ball Legendary Affix, reduces the pause time between the attacks.
  • Added new Super Slice Legendary Affix, unique to Queen’s Rapier, increases greatly the range of the reality slices.
  • Added new Fire on Hit Legendary Affix, puts hit enemies on fire.
  • Added new Double Bullets Legendary Affix, doubles the number of projectiles shot by the weapon.
  • Added new Triple Bullets Legendary Affix, triples the number of projectiles shot by the weapon.
  • Added new Golden Damage Legendary Affix, buffs the weapon’s damage based on the player’s current gold count.
  • Added new Stun Shield Legendary Affix, stuns any enemy parried by the shield.
  • Added new Double Speed Legendary Affix, projectiles shot by the weapon go twice as fast.
  • Added new Echo Legendary Affix, replays a grenade’s explosion a second time.
  • Added new Bigger Explosion Legendary Affix, increases a grenade’s explosion radius.
  • Added new Ice Walker Legendary Affix, unique to Ice Armor, the created armor never expires.
  • Added new Super Back Damage Legendary Affix, greatly increases the damage when hitting enemies in the back. Update 30.1
  • Hard Light Sword and Pistol: slight damage buff to the sword and attack speed buff to the pistol
  • Hokuto’s Bow: procs less often + damage bonus buff
  • Repeater Crossbow: crit damage nerf
  • Queen’s Rapier: the delayed slice hits sooner
  • Maw of the Deep: attack speed buff
  • Wrecking Ball: first and last attack are faster
  • Leghugger: now jumps on a nearby target before launching its reactivation attack + keeps its growth state across instances of the object in a run
  • Gilded Yumi: charge time slightly decreased + now crits reliably on Mama Tick (to be consistent with Impaler)
  • Killing Deck: damage buff on the first 2 attacks
  • Hand Hook: now also crits when the thrown enemy hits another entity
  • Greed Shield: can now trigger once per enemy every 10 seconds + damage buff
  • Frantic Sword: crit multiplier is now inversely proportional to your life (when at or under 50% max life)
  • Abyssal Trident: slight damage buff
  • Shrapnel Axes: slight damage buff
  • Pollo Power: now fires 1 more egg + damage buff
  • Smoke Bomb and Grappling Hook: scaling heavily nerfed. It was scaling exponentially.
  • Lightning Bolt: now crits one tick earlier and damages you 1 tick later
  • Spiked Shield: crit damage buff
  • Sonic Carbine: damage nerf
  • Rapier: damage nerf
  • Boy’s Axe: damage nerf, can’t roll the Extra Ammo affix anymore and can’t be affected by Ammo mutation.
  • Hunter’s Grenade: no longer provides stats
  • Crusher: its slow is now less effective on bosses
  • Maw of the Deep: its root is now less effective on bosses
  • Bladed Tonfas: slight nerf of the crit multiplier
  • Lacerating Aura: cooldown now starts at the end of the effect instead of starting at cast
  • New Crit condition for the Crowbar: now also crits on “monster” enemies (non-humanoid, non-mechanic). It still keeps its old crit condition as well, this is not a replacement.
  • Increased damage of the Fire Trails affixes (projectile and running).Okay, here comes the extremely long list of every weapon and their respective Legendary Affix.LEGENDARY AFFIXES IN 30.0 ALPHA
  • Melee Weapons
  • Balanced Blade: Poison on Hit
  • Spite Sword: Poison Skin Area
  • Assassin’s Dagger: Back Damage
  • Blood Sword: Double Stack
  • Twin Daggers: Run Speed on Crit
  • Broadsword: Global Shield on Kill
  • Shovel: Better Secrets
  • Cursed Sword: True Evil
  • Sadist’s Stiletto: Back Damage
  • Swift Sword: Run Speed on Kill
  • Giant Killer: God Slayer
  • Shrapnel Axes: Fire Bullet
  • Seismic Strike: Death Root
  • War Spear: Run Speed on Crit
  • Impaler: Back Damage
  • Symmetrical Lance: Quad Damage Free & Ignore Global Shields
  • Rapied: Run Speed on Crit
  • Meat Skewer: Back Damage
  • Nutcracker: Death Root
  • Spartan Sandals: Fire Feet
  • Spiked Boots: Bleed on Hit
  • Hayabusa Boots: Run Speed on Kill
  • Hayabusa Gauntlets: Super Crit
  • Valmont’s Whip: Run Speed on Crit
  • Wrenching Whip: Bleed on Hit
  • Oiled Sword: Poison on Hit
  • Torch: Double Stack
  • Frantic Sword: Heal Mid Life
  • Flawless: Run Speed on Crit
  • Flint: Fire on Hit
  • Flawless: Run Speed on Crit
  • Tentacle: Poison on Hit
  • Vorpan: Fire on Hit
  • Flashing Fans: Bleed on Hit
  • Scythe Claw: Death Root
  • Rhythm n’ Bouzouki: Fire on Hit
  • Crowbar: Back Damage
  • Snake Fangs: Run Speed on Kill
  • Iron Staff: Frost Shield
  • Ferryman’s Lantern (Melee): Fire on Hit
  • Hattori’s Katana: Mega Crit
  • Explosive Crossbow (Melee): Death Freeze
  • Tombstone: Cascading Tomb
  • Oven Axe: Run Speed on Crit
  • Toothpick: Heavy Stun
  • Toothpick (Broken): Rebuild on Kill
  • Machete and Pistol: Bleed on Hit
  • Hard Light Sword (Sword): Super Crit
  • Pure Nail: Death Worm
  • Bone: Run Speed on Crit
  • Abyssal Trident: Run Speed on Crit
  • Hand Hook: Poison on Hit
  • Maw of the Deep: Triple Bullets
  • Bladed Tonfas: Run Speed on Kill
  • Wrecking Ball: Speed Ball
  • Queen’s Rapier: Super Slice
  • Dagger of Profit: Run Speed on Crit
  • Gold Digger: Heavy Stun
  • Panchaku: Fire on Hit
  • Ranged Weapons
  • Multiple-nocks Bow: Double Bullets
  • Bow and Endless Quiver: Poison on Hit
  • Marksman’s Bow: Heavy Stun
  • Sonic Carbine: Poison Bullet
  • Infantry Bow: Bleed on Hit
  • Quick Bow: Super Crit
  • Ice Bow: Strong Ice
  • Heavy Crossbow: Pierce
  • Heavy Crossbow (Reload): Global Shield on Use
  • Repeater Crossbow: Super Pierce
  • Repeater Crossbow (Quiver of Bolts): Pierce
  • Ice Crossbow: Strong Ice
  • Ice Crossbow (Piercing Shot): Death Freeze
  • Explosive Crossbow: Pierce
  • Alchemic Carbine: Double Stack
  • Boomerang: Extra Ammo Few
  • Hemorrhage: Bleed Propagation
  • The Boy’s Axe: Extra Ammo Few
  • War Javelin: Fire Bullet
  • Hokuto’s Bow: Super Pierce
  • Nerves of Steel: Super Crit
  • Throwing Knife: Bleed Propagation
  • Electric Whip: Back Damage
  • Firebrands: Double Stack
  • Ice Shards: Death Freeze
  • Pyrotechnics: Double Stack
  • Lightning Bolt: Global Shield on Kill
  • Fire Blast: Global Shield on Use
  • Frost Blast: Strong Ice
  • Magic Missiles: Super Pierce
  • Blowgun: Poison Cloud on Hit
  • Barrel Launcher: Death Fire
  • Ferryman’s Lantern (Soul Shot): Fire Bullet
  • Hard Light Gun: Double Stack
  • Killing Deck: Bleed on Hit
  • Gilded Yumi: Fire Bullet
  • Money Shooter: Super Pierce
  • Magic Bow: Double Bullets
  • Shields
  • Front Line Shield: Counter Attack
  • Cudgel: Long Stun
  • Punishment: Death Freeze
  • Knockback Shield: Death Root
  • Rampart: Frost Shield
  • Assault Shield: Heavy Stun
  • Bloodthirsty Shield: Double Stack
  • Greed Shield: Gold Damage Buff
  • Spiked Shield: Mega Crit
  • Parry Shield: Stun Shield
  • Force Shield: Frost Shield
  • Thunder Shield: Poison Shield
  • Ice Shield: Strong Ice
  • Deployable Traps
  • Double- Crossb-o-matic: Pierce
  • Sinew Slicer: Bleed Propagation
  • Heavy Turret: Super Pierce
  • Barnacle: Poison Bullet
  • Flamethrower Turret: Double Stack
  • Cleaver: Double Stack
  • Wolf Trap: Ice on Stop
  • Crusher: Ice on Stop
  • Explosive Decoy: Run Speed on Kill
  • Emergency Door: Deployed Dmg
  • Tesla Coil: Oil and Fire on Destroy
  • Scavenged Bombard: Double Speed
  • Grenades
  • Powerful Grenade: Death Freeze
  • Infantry Grenade: Oil
  • Cluster Grenade: Death Fire
  • Magnetic Grenade: Echo
  • Stun Grenade: Long Stun
  • Ice Grenade: Strong Ice
  • Fire Grenade: Bigger Explosion
  • Root Grenade: Death Root
  • Oil Grenade: Death Fire
  • Swarm Grenade: Poison on Hit (yes, it applies to the biters’ attacks)
  • Powers
  • Death Orb: Double Speed
  • Tornado: Poison Cloud on Hit
  • Knife Dance: Bleed Poison
  • Corrupted Power: Global Shield on Use
  • Vampirism: Global Shield on Use
  • Tonic: Extended Duration
  • Grappling Hook: Fire on Use
  • Phaser: Poison on use
  • Corrosive Cloud: Double Stack
  • Lacerating Aura: Bleed on Hit
  • Wave of Denial: Oil and Fire on Use
  • Wings of the Crow: Global Shield on Use
  • Great Owl of War: Super Pierce
  • Lightspeed: Global Shield on Use
  • Giant Whistle: Death Freeze
  • Telluric Shock: Global Shield on Kill
  • <Spoiler Item>: Run Speed on Kill
  • Smoke Bomb: Run Speed on Use
  • Mushroom Boi!: Poison Cloud on Hit
  • Lightning Rods: Fire on Stop
  • Scarecrow Sickles: Double Bullets
  • Ice Armor: White Walker
  • Serenade : Run Speed on Crit
  • Cocoon: Frost Shield
  • Face Flask: Oil and Fire on Use
  • Pollo Power: Death Worm
  • Leghugger: Bleed Propagation
  • ————————————————————————————
  • Legendary Items now have the same bonus level as S-tier Items Update 30.1
  • Reduced the chance of rolling the Full Life Damage affix. Update 30.1
  • Reduced The Boy’s Axe impact damage. Update 30.1
    ———————————————————————————— Update 30.1
  • Hayabusa Gauntlets: Mega Crit Update 30.1
  • Hard Light Sword (Sword): Mega Crit Update 30.1
  • Quick Bow: Mega Crit Update 30.1
  • Nerves of Steel: Mega Crit Update 30.1
  • Assassin’s Dagger: Mega Crit Update 30.1
  • Sadist’s Stiletto: Super Back Damage Update 30.1
  • Impaler: Super Back Damage Update 30.1
  • Meat Skewer: Super Back Damage Update 30.1
  • Crowbar: Super Back Damage Update 30.1
  • Electric Whip: Super Back Damage Update 30.1
  • Hayabusa Boots: Super Back Damage Update 30.1
  • Snake Fangs: Double Stack Update 30.1
  • Valmont’s Whip: Mega Crit Update 30.1
  • Leghugger: Bleed on Hit Update 30.1
  • Vampirism: Oil and Fire on Use Update 30.1
  • Powerful Grenade: Bigger Explosion Update 30.1
  • ————————————————————————————Update 30.1
  • Bullets parried by the Cudgel will now stun enemies as well. Update 30.2
  • Greatly reduced the lock on Wrecking Ball’s third and fourth attacks. Update 30.3
  • Full Life Damage is not a starred affix anymore. Update 30.3
  • Barbed Tips damage of each stack is reduced the more arrows there are in the enemy. 1 arrow = 40dmg, 2 arrows = 74dmg, 3 arrows = 104dmg, etc. Update 30.3
  • Removed Hand Hook’s first hit and greatly reduced the lock of the last attack. Update 30.3
  • Added new Legendary Affix, exclusive to Serenade: Durability Up, the sword pet never expires. Please note that the only translations of this affix are in french or english for now. Update 30.3
  • Gilded Yumi rework.
    – Reduced the ammo count to 2.
    – Now has a 2-hit combo, which shoots the second arrow faster.
    – Is now considered to be a Heavy Weapon.
    – Increased the overall weapon speed.
    – Increased the base damage, reduced the crit multiplier.
    – Damage no longer gets split between hit enemies.
    – Arrows now pierce all enemies.
    – Bosses get dragged by the arrow more.
    – Reduced the arrow’s speed.
    – No longer stuns in an AoE on hit. Update 30.3LEGENDARY AFFIXES CHANGES IN 30.3 BETA
  • Double Crossb-o-matic: Super Pierce Update 30.3
  • Explosive Crossbow: Super Pierce Update 30.3
  • Heavy Crossbow: Super Pierce Update 30.3
  • Giant Whistle: Echo Update 30.3
  • Tornado: Double Speed Update 30.3
  • Spiked Boots: Run Speed on Crit Update 30.3
  • Cluster Grenade: Echo Update 30.3
  • Balanced Blade: Run Speed on Crit Update 30.3
  • Hank Hook: Bleed on Hit Update 30.3
  • Serenade: Durability Up Update 30.3


  • Reduced the unlock prerequisite of Random Melee Weapon to 2 Unlocked Items. Update 30.4
  • Counter Attack Buff affix now applies to any enemy instead of only the parried one, and can only be triggered by player attacks. Update 30.4
  • Talisman DoT Affixes now scale based on the highest tier stat, instead of the tier average. Update 30.4
  • Gold Gorgers now can’t attack or teleport to the player if they didn’t see the player at least once. Update 30.4
Level design
  • In Prisoners’ Quarters, if the player has the Spider Rune but not the Vine Rune, the passage to the Sewers door will now use a specific room. Yes, this is a very specific change, don’t ask about it.
  • Added Teleportation Monoliths before the exits leading to Forgotten Sepulcher. Update 30.1
  • Added an exit to Clock Tower in Graveyard, for cases where the player would get softlocked otherwise. Update 30.1
  • In Ramparts, prevented the exit leading to Conjunctivius from being locked behind a Breakable Ground. Update 30.1
Graphics & UI
  • Reworked the Outfit Selection UI. It is now a grid displaying the icons of all the unlocked outfits, as well as an in-game preview. Update 30.2
  • Weapons’ icons on the HUD now fade away when their controls are locked. Update 30.3
  • Fixed options text getting out of the frame when opened on the main menu. Update 30.4
Quality of life
  • Uniformized the different speed bonus feedbacks.
  • Made double tap input option for Dive Attack more reliable and consistent. Update 30.3
Bug fixes
  • Fixed Corrosive Cloud not triggering the Bleed Propagation affix.
  • Fixed Serenade sometimes losing its affixes on use.
  • Fixed Explosive Barrels not updating properly when not on screen.
  • Disabled gravity when picking up a scroll, to prevent a softlock when falling offscreen.
  • Fixed tier icons not displaying properly on colorless items.
  • Fixed the Bank Pop-up and the 1BC Pop-up overlapping.
  • Corrosive Cloud now correctly displays its synergy with Bleed. Update 30.2
  • Fixed the Cherry on the Cake bombs not dealing any damage to the player. Update 30.2
  • Added the missing world map transition of Distillery -> Lighthouse. Update 30.2
  • Fixed Conjunctivius sometimes shooting projectiles during the death animation. Update 30.2
  • Fixed the Hunter’s Grenade not spawning back when thrown off a cliff, or when an enemy converted to elite fell of a cliff. Update 30.2
  • Fixed a crash when picking up an amulet with the Homunculus Rune in the Daily Challenge. Update 30.2
  • Fixed Mushroom Boi getting stuck in the dash animation after triggering the explosion. Update 30.2
  • Fixed Mutineers’ melee attack not having the attack warning. Update 30.2
  • Fixed Invisibility not affecting the player’s head or scarf. Update 30.2
  • Fixed Armored Shrimps moving while frozen. Update 30.2
  • Fixed the player getting stuck off-screen in some specific situations. Update 30.2
  • Fixed pets sometimes dying for no apparent reasons. Update 30.2
  • Fixed the Leghugger not teleporting back to the player when too far away. Update 30.2
  • Fixed minimap refresh hiding part of the maps revealed by Explorer’s Instinct. Update 30.2
  • Fixed Scrolls on the minimap not displaying their Stat icon, when triggering Explorer’s Instincts. Update 30.3
  • Fixed mutations going higher and higher on the HUD every time the player changes the “place backpack next to weapons” option. Update 30.3
  • Fixed Queen sometimes getting stuck on the “Reality Slices” phase. Update 30.3
  • Fixed some powers and effects not working properly after going through a ZDoor, as well as their visual disappearing:
    – Ice Armor’s sprite.
    – Cell Bonus FX.
    – Lacerating Aura FX.
    – Wings of the Crow FX. Update 30.3
  • Fixed elite Gold Gorgers using Elite Skills when transformed by the Hunter’s Grenade. Update 30.3
  • Fixed the way DoT Effects damage scale was calculated, leading to some of them dealing less damage than intended. Update 30.4
  • Fixed DPS display on weapons not working properly with damage multipliers. Update 30.4
  • Fixed DPS display for the Bone. Update 30.4

Dead Cells – Ver. 1.19.1

  • Release date: ???
  • Patch notes:
  • The Dive Attack Fire affix now always triggers, no matter the diving height.
Graphics & UI
  • Aligned all the synergy and affixes icons in the item descriptions.
  • Moved the controller warning on the Main Menu, to prevent a text overlap.
  • Fixed some “List Options” overlapping with their title.
  • Removed a little arrow icon displaying on damage pop-ups, when an attack bonus is active. It has been there for years. We don’t know if anyone has ever noticed it. But we did.
Quality of life
  • The Auto-jump option cannot trigger when climbing a ladder anymore.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed not being able to crouch on controller, after updating the game to U29. This fix only prevents the bug from happening when updating the game. If you are currently experiencing this problem, resetting the controls to default fixes it.
  • Fixed Pollo Power not triggering “when the effect ends” affixes.
  • Fixed a softlock when entering Ossuary with Pollo Power active.
  • Fixed a softlock when dying in the Bank‘s Challenge Room with a Multiple Lives active.
  • Fixed a softlock when dying to Timekeeper with Multiple Lives active.
  • Fixed a crash where the game would try to compute synergies of non-existing items.
  • Fixed a crash when loading a save in Undying Shores.
  • Fixed a crash when loading an old save onto U29.
  • Fixed a crash when disabling the Crit Feedbacks option in the main menu.
  • Fixed mobs’ and bosses’ life going back to full when reloading a save.
  • Fixed The Scarecrow replaying its watering animation everytime a save is reloaded.
  • Fixed high priority sounds sometimes cutting off for no apparent reason.
  • Fixed a crash on console when trying to display “Glitched” elements with an outline.
  • Fixed a lot of cases where the Shop Mimic wouldn’t eat its item at the start of the fight.
  • Fixed the Update Pop-up showing up everytime the players starts a new run

Dead Cells – Ver. 1.19.0 (Update 29 – Breaking Barriers)

  • Release date: June 23rd 2022 (North America, Europe) / June 24th 2022 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
Important features
  • Added a new Assist Mode to the options menu :
    • Continue mode – each time you die you can resurrect from the beginning of the biome. (this effectively already existed by quitting the game when you die, now it’s just ‘official’)
    • Auto-hit mode – automatically target nearby enemies with your primary melee weapon.
    • Adjustable trap damage, enemy damage and enemy health in % increments.
    • Option for slower parry window and trap speed
  • New Gameplay Options :
    • Hold to jump.
    • Hold to roll.
    • Shield toggle option, instead of long press.
  • New Input Options :
    • Customisable Long Interact input. 3
    • Customisable Dive Attack input. 
    • Customisable functions for the Left Stick, Right Stick and D-Pad.
  • New Video Options :
    • Customisable HUD transparency and size.
    • New font option : Arial.
    • Customisable Brutality / Tactic / Survival colors.
    • Display stats icons in addition to their color.
    • Display critical strike feedback on the HUD.
    • Display effect icons in item descriptions. If two effects synergize with each other, the icons glow.
    • Outlines for the Beheaded, Enemies, Skills, Projectiles and Secrets.
    • Disable blood.
    • Reduce the number of particles.
  • New Sound Options :
    • Customize categories of sound effects individually (active, enemies, environment, etc.)
    • Added a customizable sound priority system, to limit the number of sounds at once.
  • Barnacle: new crit condition on bleeding or poisoned targets to make it less awkward (and bad).
  • Tentacle: lots of bug fixes. It should be way more reliable now.
  • Crowbar: new crit condition on stunned enemies to make it less awkward too.
  • Magnetic Grenade: full rework, it doesn’t send enemies flying around (often in your head) but instead pulls them towards the explosion.
  • Biters pets: now way more resistant to attacks and effects that don’t specifically target them.
  • Corrupted Power: now in % instead of a flat bonus. No other difference functionally speaking.
  • Wings of the Crow: lots of bug fixes.
  • Decoy: can be manually detonated after a few moments (it’s not a grenade, but you don’t have to awkwardly wait for it to explode if you don’t want to)
  • The cost of most of the beginner items has been drastically cut, to make the early game less tedious for new players and to make new items a viable unlock option while trying to get your flask, gold and other useful upgrades.
  • Reverted the changes on Crowbar. Update 29.1
  • Barnacle no longer crits on bleeding enemies. Update 29.1
  • Machete & pistol: The third hit now ignores side shields. Update 29.1
  • HOTK should now have an easier time hitting the player when they’re airborne. Update 29.2
Graphics & UI
  • Added an option to change the text size of Item Names, Item Item Descriptions and Dialogues. Update 29.1
  • Added an option to increase the size of the Attack Announces. Update 29.1
  • Added a new font to choose from: “Adys”. Update 29.1
  • Added an an option to add a colored filter between the background and foreground. The color and opacity of the filter can be freely customized. Update 29.1
  • Reorganized the entirety of the Options menu and added a new “Accessibility” section. Update 29.1
  • Texts in the Stat Selection Menu no longer use “Red”, “Purple” and “Green”, but “Brutality”, “Tactic” and “Survival”. Update 29.1
  • The Crown and The Lighthouse now have different doors that lead to their biomes. Update 29.2
Quality of life
  • Reworked all the player animations to correctly display the head behind the body, when needed.
  • Added a new Update Pop-up that displays all the information about our latest update, when you launch the game for the first time. Update 29.2
Bug fixes
  • Thunder Shield is no longer considered to be a ranged weapon. Update 29.1
  • Fixed Face Flask‘s “Volley of Arrows” affix not dealing any damage. Update 29.1
  • Fixed a bug where scrolling in the options felt “bumpy”. Update 29.1
  • Fixed Golden Bat Kamikaze appearing in the ground in the Training Room. Update 29.1
  • Fixed some soflocks with Pollo Power. Update 29.2
  • Fixed some overlap visual bugs on the World Map. Update 29.2

Dead Cells – Ver. 1.18.0 (Update 28 – Break the Bank Update)

  • Release date: March 30th 2022 (North America, Europe) / March 31st 2022 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
Important features
  • New biome : The BankThis is a brand new biome that randomly appears in your run, optionally replacing the following biome if you choose to enter it.The flashy bank chest is guaranteed to appear once in a transition area between biomes (but not before a boss). You can only enter The Bank by opening the chest as soon as you see it. If you don’t go for it then you lose the opportunity and the chest won’t reappear until you start a new run.The Bank contains one less scroll and the same item level as the best biome in the replaced biome depth. There is also a guaranteed Cursed Chest.To unlock The Bank, you just need to reach the Hand of the King or The Queen once. If you’ve already reached one of them, then The Bank chest will start appearing the next time you start from Prisoner’s Quarters.
  • 3 new enemies :– Agitated Pickpocket, wants your gold and has the claws to get it.– Gold Gorger, collects gold as it grows, but don’t let it reach it’s final form, it’ll kick your ass!– Golden Kamikaze, is the same bat you know and love, but it drops more money!
  • 3 new weapons :– Gold Digger, gives gold on hits plus critical hits if you’re filthy rich.– Dagger of Profit, crits for 3 secs after picking up gold.– Money Shooter, fires your gold. If you run out of gold, no more shots…
  • 3 new mutations :– Midas’ Blood, gives you gold when you lose health.– Gold Plating, you lose gold, not health, when you get hit.– Get Rich Quick, stack bonus gold by killing enemies while you have a speed boost and cash in when it ends. Gotta go fast…
  • New biome-specific mechanics in the Bank (including a really surprising one…)
  • 2 new “banky” outfits and a few lore rooms.
  • Vampirism rework, now sacrifices a percentage of your maximum health to gain life leech on your melee attacks (effect doubled for heavy weapons) and a speed boost for 10 seconds.
  • Increased War Spear damage. It is no longer flagged as a heavy weapon. This mainly impacts its affix pool.
  • The Queen’s resistance to “crowd control” effects (Stun, Root, etc…) has been increased.
  • Items dropped after boss fights now have +1 item level. Boss loot felt unrewarding due to its level, so we increased it by +1
  • Removed Shield on Use to Face Flask and Serenade affix pool.
Graphics & UI
  • Community suggestion Scarecrow outfits now have proper names!
  • Community suggestion Conjunctivius’s eye now searches for the beheaded if invisible in tentacle phase.
  • Maw of the Deep and Bladed Tonfas tooltips updated to reflect the changes made in the DLC3 hotfix.
  • Custom mode Cursed Chest’s maximum curse increased to 999.
Quality of life
  • Community suggestion Added the last fight of the Servants in training room.
  • Upgrading an item in quality at The Blacksmith’s Apprentice doesn’t re-roll affixes anymore.
  • Added permanent light in Servants boss rooms for the Follow the Light custom game gameplay modifier. But seriously, do you really want to try the Lighthouse in the dark ?
Bug fixes
  • Maw of the Deep now properly displays crits.
  • Fixed invisible bullets for out of screen traps.
  • Fixed servants dying off screen after boss fight due to Barbed Tips.
  • Fixed some custom mode softlocks.
  • Fixed Giant’s slam attack not spawning crystals.
  • Fixed various bugs and crashes for the Queen.
  • Fixed Pause Bug. Hopefully for good this time.
  • Fixed custom mode gameplay modifiers incompatibility.
  • Fixed Spoiler Boss‘s flask not appearing in the UI.
  • Fixed falling through the ground on Carnivorous Plants.
  • Cursed Sword now displays its true damage values.
  • Various visual optimizations.
  • Known issues:
  • if you have the Money Shooter in your backpack with acrobatipack and you have no money, the game will crash. An update is on the way to fix this issue.

Dead Cells – Ver. 1.17.1 (Update 27.1)

  • Release date: January 27th 2022 (North America, Europe) / January 28th 2022 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
  • Decreased the Servants‘ HP.
  • Increased the Queen‘s HP
  • Armored Shrimps no longer take damage from spikes.
  • Bladed Tonfas rework. Damage no longer scales on speed. The first attack always jumps forward, with subsequent attacks always critting if the first one hit. Please note that we will only be able to change the description in the next major update, sorry about that.
  • Hitting an enemy with the Queen’s Rapier in the Backpack triggers a Reality Slice.
  • Shark crits on rooted enemies. Once again, we won’t be able to change the description until the next major update.
  • Increased Shark‘s damage.
  • Gilded Yumi deals damage when releasing the enemy.
  • Increased Wrecking Ball‘s speed on the first two attacks.
  • The Rapier‘s now crits on all hit enemies instead of just the first one.
Quality of life
  • Added screenshake to Machete & Pistol, Queen’s Rapier and Hard Light Sword.
  • Disabling screen-shake disables screen-bump as well.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed Crows not moving in Fractured Shrines.
  • Fixed the Giant’s Hands getting stuck when pushed out of the arena during an attack.
  • Armored Shrimps no longer attack when rooted.
  • Fixed Mutineers ascending after dodging their attack.
  • Kleio no longer acts during cinematics
  • Fixed Kleio phasing through the floor when killed while on the wall.
  • Fixed a crash if Euterpe is killed in less than two seconds during the chase sequence.
  • Servants‘ Flawless Outfit can now be unlocked in all difficulties.
  • The Queen no longer drops Boss Cells with an Aspect equipped.
  • Fixed The Queen‘s Firewall attack not updating if it’s off-screen.
  • Fixed a crash during The Queen‘s Grenade Slice attack.
  • Fixed a crash when killing The Queen during a phase transition.
  • Fixed a crash when dying to The Queen while she’s teleporting.
  • Fixed a crash when killing The Queen by parrying the last Reality Slice of a series.
  • Fixed The Queen‘s animations freezing after being rooted.
  • Fixed multiple softlocks during the Spoiler Boss fight.
  • Fixed a crash when quitting and re-loading while Spoiler Boss drinks potion.
  • Killing a boss-summoned enemy no longer clears malaise.
  • Leghugger can no longer de-evolve into its first form.
  • Fixed the Hand Hook‘s DPS value in the pause menu being random.
  • Fixed a crash with the Hand Hook, when killing an enemy during the hook phase.
  • Fixed Wrecking Ball not triggering its crit condition.
  • Fixed Wrecking Ball‘s projectile despawning when offscreen.
  • Lava now deals damage to the player during the Pollo Power‘s transformation.
  • Fixed a softlock when dying with the Cursed Sword in the Training Room.
  • Fixed a softlock while jumping in the lava during Pollo Power‘s transformation.
  • Fixed a duplication glitch with the Crowned Key.
  • Fixed the player’s Health Flasks not getting refilled when dying to the Spoiler Boss in the Training Room.
  • Fixed a generation error where the Toxic Sewers‘ Fisherman room would not be accessible without certain Runes.
  • Edited Shipwreck‘s level generation a bit to prevent a lot of softlocks, especially without the Spider Rune.
  • Fixed the Trident room not appearing in Shipwreck when the “disable lore rooms” option is on.
  • Fixed items spawning in Shipwreck‘s diorama.
  • The door to The Crown no longer hides its name.
  • Removed a Collector Sign duplicate in the transition level to The Crown.
  • Pulleys can no longer be activated with the Homunculus Rune.
  • The Homunculus Rune can be used after a Boss fight, even if the player is cursed.
  • Fixed a bug where the Flawless Outfits would drop no matter what, when quitting and re-loading during a boss fight.
  • Fixed a blueprint duplication bug in the Collector‘s UI.
  • Fixed a duplication glitch when picking up an item while the game is lagging.
  • Fixed a lag spike when breaking the ground in Shipwreck.
  • Fixed long loading times in Custom Mode.
  • Fixed Custom Mode‘s set equipment not giving a second skill.
  • Prevented already obtained achievements from triggering again.
  • Fixed some achievements not triggering on console.
  • Fixed achievements not unlocking after The Queen, if “Skip Cinematics” is on.
  • Fixed a crash when using any of the Scarecrow Outfits.
  • Fixed a crash when playing certain sounds.

Dead Cells – Ver. 1.17.0 (Update 27)

  • Release date: January 6th 2022 (North America, Europe) / January 7th 2022 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
Important features
  • New DLC : The Queen and the Sea!
  • Find your way to and explore two new coastal biomes, which are alternatives to the High Peak Castle and the Throne Room :– Infested Shipwreck, an unlikely amalgation of driftwood, home to unfortunate sailors who couldn’t escape the malaise in time, as well as… shrimps?– The Lighthouse, which seems to be your last hope of finally leaving this cursed island. Climbing to the top and lighting up that beacon can’t be a bad idea, right?
  • Two new bosses!Fight against the alternative to Hand of the King, guarding the Lighthouse and trying to prevent you from reaching the top of it, where someone seems to be watching your every move.
  • This DLC also brings you 10 new items to unlock and add to your arsenal!6 Melee Weapons :Abyssal Trident, which lets you charge towards your enemies and impale them, to inflict critical damage.– Hand Hook. Grab your foes and throw them behind you, for easy kills off the side of platforms, as well as that little bit of crowd control.– Maw of the Deep. A literal shark. And you can throw it. Yep. No, for real, where did the Beheaded find this.Bladed Tonfas, whose damage scales upon your running capacity, with a big critical jump when at max speed.– Wrecking Ball, the heaviest weapon of them all. Quite hard to throw, but it will tear through crowds of unsuspecting mobs with ease.

    Queen’s Rapier. Tear through reality (and your enemies) with the favorite weapon of the so-called Queen of the island!

  • 2 Ranged Weapons :Throwing Cards. Shoot cards in various patterns and stick them in your enemies, before recalling them all to deal major damage!– Gilded Yumi, the heaviest bow of them all, with the heaviest arrows, and the heaviest hits. So heavy, in fact, that those arrows might just pick mobs up off the ground, and bring them along to their inevitable death.
  • 2 Skills :Leghugger. A new pet, a baby evil shrimp, although this one seems to be quite more friendly. Let it free and it’ll quickly bite the life out of your opponents.– Scavenged Bombard. The Beheaded took inspiration from those pesky pirates and made his own automatic turret-cannon. The reloading is quite slow, but the damage it deals makes up for it.
  • As well as 15 new Outfits!
  • Nerfed the attack power of Legendary Pets.
  • Pets now ignore lava and cannot die to it.
  • Increased Machete & Pistol‘s attack speed
  • Hard Light Sword‘s mark damage is now weaker at low marks and stronger at high marks.
  • Face Flask doesn’t grant recovery anymore. Note that the in-game description has only been updated for a few languages for now, with all other coming in the next patch. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Some weapons now destroy breakable grounds if the Ram rune has been obtained.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed a softlock when interacting with an object while in the Pollo Power transformation.
  • Fixed Armadillopack not parrying some of Spoiler Boss‘ attacks.
  • Fixed Lightning Bolt / Flamethrower not stopping when triggered from the backpack. For real this time.
  • Fixed the Blowgun‘s animation not stopping when shot from the backpack.
  • Fixed the Beheaded’s head disappearing during some cinematics.
  • Fixed the transition to Morass of the Banished not showing on the World Map.
  • Fixed a softlock when quitting the game while in the Binoculars‘ view.
  • Fixed the parallax elements showing incorrectly behind Undying Shores‘ ZDoors
  • Fixed The Giant‘s hands not doing anything after getting interrupted by the Giant Whistle.
  • Removed an unused pathfinding system, that was causing unnecessary long loading times.
  • Various visual and collision optimizations.

Dead Cells – Ver. 1.16.1

  • Release date: December 3rd 2021(North America, Europe) / December 4th 2021 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:

No patch notes available. This update brings the following to the game:

  • loading times are back to normal
  • there’s no binoculars softlock
  • the Guacamelee lore room will appear normally
  • the Drifter weapons don’t cause weird outfit glitches
  • the Pure Nail works in the backpack

Dead Cells – Ver. 1.15.0 (Everyone is Here Update)

  • Release date: November 29th 2021 (North America, Europe) / November 30th 2021 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
Important features
  • Everyone is Here!As we wanted to make this year’s Christmas special, our gift itself needed to be special. Something great, something more, something you’ve never seen before… something literally out of this world.And that’s why we decided to snoop around the world of indie games, and bring you crossover items from six of your favorite licenses, with one outfit and one weapon each!
  • BlasphemousNew weapon: Face Flask
    – They say this was supposed to heal you, but it doesn’t seem to work that well… Eh, who cares, it looks cool as heck.    New outfit: Penitent’s Outfit
  • Curse of the Dead GodsNew weapon: Machete and Pistol
    – Slash, slash, bang. But like, big strong bang. Basically.    New outfit: Explorer’s Outfit
  • GuacameleeNew weapon: Pollo Power
    – Unleash your inner chicken and bring wrath to your enemies, as you lay egg-bombs all over the island.    New outfit: Luchador’s Outfit
  • Hollow KnightNew weapon: Pure Nail
    – Looks like Blobespierre has finally learnt that he’s not obliged to stop running everytime he wants to take a swing.    New outfit: Vessel’s Oufit
  • Hyper Light DrifterNew weapon: Hard Light Sword / Hard Light Gun
    – Shoot with one to mark your enemy, hit with the other to get your ammo back.    New outfit: The Magician’s Outfit
  • SkulNew weapon: Bone
    – One swing, two swings, one uncontrollable whirlwind… You know the deal.    New outfit: Little Bone’s Outfit
  • How do I unlock all this beautiful content?As you explore Prisoners’ Quarters, you might notice some new unusual rooms that don’t seem to belong here. Perhaps they shifted from another dimension ?Legends say that finding and exploring those rooms will bring you glory and strength!.. as well as new tools to add to your arsenal.We also heard that a strange, mysterious, might-be-full-of-hints book has appeared somewhere in Prisoners’ Quarters. However, its sayings look quite cryptic and incomprehensible…
  • Fire-related affixes can no longer appear on Ice-related items, and vice-versa.
  • Dropping a bomb when rolling no longer interrupts invisibility.
Quality of life
  • Added a new log systemA simple system that will log everything going on internally, to help us understand where some bugs come from. No personal data will be logged.No changes should be noticeable on your side, apart from log files appearing in your game folder, that you might want to include in future bug reports.
  • Added the roles of everyone in the “Evil Empire” section of the credits. That way you get to know us a bit more.
  • Added the ability to scroll through affixes in the Minor Forge menu.
  • Mod support updated!
  • Added a new Key system, allowing to pass data through levels in the same game.
  • Added a system allowing the modification of an exit door on next levels, even vanilla ones. Yes, you can make an exit to Prisoners’ Quarters, in Prisoners’ Quarters.
  • Added Timed Doors, No-hit Doors and Old Timed Doors to the level scripting API.
    Added the possibility to modify a Timed Door‘s needed time in the same level.
  • Added an API call returning if a player has a specific DLC.
  • Added an API call allowing health fountains to adapt to the current player’s Boss Cells.
  • Added a new button in the mod UI. The “back” button is now used… to go back.
  • Fixed the mob spawn system.
  • Fixed the Boss Cells Tube reloading a vanilla game when used in a modded level.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed Cocoon not activating What Doesn’t Kill Me.
  • Fixed What Doesn’t Kill Me cooldown.
  • Fixed the ability to multiply Serenade.
  • Fixed Boomerang not getting its ammo back if the projectile was destroyed in some cases.
  • Skills‘ actions can no longer be interrupted.
  • Fixed a weird interaction between the Jerkshroom‘s attacks and the Parry Shield, which would sometimes hit the player when parrying.
  • Fixed Demolishers dealing damage through Ice Armor.
  • Fixed Grenades dealing negative damage in some cases.
  • Fixed Armadillopack not parrying Guardian Knights and Automatons.
  • Hunter’s Grenade can no longer be used to reset the cooldown of other skills
  • Breakable props now follow the same generation rules as floor decorations.
  • Fixed player tracks not being loaded when changing outfit.
  • The Scarecrow can no longer be skipped.
  • Fixed damage buff on invisibility not triggering.
  • Fixed Stilt Village‘s shortcut sometimes being impossible to get to.
  • Fixed Tonic‘s effect getting cancelled on any update of the inventory.
  • Fixed Mama Tick‘s behaviour sometimes becoming broken after interrupting its movement.

Dead Cells – Ver. 1.14.1

  • Release date: September 30th 2021 (North America, Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:

No patch notes available. This update brings the following:

  • improves loading times (back to pre-Practive Makes Perfect Update times)

Dead Cells – Ver. 1.14.0 (Practice Makes Perfect Update)

  • Release date: September 16th 2021 (North America, Europe) / September 17th 2021 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
Important features

This update has brand new features to help onboarding of new, returning or casual Dead Cells players.

  • Community suggestion: Training Room
    • Prisoners’ Quarters just got a bit less inhospitable! An old acquaintance makes a surprising return to help the Beheaded train against the many threats of the island!
    • To unlock this feature, you’ll need to find a key on the corpse of a certain short-lived NPC in Prisoner’s Quarters…
    • Enter the Training Room from the starting section of Prisoners’ Quarters, spawn mobs that you already fought and train against them! You can also fight bosses that you encountered in previous runs.
  • Aspects
    • Aspects are super strong yet optional perks equippable at the start of a run to make the game easier. There is a catch though: you can’t unlock a new boss cell nor unlock flawless boss achievements while an Aspect is equipped.
    • 3 are unlocked by default and you get a new one at random every time you die.
    • Aspects are unlocked right after the introduction runs at the start of the game.
  • World Map
    • Access the World Map from the existing Biome Map. It features all the Biomes you have already discovered, as well as the paths between all of them! (We unfortunately cannot guess what transitions you already discovered, time to explore all that again…)_.
    • It will also show you the path you took during your current run.
    • We hope you’ll like the look of locked biomes, it’s been a… heated subject, to say the least.
    • The World Map is unlocked by default.
  • New No-Hit Outfits
    • Beat your favorite bosses without taking any hit to unlock an Exclusive Golden Outfit! (aka, bragging rights.)
  • Incentive for picking your least visited biomes. The info is available at the Exit Door and on the World Map when applicable. Mobs will drop more cells in those biomes.
  • Multi-Binding is now properly removed from Normal Mode and only available in Custom Mode. A new menu in custom mode has been created to configure an alternate binding profile that enables Multi-Binding, and to enable it for your next custom run.
Level design
  • New lore rooms.
Quality of life
  • Reminder after killing the Hand of the King to use the Homonculus Rune to exit the run (except in 5BC or after the first 0BC kill).
  • Community suggestion: You can now sell Flask Refills.
  • Current total damage update is now displayed in the Scroll Picker menu.
  • Return Stones now teleport you outside their relative Z-Door.
  • And a few more coming in the upcoming testing phases.
  • Added a hint as to where to find the fifth Boss Cell, for the unfortunate misguided ones.
  • Blueprints blocked by DLCs are now indicated on the Collector’s UI
  • New sign after the Collector, gently asking you not to break the door.
Bug fixes

The Backpack has received some love, in the form of… bugfixes! (yay)

  • Can no longer drop the backpack item mid-cutscene.
  • Fireblast and Lighting Bolt used in main hands can trigger Acrobatipack
  • Fireblast and Lighting Bolt used by Acrobatipack can no longer trigger indefinitely.
  • DoT effects applied by your Backpack weapon have their damage nerfed accordingly.
  • Switching the Backpack’s UI position no longer sets your stats to 0.
  • Putting your Backpack weapon into an empty slot doesn’t hide the UI anymore.
  • Parrying with Armadillopack only applies the affixes of your Backpack shield instead.
  • Everything can be parried with Armadillopack! (At least we hope)
  • Using Porcupack with Seismic Strike roots enemies.
  • War Javelins fired with Acrobatipack return instantly.
  • Hitting a Thorny’s back while having Porcupack equipped properly deals damage.

Misc. fixes

  • Crystal Turrets spawned from Elite Mobs won’t lose track of the player.
  • Demolishers and Oven Knights no longer turn around when rooted.
  • A certain room in a certain spoiler level had floating props… not anymore.

Crashes, so many crashes

Dead Cells – Ver. 1.13.0 (What’s The Damage Update)

  • Release date: August 12th 2021 (North America, Europe) / August 13th 2021 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
  • Important features
    • Main changes made in this update:
      Multi-binding removed (Edit: cancelled for now, will be done in a future update)
      Weapons that can reflect grenades now reflect all the grenades in range
      Disengage now always prevents death if it’s off cooldown
      One-hit protection doesn’t go on cooldown if Disengage triggers to save the player
      Mod support enhanced (now using Tiled to create rooms)
      New extra rooms for Derelict Distillery, Fractured Shrines and Undying Shores
    • Melee Weapons:Buffs:
      Balanced Blade (weapon damage and damage bonus increased)
      Assassin’s Dagger (weapon damage increased)
      Twin Daggers (first two attacks weapon damage and breach bonus increased)
      Broadsword (weapon damage increased + damage slightly redistributed among the 3 attacks)
      Cursed Sword (weapon damage increased + all attacks now crit)
      Shrapnel Axes (weapon damage increased)
      Seismic Strike (wave damage increased)
      War Spear (shorter charge + weapon damage and breach bonus increased)
      Impaler (weapon damage increased)
      Rapier (weapon damage and crit enabler duration increased)
      Hayabusa Boots (weapon damage increased + last hit now reflects all grenades in its hitbox)
      Wrenching Whip (breach bonus increased)
      Torch (weapon damage increased (impact only))
      Flawless (weapon damage and crit multiplier increased)
      Flashing Fans (crit multiplier increased + correctly enables crit upon bouncing a grenade back)
      Tombstone (weapon damage increased + doom now stuns enemies it hits + slow mo reduced + slow mo can now correctly be disabled through the options menu)
      Oven Axe (weapon damage and breach increased, charge slightly reduced)
      Toothpick (broken duration reduced)
      Sadist’s Stiletto (crit multiplier increased)
      Spiked Boots (crit multiplier increased)
      Oiled Sword (crit multiplier increased)
      Snake Fangs (weapon damage and crit multiplier increased)    Nerf:
      Sadist’s Stiletto (poison cloud affix removed)
      War Spear (crit multiplier decreased)
    • Ranged Weapons:Buffs:
      Bow and Endless Quiver (weapon damage increased + arrows work like other bows)
      Sonic Carbine (weapon damage increased)
      Ice Bow (freeze duration increased)
      Boomerang (weapon damage increased + slightly faster travel speed)
      The Boy’s Axe (weapon damage and breach increased)
      Nerves of Steel (weapon damage increased)
      Firebrands (impact damage increased)
      Pyrotechnics (can now have both Pierce affixes)
      Fire Blast (weapon damage increased)
      Magic Missiles (weapon damage increased)
      Blowgun (added a poison DoT)    Nerfs:
      Quick Bow (crit condition now at 3 arrows instead of 2)
      Alchemic Carbine (DoT duration, cloud duration and dps decreased)
      Hokuto’s Bow (DPS bonus, duration and aoe range decreased)
      Electric Whip (DoT dps decreased)
      Ice Shards (weapon damage, slow duration and crit multiplier decreased)
    • Shields:Buffs:
      Front Line Shield (bonus buffed to 50%, was 30)
      Cudgel (stun duration increased)
      Knockback Shield (weapon damage increased)
      Assault Shield (weapon damage increased)
      Greed Shield (weapon damage increased)
      Spiked Shield (weapon damage increased)
      Parry Shield (increased reflected projectiles damage)    Nerfs:
      Punishment (weapon damage decreased)
      Thunder Shield (DoT dps and stun duration decreased)
    • Skills:Buffs:
      Infantry Grenade (damage increased)
      Stun Grenade (damage duration and range increased)
      Ice Grenade (freeze duration increased)
      Root Grenade (damage increased)
      Swarm (worm stats increased)
      Tornado (damage increased + cd reduced)
      Corrupted Power (damage buff increased)
      Lightspeed (damage increased on both)
      Lightning Rods (instant damage increased)
      Scarecrow Sickles (damage increased)
      Barnacle (damage increased)    Nerfs:
      Flamethrower Turret (DPS and duration decreased)
      Tesla Coil (DPS, DoT and range decreased)
      Lacerating Aura (DPS and duration decreased)
      Great Owl of War (reactivated version dps decreased)
      Crusher (damage decreased)
      Tonic (duration and bonus health decreased)
    • Mutations:Buffs:
      Vengeance (bonus increased)
      Adrenaline (duration increased)
      Scheme (bonus increased)
      Porcupack (starting value increased)
      Ripper (now drops 6 ammos and damage per ammo increased)
      Networking (starting value increased)
      Point Blank (starting value and growth increased)
      Soldier Resistance (starting value and cap increased)
      Blind Faith (starting value and cap increased)
      Counterattack (bonus increased)
      What Doesn’t Kill Me (starting value and cap increased + internal cooldown reduced)
      Extended Healing (duration reduced, for the same heal)
      Spite (damage increased)
      Frostbite (damage increased)
      Instinct of the Master of Arms (internal cooldown reduced)
      Recovery (duration multiplier increased)
      Necromancy (starting value and cap increased)    Nerfs:
      Barbed Tips (DPS and tickrate decreased + no longer causes ammo to drop when combined with Ripper)
      Gastronomy (healing bonus decreased)
      Heart of Ice (starting value and cap decreased)
      Emergency Triage (healing and speed bonus decreased)
      Disengagement (activation threshold decreased and internal cooldown increased)
    • Ice Shards weapon now has a 3 second slowdown effect (down from 5).
      Parry Shield counter projectiles now deal damage.
      Tombstone does not allow crit affixes anymore due to its specific behaviour.
      Shovel (damage increased).
      Tentacle (damage increased).
      Katana (invincibility frames removed and forward movement reduced on basic attacks). Please note that the charged attack is unchanged. Update 24.1
    Level design
    • New rooms:Added some new rooms in each of the 3 following biome to enhance diversity and fighting situations:
      – Derelict Distillery
      – Fractured Shrines
      – Undying Shores
    • Tiled integration:Mod Support is evolving with Tiled integration to foster new rooms creation by the community. Please refer to the updated documentation to follow the guidelines.
    Bug fixes
    • – Preventing softlock when fighting Conjunctivius boss with Snake Fangs weapon.
      – Preventing softlock while using the Hunter Grenade weapon on the Giant Tick enemy.
      – Preventing softlock if a double KO occurs during the true final boss fight.
      – Preserving active turrets when a multi-forms weapon is evolving.
      – Removing that damn pink square on the BC selector.
      Skull icon for the kill counter is fixed when you get the gold version after reloading the run.
      – Elite Rampager enemies don’t pause their charge anymore after roaring.
      Slashers enemies can’t override the “Cannot be interrupted by an enemy’s attack” affix anymore.
      – No more messages notifying a malaise tier increase when reducing infection.
      – Some minor bug fixes. Update 24.1

Dead Cells – Ver. 1.12.0 (Whack-a-mole Update)

  • Release date: April 23rd 2021 (North America, Europe) / April 24th 2021 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
Important features
  • New weapon: the Oven Axe.
    They say the last hit can be chained, but no one lived long enough to confirm…
  • New weapon: the Toothpick.
    A big wooden club. Hold to charge and break the club on the head of your unfortunate enemies.
  • New weapon: the Tombstone.Stay on the ground and doom nearby enemies if you manage to kill something with the last hit.
    An ethereal tombstone fall on the heads of doomed enemies. Each kill starts a new wave of doom (up to 3 consecutive waves).
  • New mutation: No Mercy. (Colorless). Instantly kill enemies going under 15% health (non-scaling). Effect halved for bosses.
  • New mutation: Point Blank. Close-ranged range attacks inflict X% bonus damages.
  • New mutation: Barbed Tips. Inflict x damage per seconds to enemies per arrows stuck in them.
  • New difficulty curve: We’re experimenting with a new way of increasing the difficulty from one BC to the next.BC0: Health fountains in every transition.
    BC1: Health fountain every other transition, with one minor flask when the fountain is missing.
    BC2: No more health fountain, one minor flask in every transition.
    BC3: One minor flask after the first boss and before the second.
    BC4: No more health in any transition, enemies teleport to your position.
    BC5: No more health, enemies teleport, malaise added.    Looking to have your opinion on that new formula, so don’t hesitate to give us feedback!
  • A new PNJ 5bc exclusive has appeared, the Collector’s intern! He will be able to unlock blueprints while the big guy is away.
  • Added an Omnivorous diet which randomize the appearance of your food.
  • Legendary items now scale based on the sum of your two highest statistics. Legendary no longer increase the item level. This is very subject to change and hence has no visual indication implemented yet.
  • Tesla Coil blueprint drop rate increased.
  • Items obtained by the Collector (when completing a blueprint) are now Colorless.
  • Malaise no longer increases the movement speed of enemies.
  • Sudden Death prevention invulnerability duration increases from 0.5 to 0.6 seconds.
  • All weapons now have a bit of air control if an ennemy is in the strike zone.
  • Capped the fatal fall‘s damages to 15% of your max life.
  • Fatal Falls Added bonus scrolls in Fractured Shrines (in BC3+) and Undying Shores (in BC4+) to make them on par with other levels.
  • Fatal Falls Turned one double-scroll into a triple-scroll in Fractured Shrines.
  • Fatal Falls Improved Soul Shot‘s (the off-hand of Ferryman’s Lantern) aim to target multiple enemies if possible.
  • You can now find one outfit and one other item as blueprints in a level.
  • Mobs can no longer spawn or turn into elites do to Malaise in the first few seconds after an Elite mob aggroes you.
  • Fixed Shovel, Flashing Fans and War Spear not working with Porcupack.
  • Prevented elite Demolishers to spawn with the cage elite skill. 

Level design

  • Fatal Falls Fixed missing scrolls in Fractured Shrines and Undying Shores.
  • Fatal Falls Made fatal fall’s zones in Fractured Shrines more tolerant to prevent unfair damages.

Graphics & UI

  • The description and affix list of items now scroll together in the Pause menu for a better readability in all situations. Still not an excuse for really long descriptions of items, but it’s better than nothing.
  • Fatal FallsReordered Fatal Fall‘s achievements in the Statistics panel to a more logical order.
  • Increased the size of the flask zone to account for all items.
  • Cocoon now display “Parry” when a succesful parry occur.
  • Improved Cold Blooded Guardian animations and visual effects for a better readability.
  • Fixed Myopic Crows color in the Statistics panel.
  • Malaise rules modification are now denoted by icons when the malaise increase. You can find the meaning of each icon in the Infos tab of your pause menu.
  • Fatal Falls Improved Serenade‘s visual effects for a better readability.
  • Improved readability of War Javelin and Snake Fangs teleport visual effects, especially in Fractured Shrines.
  • Added a small visualisation of the item in your backpack in the pause menu.
  • Added a small mention of the possibility to use Custom Mode to lock back items in the Collector UI to encourage players to unlock everything, even items they might end up not liking. Use the Custom Mode! It’s part of the game! You’re not cheating!
  • Backpack mutations (Porcupack, Acrobatipack and Armadillopack) now have their icon showcasing the internal cooldown.
  • Removed the confusing “Hold RB to empty your backpack” prompt in the switch item GUI.
  • Fixed Acceptance text not mentionning food cursing you.
  • Fixed Acrobatipack not mentioning that melee weapons don’t trigger the effect.
  • Fixed some typos.
  • Allow off-screen attack indications even if on-screen indications are disabled. Both can still be disabled separately in the menu. 
  • Uniformized exit names after all boss battles. 
  • Clarified Crow’s Wings description. 
  • Edited Rampart description to mention that only melee parry trigger the invulnerability. 

Quality of life

  • Cursed Gems now require a long press to be picked up. No more accidental cursing.
  • Added the option “Hold to chain attacks” in the Gameplay tab of the options. Serious note here: please suggest more accessibility options. We will do our best to include them.
  • Hunter’s Grenade now respawn on a platform after being thrown into the void.
  • Moved the “Random Outfit” option from the classic options to the Custom Mode, with a new option to randomize your skin on every main level (not in the transitions) and an interface to chose which skins you want to have randomly selected.
  • Included several player-suggested rewording for mutations. English only for now. 
  • All items now respawn when falling into the void.
  • Differentiated the two Purulent Zombie‘s name:
    – The one with the flies is now the Swarm Zombie
    – The one who throws eggs is now the Festering Zombie 
  • Blueprints are now automatically registered when entering a transition level. You no longer need to interact with the Collector to register them.

Music & Sfx

  • The Derelict Distillery soundtrack has been remastered and reexported to be more in-line with the rest of the game. 

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a crash when using the “Hitchcock” or “Darkness” game modifiers in Custom Mode.
  • Fixed a crash that occured with some mods due to Malaise.
  • Fixed a crash occuring with hero climbing when modifying SFXs.
  • Fixed the force malaise option from the Custom Mode always re-activating even after deactivating it manually.
  • Fixed a bug making you float after entering a challenge portal with the Assault power.
  • Reduced the lag occuring when breaking a ground or wall.
  • Fixed malaise spawning enemies in transition levels.
  • Fixed Cocoon being able to rally.
  • Fixed being able to load the Katana‘s strike when holding a shield.
  • Fixed some seed errors (notably in Cavern).
  • Fixed bosses having a small life bar after reloading the level.
  • Fixed a crash on the Tentacle Whip.
  • Fix Phaser sometimes teleporting the player out of a boss arena.
  • Fixed Porcupack only working on the first enemy hit.
  • Fixed various crashes.
  • Fatal Falls Fixed a crash that occured when dying with a Serenade equipped and replacing a Barrel Launcher.
  • Fatal Falls Fixed a crash related to Myopic Crows.
  • Fatal Falls Fixed Giant Whistle freezing the Scarecrow.
  • Fatal Falls Fixed some crashes related to the Scarecrow.
  • Fatal Falls Fixed Serenade‘s icon disappearing when entering or exiting a sub-level.
  • Fatal Falls Fixed Serenade sometimes eating your main weapon. God that one was a doozy!
  • Fatal Falls Fixed Serenade resetting the other power’s cooldown. A very finite amount of power.
  • Fatal Falls Improved performances in the corners. Don’t expect anything revolutionnary, but we’re working on it.
  • Fatal Falls Fixed Mac OSX version. Technically it was fixed earlier, but better to put it in a patchnote, right?
  • Fatal Falls Fixed a soft lock occuring in Undying Shores when using the War Javelin to reach the far right of the map.
  • Fatal Falls Prevented some soft-locks in Undying Shores when paths are too close to one another.
  • Fatal Falls Fixed some crashes occuring with Serenade.
  • Fatal Falls Fixed non-reanimated corpse in Undying Shores appearing on the minimap.
  • Fatal Falls Fixed Pool Party achievement not triggering.
  • Fatal Falls Fixed A cut above achievement triggering on hits instead of kills.
  • Fatal Falls Fixed unstable platforms collapsing during cinematics. Scrolls pickup, etc.
  • Fatal Falls Fixed Hunter’s Grenade locking doors when used on Stone Warden. Yes, it means that you can turn a Warden elite. You asked for this.
  • Fatal Falls Prevent altars from spawning on unstable platforms.
  • Fatal Falls Forced dead cultist to appear if you didn’t unlock the Cultist Outfit.
  • Fatal Falls Fixed Cocoon‘s cooldown not resetting when parrying a grenade.
  • Fatal Falls Fixed Cursed Sword, Perfect Halberd (and other weapons interacting with hero’s damages) not working when replaced by Serenade.
  • Fatal Falls Fixed the achievement “Me, Jealous?” not trigerring.
  • Fatal Falls Fixed Soul Shot (the off-hand of Ferryman’s Lantern) not triggering Accrobatipack.
  • Fatal Falls Reverted unwanted changes in bestiaries from non-DLC levels to state before the DLC.
  • Fatal Falls Fixed Myopic Crows dying when entering fatal-fall zones. Yes, this means more crows. Gnehehe
  • Fatal Falls Fixed the first Serenade you encounter not being colorless.
  • Fatal Falls Fixed Snake Fangs teleporting to hidden mobs.
  • Fatal Falls Prevent a soft-lock when going to the end of the room at the end of Scoring Mode. Why would you do that?!
  • Fatal Falls Fixed Soul Shot (the off-hand of Ferryman’s Lantern) not interacting with the perk Kill Rythm.
  • Fatal Falls Fixed Cocoon not damaging thrown Jerkshroom‘s.
  • Fatal Falls Removed a confusing “point at self” animation from a lore-room in Undying Shores.
  • Fatal Falls Fixed Scarecrow’s Sickles disappearing after reloading a level, locking the power until the end of the level.
  • The Bad Seed Fixed crash related to Jerkshrooms.
  • The Bad Seed Fixed Ticks soft-locking because of the Hunter’s Grenade and the Cocoon.
  • The Bad Seed Fixed a crash on attacking Mama Tick during the cinematic. Who does that? And how?
  • The Bad Seed Mushroom Boi now teleport next to you when fatal-falling instead of disappearing.
  • The Bad Seed Fixed a crash occuring on Mushroom Boi
  • Fatal Falls Fixed a crash related to Ferryman’s Lantern and Backpack mutations.
  • Fatal Falls Fixed several Scarecrow crashes.
  • Fixed soft-lock occuring when glitching on top of un-deployed Vines.
  • Fixed a crash with Hayabusa’s Gauntlet.
  • Fixed a soft-lock occuring when teleporting out of the boss room with Phaser on Conjonctivius.
  • Fixed a crash on Tentacle Whip
  • Fixed a crash occuring when opening the “additionnal content* panel in the main menu. 
  • Fixed several rare crashes. 
  • Fixed items descriptions being unaligned by 3 pixels. Yes. 
  • Fatal Falls Fixed scrolls sometimes appearing out of reach in the Undying Shores.
  • Fixed Ygdar Orus Li Ox perk consuming your cells when you die by falling into the void.
  • Fixed being able to eat food at full health when Malaise is active. 
  • Fixed a typo in Alienation mutation english description.
  • Fatal Falls Fixed a lore room interactible missing a label. The “null” water tank. 
  • Removed mention of malaise protection in Tonic‘s description. 
  • Fixed Custom Mode maximum flasks setting not working as intended. 
  • Fatal Falls Removed healing in transition between Fractured Shrines and Undying Shores in relevant difficulties. To keep it in line with other 4th to 5th level transitions. 
  • The Bad Seed Prevented a certain sacrifice to consume unrelated items. 
  • Fixed Distillery being accessible on a fresh save for players having already reached the Throne room on another save.
  • Fatal Falls Added a lantern in the Mausoleum when playing with the darkness modifier. 
  • Fixed a crash occuring when picking up a tier scroll with the homunculus while climbing
  • Fixed diminishing returns no longer resetting after a while. 
  • Fixed being unable to stomp across one-ways platforms when standing in front of a ladder. 
  • Fixed Tentacle Whip kick chaining indefinitly. 
  • Fatal Falls Fixed Iron Staff parry not stunning when parrying after the hit.
  • Fixed Repeater Crossbow off-hand using main-hand’s affixes. 
  • Fixed Repeater Crossbow off hand affixes pool. 

Dead Cells – Ver. 1.10.1

  • Release date: November 3rd 2020 (North America, Europe) / November 4th 2020 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:

No patch notes available.

  • List of changes:

Fixes performance issues impacting the Nintendo Switch version.

Dead Cells – Ver. 1.10 (Barrels o’ Fun)

  • Release date: September 23rd 2020 (North America, Europe) / September 24th 2020 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
Important features
  • New biome: Derelict Distillery. High Peak Castle alternative, currently available from the Collector area leading to the High Peak Castle.
  • New item: Tesla Coil! A medium-range, multi-targeting, shock inflicting turret.
  • New item: Barrel Launcher!: Throw explosive barrels on enemies. Just make sure they don’t throw it back to you.
  • New OST: You can now choose between the original version and the brand new demake/8-bit/chiptune version of the soundtrack in the Sound option menu.
  • Added 3 new achievements linked to the Distillery. Update 20.5
  • Prisoners’ Quarters: rats density decreased.
  • Rats behaviour has been tweaked – it now waits a bit less and go less far in-between two attacks.
  • Tweaked damage affixes chances of appearing on an item. They should now more or less have all equal chances of being generated.
  • Community suggestion Forgotten Sepulchre 3BC door cursed chest has been replaced by a regular treasure. The cursed chest is now in the main level, and hence available at every BC.
  • Weirded Warriors won’t be parrying your arrows if you’re hitting them after one of the dashes.
  • Community suggestion Purulent Zombies (the worms trowing one, and yes, we need a different name for one of the two purulent) don’t teleport anymore in 4BC+.
  • Community suggestion Sismic Blade can’t proc the bonus damage on rooted enemies affix anymore.
  • Community suggestion Hayabusa Boots combo is now composed of only three hits instead of four, meaning the last, bumping, hit comes faster. Damage when bumping an enemy in the wall has also been increased (and mentioned in the description, which will now be in french until we get the translations.)
  • Community suggestion Nerves of Steel damage increased.
  • Community suggestion Infantry Bow damage and ammo increased.
  • Community suggestion Swamp of the banished: reduced density of enemies, Giant Ticks do less damage.
  • Community suggestion Increase all first bosses and Time Keeper gear level.
  • Dilapidated Arboretum: reduced density of little mushies, no more Oven Knights.
  • Corrupted Confinement: rats density decreased.
  • Explosive Crossbow:
    Melee attack now starts right away with the downward bumping attack. it’s faster but does less damage and the range of the explosion is more limited. The bump to enemies has been buffed, but you’re no longer bumped back.
    Range attack is faster and does more damage than previously, but it no longer stunlocks enemies and bumps them less. Update 20.2
Quality of life
  • Community suggestion Ice Crossbow: prevent the “worms spawn on victim’s death” affix.
  • Community suggestion Added a 60 kills perfect door after the spoiler biome.
Bug fixes
  • Community suggestion Decreased chance of +% damage on critical hits appearing.

Dead Cells – Ver. 1.9 (Update of Plenty)

  • Release date: July 21st 2020 (North America, Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:
Important features
  • Weapon rework
    Following the extremely succesful weapon popularity poll, we tried to give some love to the less liked weapons and slightly nerfed the most effective ones.
    The aim is to open up a wider range of builds, while not sacrificing what made meta builds fun.Most of the changed consist of slight number tweaks, some are more profound reworks but there is one notable exceptions:
    – All Crossbows (with the exception of Sonic Crossbow which is now named Sonic Carbine) are now two-handed weapons and Survival only.
    Multiple-nocks Bow, Marksman’s Bow and Nerves of Steel are now Tactic only and have been buffed.    These weapons never really shined in Tactics because there are few reasons to take them in a Tactic build rather than in a Survival Build. And we were forced to make them less efficient than other pure Tactic range weapons to balance for the dual-scaling.

    With the 2-handed weapons becoming part of the Survival identity, it felt only natural to increase the efficiency of these weapons to make them better on par with the other choices, and to make it pure Tactic.

  • Economy rework
    It has been brought to our attention several times (and, frankly, we knew already) that the economy in Dead Cells was… peculiar. While everything seemed to be fine at low difficulty level, it got worse and worse in high BC, where if you wanted to buy healing you would have to basically never spend any gold on anything else. So to fix this we implemented several changes, small and big, some among them will be detailed later in this patchnote.Here’s a short list of what changed:
    – Gold scaling is gone, long live small numbers!
    – A good amount of items had their price changed
    – To replace gold scaling, gear price now goes up with item level
    – Refining and affix reroll costs have been changed
    – Shop categories are now stats instead of equipment type
    – Shop reroll is now free, but makes items on sale pricier
  • Gear qualities and damage rework
    Bonus stats have been removed from ++ and S gears, but to compensate new scrolls have been added in biomes, enemy damage has been reduced, and gear damage has been changed to increase with item level.
    This change was implemented to give back some importance to gear level, and in pair with the economy rebalance give you more opportunities (and an incentive) to switch gears during your run.
  • New DoT: Shocked and DoT reworks
    All damage over time statuses seemed to blend together a bit too much for our taste. We decided to try and give each DoT a unique identity, and added a fourth one, shocked, in the process. Most electric weapons and items inflict this new shock DoT.– New DoT, Shocked: deal damage over time to the target and all nearby targets.
    Bleed rework: Stack enough bleed status on a target and the damages left is instantaneously dealt at once.
    Poison rework: Upon death, propagate the poison status with reduced damages and for the remaining duration.
    Fire un-rework: Untouched, because fire was already perfect.    Also, all affixes giving bonus damage on an enemy with a specific status have updated values.
  • Damage mutation rework
    Damage mutations (those who give a bonus DPS to your attacks) suffered from poor scaling, making them extremely useful at low difficulties while being less and less useful as you progress through the game.
    To remedy to that, we changed their bonus from a bonus DP to a bonus % of damages. This means that everything that boosts your attack (item level, item rarity, affixes, etc.) will synergize with those mutations.Impacted mutations:
    – Combo
    – Vengeance
    – Tainted Flask
    – Support
    – Tranquility
    – Gastronomy
    – Extended Healing
  • Changed and increased the initial pool of mutations.
  • Any diminishing return is now removed after a few secondes. This means that Freeze, Stun, Slows, and everything else that used to be less and less effective against a target in a fight can now be used more efficiently for these long boss fights. Version 1.9.1
  • Equipping a two-handed weapon now gives you access to a backpack weapon slot. You can put any one-handed weapon inside so the next time you come across another one-handed weapon, you can equip both at the same time to replace your two-handed weapon. Version 1.9.1
  • All bonus damage affixes’ chances of being generated have been lowered – with the newest addition, every item felt like it had 3 or 4 DoTs status synergies, making it feel like there is no point in building your build around.
  • Gold scaling has been removed from the game. While it’s less impressive to gain 500 gold than 42345, it’s also more easy to grasp. And more importantly: this makes our work waaaay easier to fine tune the amount of gold generated in a level.
  • Shop Reroll is now free, and the limit has been increased to 5 times. Every time you reroll though, the price of items available in the shop is increased by 40% of their base price.
  • Spoiler level now has a guaranteed heal shop and a random gear shop, instead of two different random shops.
  • Many items’ base prices have been changed. The changes might not be completely apparent at first glance, as the scaling heavily modified the prices anyway, but here’s the list of items which prices changed.Items that had their price raised:
    – All healing items
    – Powerful Grenade
    – Fire Grenade
    – Heavy Crossbow
    – Explosive Crossbow
    – Repeater Crossbow    Items which prices have been lowered:
    – Stun Grenade
    – Giant Killer
    – Ice Armor
    – Ice Bow
    – Long Bow
    – Sonic Carbine
  • Legendary Weapons no longer give scroll and give less bonus damage than before. That’s not permanent – we just haven’t decided on how to balance them yet.
  • As mentionned above, enemy damage has been decreased to make for the loss of gear scrolls at the beginning of a run. It’s very much WIP, we will be very grateful to let us know if you think enemies do too much or too little damage. Thanks!
  • You now get a free amulet at the beginning of a game at BC1+. Most likely subject to changes.
  • Mobs now teleport to you much faster at BC4+.
  • Skills no longer proc rally nor cooldown reduction mutations.
  • Reworked Heavy Crossbow:
    – Now a Survival-only two-handed weapon
    – Off-hand instantly reloads your crossbow with a volley of critical bolts
    – The hook no longer pierce enemies, even with the “pierce ennemies” affixes.
    – The damages dealt by the volley of bolts is now capped by bosses damage cap.
  • Reworked Repeater Crossbow:
    – Now a Survival-only two-handed weapon
    – Main hand fire rate has been reduced and now root every 4 bolts. No longer crit on rooted enemies.
    – Off-hand fires a volley of bolts all at once that inflict critical damages to rooted enemies.
  • Reworked Ice Crossbow:
    – Now a Survival-only two-handed weapon
    – Main hand fire has been mostyl unchanged, except you can no longer charge a volley of critical bolts with it.
    – Off-hand now fire a long range, ultra-fast bolt with infinite piercing which crits on frozen enemies.
  • Reworked Explosive Crossbow:
    – Now a Survival-only two-handed weapon
    – Main fire has not been changed.
    – Off-hand is now a melee combo … with a surprise.
  • Reworked War Javelin:
    – Pressing the button again teleports you to the javelin.
    – No longer profits from Ammo mutation.
  • Reworked Wings of the Crow:
    – Now features up AND down movement. You can run normaly with the power activated, jump again to take flight.
    – Movement speed is increased while wings are active.
    – Attacking enemies with weapons inflict new Shock status.
    – Stomping and dodging no longer cancel the power, reactivate to cancel the power.
    – Stomping deals extra damages around.
  • Reworked Tonic:
    – No longer requires a health flask or a level change to use again. Has a normal cooldown instead.
    – No longer heals you.
    – Invincibility is much shorter.
    – Grant a portion of your missing health as temporary bonus health (shield)
    – Reduce damage taken.
    – Prevent malaise.
    – Increase movement speed.
    – Shorten dodge cooldown.
  • Reworked Vampirism:
    – No longer requires a health flask or a level change to use again. Has a normal cooldown instead.
    – Totally scrapped the old mechanic.
    – Now transform you entire life plus a portion of your missing life into rally. Strike fast to heal yourself!
    High risk, high reward, right?
  • Reworked Tentacle Whip: added a kick that bumps enemies away when striking an enemy too close for a critical hit.
    The goal here is to provide a less clunky chaining when failing to crit.
  • Buffed/reworked Ice Shards: The aim here is to give ice shard a strong identity of secondary weapon.
    – Removed ammo count
    – Increased slow duration
    – Reduced critical damages
  • Buff all starting weapons damages (Rusty Sword, Beginner’s Bow and Old Wooden Shield).
  • Buffed Nutcracker:
    – Increased range
    – Reworked model and animations
  • Buffed Root Grenade:
    – Increased duration
    – Slightly increased DPS
  • Buffed Stun Grenade:
    – Reduced cooldown
  • Buffed Frost Blast:
    – Increased range
    – Remove ammunition
  • Buffed Spartan Sandals:
    – Increased hit damages
  • Buffed Torch:
    – Increased hit damages
  • Buffed Knockback Shield:
    – Increased damage dealt to enemies projected against a wall
  • Buffed Crusher:
    – Now slows enemies in its area
  • Buffed Spite Sword:
    – Increased damage
    – Slightly reduced forward momentum
  • Buffed Multiple-nocks Bow:
    – Increased ammo count
    – Removed Survival scaling
    – Slighlty increased fire rate
  • Buffed Marksman’s Bow:
    – Increased ammo count
    – Removed Survival scaling
  • Buffed Nerves of Steel:
    – Increased ammo count
    – Removed Survival scaling
  • Buffed Spiked Boots:
    – Reworked animations and hitboxes.
    – Slight damage buff overall.
  • Buffed Balanced Blade:
    – Increased critical time
    – Increased base damage but reduced damage gained with subsequent hit (the maximum damage stayed unchanged)
    – Slightly increased breach values
  • Buffed Blood Sword:
    – Increased bleeding time
  • Buffed Flint:
    – Faster charge
    – Larger sparks area upon full charge
    – Sparks now ignite oil on the ground
  • Buffed Greed Shield:
    – Removed gold cap to receive full gold reward
  • Buffed Sonic Carbine (previously Sonic Crossbow):
    – Increased damage
    – Increased range
  • Buffed Symmetrical Lance:
    – Increased range
  • Nerfed Rampart Shield:
    – Reduced invincibility time after parrying
    – Added a FX to warn invincibility ending
  • Nerfed Flamethrower Turret:
    – Increase cooldown.
  • Nerfed Wolf Trap:
    – Reduced root duration
    – Reduced bonus DPS
  • Nerfed Tick Scythe:
    – Slitghly lower damage.
    – Taking a hit now cancel the critical chain.
  • Nerfed Rythm’n Bouzouki:
    – Reduced damages
  • Nerfed Quick Bow:
    – Reduced critical damages
  • Nerfed Necromancy:
    – only heals you up to 50% health.
  • Electric Whip no longer dual-scales with Brutality (pure Tactics only).
  • Clock Tower and Forgotten Sepulcher number of fragments swapped.
  • Rapier now dual-scales with Brutality and Tactics.
  • The new Duelist mob in Slumbering Sanctuary has been buffed (breach resistance increased and more hp).
  • Buffed bonus damage on stunned enemies affix chance.
  • New bonus damage on immobilized target and bonus damage on electrified (shocked) target affixes.
  • Two-handed weapons can no longer appear as starting gear until the Recycling Tubes are unlocked. Version 1.9.1
  • Improved one-shot protection to prevent some unfair deaths related to combos. Version 1.9.1
  • The Duelyst is now named Dancer and occasionnally dash behind you before stabbing you in the back. Omae wa mo shindeiru. Version 1.9.1
  • Mobs hitting on the invulnerability shield are now only bumped horizontally, no longer interrupting some combos (Rampagers, notably). Lots of combos are still interrupted (Guardian Knights, Lacerator, etc.) Version 1.9.3
  • Affixes and mutations now affect damages dealt by DoTs. This only affects DoTs applied directly by items. Not poison clouds nor fire on the ground. Version 1.9.3
  • Toxic Cloud affix pool have been reworked (no more damage bonus affixes, more bonus effect on trigger, etc.). Version 1.9.3
  • Toxic Carbine now applies one stack of poison on impact. Version 1.9.3
  • Guardian no longer turn towards you during their attack animation. They can still turn during their combo. Version 1.9.3
  • Guardian‘s shield now requires a small threshold of damages to be applied before breaking. Version 1.9.3
  • Slightly buffed Disengagement mutation to prevent your HP from descending under 20% while the mutation is active. Version 1.9.3
  • Conjonctivius “Touhou” rain of tears attack cooldown doubled. Version 1.9.3
  • When the eye of the Giant is out, both hands are now invulnerable. Version 1.9.3
  • Prevent the “victims burn” affix from appearing on ice items. Version 1.9.3
  • Damage received from traps are now capped at 30% of your maximum life. Version 1.9.3
  • Prevent food from spawning behind (possibly closed) ZDoors. Version 1.9.3
  • Buffed Grapling Hook: Controls are locked a shorter time. Version 1.9.3
  • You can now drop a maximum of one blueprint from mobs in a single level. This limitation does not apply to blueprints found in secret rooms or by using the Hunter’s Grenade. Version 1.9.3
  • Global Shields (the invulnerability bubble) no longer interrupt spinning attacks from Lacerators, Guardian Knights and A certain secret boss. Version 1.9.4
  • Nerfed Alchemic Carbine to make up for the multiple buffs received by Poison DoTs. Version 1.9.4
  • Replaced one Food Shop by and Active Shop in Cavern. Version 1.9.6
  • Nerfed A Certain Secret Boss laser beam damages. Version 1.9.6
  • Increased Slumbering Sanctuary and Time Keeper number of Scroll fragments dropped by 1 in BC3+. Version 1.9.6
  • War Javelin stun’s duration decreases much faster. First strike: 100%, Second strike: 50%, Third and subsequent strikes: No Stun Version 1.9.6
  • Killing one of Giant‘s hand now only decreases the amount of charge by one instead of resetting the charge count. Version 1.9.6
  • Prevent more than 2 “+XX% damage on _ target” affixes from appearing on an item. Version 1.9.6
Level design
  • Guardians‘s (soon to be renamed Oven Knights) density has been decreased.
  • Slumbering Sanctuary bestiary has been revisited to have new mobs in the “sleeping” part of the biome too.
  • The Bad Seed Community suggestion The Swamp Altar is now a permanent room, and so cannot be deactivated with the “Remove lore rooms” options. Version 1.9.1
Graphics & UI
  • Broadsword, Twin Daggers and Bow and Endless Quiver now display a non-critical value in their description to help comparing items.
  • Added an option to display or hide the Seed information above your minimap. Version 1.9.1
  • Clarified some items names and descriptions. Version 1.9.3
  • Changed the confusing keyword “immobilized” to the color-coded (and obviously, objectively much clearer) “root” in descriptions to clarify synergies. Version 1.9.3
Quality of life
  • The Vorpan does not appear for the first few runs, and only appear at one merchant per level.
  • The very first run through Prison Quarters does not create lore rooms.
  • Shop categories are now replaced with stats. As the item pool grew, categories made less and less sense. So to make sure the shops you find during your run always have something interesting for you, you can now select Brutality, Tactics or Survival when you have the shop categories unlocked.
  • Thunder Shield no longer target doors. Especially golden door. Version 1.9.1
  • Explorer Instinct now signals mobs carrying precious loot with a star on the minimap. Version 1.9.3
  • Added a Custom Game option to use the old category choices (item types rather than item colors) in the shops. This option does not lock achievements. Version 1.9.5
  • Thornies now face you when aggressively teleporting to you in BC4+. Version 1.9.5
  •  Forced the aquisition of Boss Cells to avoid the case where one would end the run without unlocking the next difficulty. Version 1.9.6
Music & Sfx
  • The Bad Seed Added some missing SFX on Jerkshrooms and Mushroom Boi. Version 1.9.2
Bug fixes
  • Fixed weird graphical interaction between invulnerable enemies and Crow’s Foot mutation.
  • Bleed on parry affix forbidden on bloodshield.
    Victims burn affix forbidden on Frostblast and Ice Crossbow.
  • The Bad Seed Fixed holes sometimes appearing in the walls of the Arboretum. Version 1.9.2
  • Fixed Knives Thrower sometimes dancing undecided on the spot. Version 1.9.2
  • Fixed Rampager sometimes attacking without warning when exiting invisibility. Version 1.9.2
  • Fixed Elite mobs with the cloning ability not taking damage on aggro. Version 1.9.3
  • Fixed being unable to drop an item carried by the Homonculus by pressing dodge on some controller or keyboard configurations. Version 1.9.3
  • Fixed some spikes collisions. Version 1.9.3
  • Fixed invulnerable Guardian reacting to strikes like their shield was broken every time. Version 1.9.3
  • Fixed Adrenalin and Frenzy calculations to only scale with the base damage of an attack (before any scaling or damage buff, except critical hits, is taken into account). We were looking into nerfing these mutations when we found out that they weren’t working as expected. Version 1.9.5
  • Fixed Great Owl of War attacking while invisible. Version 1.9.6
  • Fixed blueprints dropping from bosses out of order. Version 1.9.7

Dead Cells – Ver. 1.8 (Bestiary Update)

  • Release date: May 27th 2020 (Europe, North America) / May 28th 2020 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
  • New affixes!
    We added 11 new affixes on active skills, aimed primarily at growing the pool of affixes available for some items that didn’t have enough. Yes Corrupted Power, I’m looking at you.
    8 new normal affixes:
    – Ice, fire, bleed or poison on nearby floors or enemies when the effect of the used active ends
    – A grenade, a volley of arrows, or fire spreads when a deployable trap is destroyed
    – Get all your arrows back when using a skill
    3 new starred affixes:
    – Oil and fire spread around when a deployable trap is destroyed
    – Push enemies around you when the effect of the used active ends
    – Extended duration for powers like Wings of the Crow or Smokebomb
  • 6 New Mobs!
    Six brand news enemies. 3 are biome specific, 3 are dispatched through various levels at differents Boss Cells. At the time being, and until the live release, we prefer letting you unveil their exact locations and types.
    The ‘common’ enemy pool was getting a bit too small considering the addition of new levels, and the BC enemies were always too few and hence too repetitive for our tastes.
  • 2 New items
    – Crowbar (part of the 17.3 ‘Half-Life’ pack patch). Fast brutality weapons that crits after breaking a door or a breakable prop.
    – Portable Door: Allow you to bring a door with you – covering your back while you take care of the mobs in front of you and allowing for an elegant stun effect when you decide to turn around.
  • Half-life diet
    Completing the Freeman’ role play pack with medpacks for a true immersion.
  • The Bad Seed New lore rooms and secrets for the Arboretum and the Morass.
    Good hunting!
  • The Bad Seed Balanced bestiary:
    We took the opportunity of adding new mobs to re-balance the bestiary of the levels in questions. While there isn’t any new mobs in the ‘Bad Seed’ levels, we’ve tweaked the numbers to make these biomes fairer. Let us know what you think!
  • Ten (10) new achievements!
    – Eight of them are related to The Bad Seed DLC. Classic achievements like “Reach the Arboretum” or more … secret ones.
    – The other two are accessible by everyone. Version 1.8.3
  • Community suggestion A new feedback has been implemented for some weapons for weapon which have critical hits for a set duration.
    – Balanced Blade
    – Crowbar
    – Flashing Fans (from The Bad Seed DLC)
    – Frantic Sword
    – Oiled Sword
    – Rapier
    – Spite Sword
    – Swift Sword
    – Symmetrical Lance
    – Tentacle Whip Version 1.8.3
  • Three new outfits have been added to the game.
    Two are linked to the secrets and lore of The Bad Seed DLC. One is available for everyone that can rise up to the ultimate challenge. Version 1.8.3
  • The Bad Seed Blueprint drop chances of the new items lowered.
  • Cavern mobs’ health and damage lowered in all difficulties to make up for the hell-ish bestiary down there,
  • The Bad Seed Mushroom Boi now break your invisibility on attack.
  • The Bad Seed Improved Tick Scythes hitboxes to better hit downward.
  • The Bad Seed Ticks now bump slightly on attacks.
  • The Bad Seed Ticks now drop five cells and some gold upon death.
  • The Bad Seed Improved Jerkshroom throwing curve to prevent direct hits from below.
  • The Bad Seed Thrown Jerkshrooms no longer hurt you when colliding in the air. Who the hell thought it was a good idea?! … Oh.
  • Knives Thowers now always dodge or dash once before starting to attack you.
  • Added a protection to player when jumping down from one way platforms to avoid taking hits when a mob on the platform is attacking.
  • Frozen enemies are now interrupted in their attacks. No more surprise hits after defrosting your Failed Experiment!
  • Community suggestion Removed Death Orb damage cap.
  • Community suggestion Marksman Bow can now have damage bonus affixes.
  • Community suggestion Ice Armor now gives damage reduction instead of bonus damages on higher levels.
  • Community suggestion Ice Armor and Ice Shield can no longer have affixes which break the ice immediatly. If you want to break the ice, you’ll have to use some clever jokes instead.
  • Enemy grenades repelled by Ice Shield freeze enemies on explosion.
  • Shield Bearers can now damage deployables.
  • Community suggestion Improved reactivity of the crouching hitbox. Version 1.8.2
  • Community suggestion Reduced height of Dark Tracker hitbox to better match the animation. Version 1.8.2
  • The Bad Seed Community suggestion The Mushroom Boi! no longer attacks when you are invisible. Version 1.8.3
  • Community suggestion Force Shield ammo decay is now way slower before absorbing one hit. Version 1.8.3
  • Community suggestion Small amount of damages will no longer break the ice (excepted Fire damages). Version 1.8.4
Level design
  • The Bad Seed Slightly improved the Prison exit to Arboretum.
  • The Bad Seed The Nest is now a right to left level to stay coherent with the Morass.
  • The Bad Seed Neighbourgh rooms in Arboretum are now inter-connected. No more maze-like structure.
  • The Bad Seed Reversed Arboretum, Morass and Nest transition to stay coherent with the levels. Version 1.8.1
  • Community suggestion Prevented the Arboretum entrance from appearing too close to the beginning of the game. Version 1.8.2
  • Community suggestion Added a teleport at the very beginning of Cemetery so mobs don’t spawn too close to the entrance. Version 1.8.2
Graphics & UI
  • The Bad Seed Added FX for Carnivorous Plant bite.
  • The Bad Seed Added a (very small) cinematic when entering Mama Tick arena.
  • Dead Cells window is now titled … Dead Cells. Version 1.8.2
Quality of life
  • The Bad Seed Community suggestion Improved Carnivorous Plant interactions. Notably with stomps and Telluric Shock.
  • The Bad Seed Added a warning before Carnivorous Plant bite.
  • The Bad Seed Added a better feedback for Rythm’n Bouzouki timing.
  • The Bad Seed Changed Rythm’n Bouzouki description to clarify that you can chain the last hit indefinitly given the correct timing.
  • Some teleporters in the Morass and Clock Tower will activate from further away to avoid useless backtracking.
  • Community suggestion Elite Shrines are now colored diferently on the map.
  • Community suggestion Added a clear explanation of what went wrong when the loading of a mod failed.
  • Community suggestion Clarified what went wrong in the error report when trying to create a mod which may impact the DLC security.
  • You can no longer grab ledges directly leading to spikes.
  • Enigma doors (Courtyard’s tower of roses, etc.) are now always open when the enigma has been solved once.
  • Secret blueprints are no longer replaced by gems when they have been found once. The gold amount for the whole level stays unchanged. The goal is to avoid forcing you to go out of your way to seek those gems.
Music & Sfx
  • Community suggestion Interrupt the charge attack sound when the enemy is killed or interrupted. Version 1.8.3
Bug fixes
  • The Bad Seed Fixed Carnivorous Plants closing while a cinematic is ongoing.
  • The Bad Seed Fixed Yeeters hitbox.
  • The Bad Seed Fixed some bugs with Mushroom Boi running in place.
  • The Bad Seed Fixed Rythm’n Bouzouki timing detection for the third hit. Oups?
  • The Bad Seed Fix rare camera problems and minimap display in the Morass.
  • (Twitch) Fixed Dual-scrolls transforming into Triple Scrolls when nobody voted.
  • Fixed Magic Missiles and Pyrotechnics always shooting twice even when tapping the button.
  • Fixed a certain secret boss hitbox on thrust attack. No more crouching under, beware!
  • Fixed some projectiles not colliding correctly with doors.
  • Fixed Ice Armor not protecting from spikes.
  • Fixed some crashes.
  • Fixed item description not appearing when you are accompagnied by a friendly mob. Version 1.8.2
  • Fixed Earthquaker hitting through walls. Version 1.8.2
  • Fixed Comboter hitting through walls. Version 1.8.2
  • Fixed Conjonctivius drops sometimes not spawning. Version 1.8.2
  • Fixed Conjonctivius platforms disappearing on reload. Version 1.8.2
  • Improved some crash error messages. So it crashes just as often, but now we know why. Version 1.8.2
  • Fixed a typo in the french description of the Warrior Shield. An english patchnote entry for a french typo … cool. Version 1.8.2
  • Fixed Lightning Whip hitting hidden blocks through walls. Version 1.8.2
  • Fixed Tentacles hitting behind them while sweeping (the Hook should be safer to use on them now). Version 1.8.2
  • The Bad Seed Fixed a seed error in Arboretum. Ah! Bad seed … ehehe. Version 1.8.2
  • The Bad Seed Fixed a crash on hero death while the Mushroom Boi! was active. Version 1.8.2
  • Fixed missing collisions in some Clock Tower rooms. Version 1.8.3

Dead Cells – Ver. 1.5 (Corruption Update)

  • Release date: November 14th 2019 (Europe, North America) / November 15th 2019 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:

Important features

  • Corrupted Confinement: A new optional (mini) biome has been added, mirroring Prison Depths. Both biomes are now very short, thought as challenged areas with one cursed chest at the beginning.
  • Scroll Fragments : These are “quarters” of scrolls, called fragments, which began to appear at BC3+. Find four of them to make a whole triple scroll!
  • Recycling Tubes: A new meta upgrade, unlockable when beating the Hand of The King for the first time in BC1. Replace the starting gear with four set of 5 random items (melee, range, shield and two skills). Choose one.  The first part of Dead Cells can be very tedious without any skills and the stat points that come with it. We hope that this upgrade will help with that.
  • Explorer Instinct: A new rune, which reveal the whole map and its points of interest (scrolls, chest, merchants, etc.) when you’ve explored most of the level.
  • Fewer Curse Chests : While we do think it’s great mechanic, being forced to open all the curse chests to not fall behind on the curve (BC3+) can be frustrating. The chance of random cursed chest in each level has also been updated.
  • New Tactic mutation: Caltrops. Dodge to place up to nine caltrops on the ground, damaging and slowing enemies.
  • New Tactic mutation: Networking. Stick an arrow in two or more enemies to make them share the damage they take.
  • New Tactic mutation: Tactical retreat. Dodging just in time slows nearby enemies and prevent them from inflicting malaise.
  • Colorless items with stat boosts now increase your highest stat dynamically. Highest base stat, before the bonus given by other items is taken into account. Removed the possibility to equip two version of the same item. Think double boomerang or heavy turrets. Legendary items are not concerned by this restriction.
  • A Custom Mode option reverting this change has been added (locks achievements).
  • Added a Custom Mode option to increase the number of mutations equipable (locks achievements).
  • Community suggestion Added a Custom Mode option to make every item colorless (locks achievements).
  • Community suggestion Two new achievements, including one for beating Gigantus without taking a single hit.
  • Community suggestion You now have to allow at least 20 items in the custom runs to unlock achievements.


  • Remove hard damage cap of 99999 damage, in order to stop penalizing heavy hitting weapons against bosses. Very much monitoring this change, as it could causes unforeseen issues.
  • Cannibal now pauses longer after it’s third hit, giving you a new window of opportunity to strike.
  • The Guardian’s Haven now directly leads to the Throne Room.
  •  Corrupted Power damage buff now scales with item level and quality.
  • Protector platform cost increased (which means less mobs around).
  • Great Owl of War blueprint drop rate increased
  • Maximum number of Knife Thrower on one platform decreased.
  • Sweepers platform cost increased (which means less mobs around).
  • The bestiary of Prisoners’ Quarters, Promenade of the Condemned and Ramparts have been tweaked.
  • Scrolls spread in-between biomes has been slightly balanced to be more coherent with the difficulty of the level and to prevent some roads and biomes to be a clear better choice than its counterparts.
  • Cleaver cooldown reduced and health points increased.
  • Ice Crossbow now scales with Survival in addition to Tactics.
  • Frost Blast now scales with Survival in addition to Tactics.
  • Ice Bow now dual-scales with survival in addition to Tactics. The idea behind green-scaling freezing items is to begin offering alternatives to shield in the secondary slot.
  • Lightning Bolt doesn’t scale with Survival anymore
  • Limited the spawn of Hammer to one per room instead of two.
  • Advanced Forge upgrade cell cost divided by 2.
  • Increased drop rate of blueprints dropped by Hammer.
  • Increased the drop rate of Axe Thrower blueprint.
  • Dark Tracker now drop the Hayabusa Boots at BC1+.
  • Prevent mobs from spawning in various secret zones, vine rooms, teleport rooms, etc.
  • Legendary items and items obtained in Cursed chests now have one bonus level in BC3+
  • Improved detection of perfect dodges for mutations Adrenalin and Tactical retreat.
  • When unlocking an item at the Collector, the item now drops with a higher level and take your forge level into account.
  • Prevent the laser eyes and the cristal shower from happening at the same time while fighting the Giant.
  • Reduced Sweeper attack range.
  • Added some invulnerability frames for Telluric Shock.
  • The Shovel now repel all grenades in range.
  • Librarians now have a more limited detect range.
  • Bosses skip their “tutorial” phase at BC1+. That means they’re actually easier because they start with fewer HP, it’s actually like you had beat their first phase without having been hit at all.
  • Alienation now reduce Malaise as well.
  • The resistance buff given by the Legendary Altars to the enemies around has been decreased.
  • Frantic Sword now inflicts critical damage if you have less than 50% of your life or at least 50% of your Malaise bar filled up.

Level design

  • Increased the size of the Flask Room to accomodate for the growing item pool.
  • Prevent altars from spawnning in front of ladders.

Graphics & UI

  • Added broken flasks in the Flask Room to show the items locked using Custom Mode.
  • Improved killstreak icon. The icon now change to display whether you already reached 30 or 60 enemies killed without taking damage during the level.
  • Flipped Flint icon. Hello from the other siiiiiide…
  • Made some dedicated sprites for electric wall and gravity well traps.
  • Added a couple of warning frames before Lightning Bolts starts hurting you. Power, with a few limitations.
  • Added icons on dropped items to show which items have starred or damage affixes.
  • Lore rooms have now their own color on the map!
  • The leech, double damage and quad damage affixes now have their own icons in item descriptions.

Quality of life

  • The timer is now paused in the Specialist’s Shop.
  • Added an option to start with a random unlocked outfit.
  • Added an option to automatically skip cinematics.
  • Magic Missiles and Pyrotechnics now shoot automatically when holding down the attack button.
  • Added an option to display milliseconds during level loading and at the end of a run.
  • Doors leading to sublevels are greyed up on the minimap once visited at least once.
  • Community suggestion Alpha saves have everything unlocked from the get go.
  • Added a sound and a visual fx when Symetrical Lance and Oil Sword crit conditions end, and when Lightspeed‘s backdash ends without being used.
  • Added a screen bound warning for enemies attacking from outside of the screen.
  • The grenade affix on weapons no longer un-freeze enemies
  • Enemies under the effect of the Hunter’s Grenade drop the Hunter’s Grenade if killed accidently. 
  • Uniformized the selling price for items on multi-choice altars. Be careful, the uniformization only applies while the item is still on the altar. No more back and forth to determine which item sells for the highest price.

Music & Sfx

  • Added a SFX for Adrenaline triggering.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Predator mutation having no cap for its duration.
  • Fixed Bats not always facing the hero before attacking.
  • Fixed Sweeper not always facing the hero before attacking.
  • Fixed the transition between the Cavern and the Guardian’s Haven having a higher item level than both levels.
  • Fixed Parry Shield queuing attacks for a very long time.
  • Prevent grenades from hitting you after you managed to kill the Hand of the King.
  • Prevent being able to roll out of the boss room when the boss screams (and getting locked outside).
  • Fixed a certain spoiler item hitting through walls.
  • Fix not being able to drink a certain potion during a certain secret boss fight if the number of flask has been set to 0 with the Custom Mode.
  • Fixed using Giant’s Whistle during the Timekeeper fight sometimes bugging the boss. He always found a way to get on her nerves. 

Dead Cells – Ver. 1.4

  • Release date: September 9th 2019 (Europe, North America) / September 10th 2019 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:

Important features

Who’s the Boss Update! This patch brings 7 new weapons (one for each of the five bosses of Dead Cells, one for a certain really challenging fight, and a mystery one) thematically tied to Dead Cells’ bosses. Beat them and claim their weapon as yours.

In addition to the new weapons, we welcome 6 new mobs – also thematically tied to the bosses – in the family. We hope you will love them as much as we do!


The Color Scaling of many items has been changed. We’ve been rethinking how each color should offer several specific approaches of the combat.

Tactics: Glass Cannon with an emphasis on being well positioned. Survive by not being hit, and in dire need of suitable tools (defensive or helping with re-positioning) to do that job consistently.
Brutality: A well balanced build focused on fast weapons, melee combat, damage-over-time and offensive skills.
Survival: Slow weapons, great shields, lot of health, offensive skills with high cooldown but decent control alternatives. Everything tied to healing.

Hence, why we felt the need to change a few of the current weapon scalings to be more in line with the global philosophy behind. Here is the full change list:
Stun Grenade, Ice Grenade, and Root Grenade are now Tactics/ Survival instead of Brutality/ Tactics.
Death Orb is now Survival instead of Tactics.
Corrupted Power is now Brutality/ Tactics instead of Tactics/ Survival.
Vampirism is now Brutality/ Survival instead of Tactics/ Survival.
Tonic is now Survival only instead of Tactics/ Survival.
Corrosive Cloud is now Tactics/ Brutality instead of Tactics only.
Lacerating Aura is now Tactics/ Brutality instead of Tactics only.
Throwing Knife is now Tactics/ Brutality instead of Tactics only.
Meat Skewer is now Tactics/ Brutality instead of Brutality only.
Assassin’s Dagger is now Tactics/ Brutality instead of Brutality only.


Two of the 14th update’s new items have also received a color change, with Lightspeed becoming a Tactic/ Brutality, but with a higher cd than before. A certain other spinning skill has become Brutality/ Survival instead of Tactics/ Survival.


3 New Tactics Mutations! Albeit not being designed to fit into range build but to make Melee purple an unstoppable killing machine. Until you take a hit.

Scheme: Using a skill gives a flat bonus damage to your next melee attack.
Initiative: Gives a flat bonus damage to your first melee attack against an enemy.
Predator: Killing an enemy with a melee attack makes you invisible during X secondes.

We’ve been thinking about making an Assassin’s build (Glass Cannon with the highest damage and great mobility but the lowest tankyness of the game) viable in Dead Cells for some time now, and the recolor of some items was the perfect opportunity to try it.

The Assassin is thought to be built around skills where you need to be at the center to make the most of it (Lacerating Auras, Knife Dance) and excellent defensive options or even panic buttons (Wave of Denial, Decoy, now Lightspeed and the control grenades). We also had the weapons fitting the gameplay theme of the assassin scaled with Tactics to give a few more options for this build.

These mutations are available to everyone by default for testing purposes at the moment.


  • When locked, the Rampager will now launch her attacks without waiting to be in range of the player. This will prevent cases where she will go on rampage, get locked, then attack the player without warning as soon as they get close.
  • Increased level of items from Cursed Chest and Legendary Altar by one.
  • One-time damage buffs (from Grappling Hook and Counter Attack affix) don’t trigger on some minor damage dealt (arrow affixes, grenade affix, Crossbow hook, Phaser, Grappling Hook itself).
  • Disengagement now removes all poison on the beheaded when it triggers.
  • Poison will no longer kill you, but bring you down to 1HP instead. This will prevent some deaths that could feel unfair while still being pretty threatening.
  • Valmont’s Whip is now a Brutality/ Tactic weapon instead of Brutality/ Survival. It’s survival scaling was justified back in the days when it was quite a slow weapon. It’s not the case anymore, while a good positioning (a staple of Tactic gameplay) is still required to get the most out of the weapon.
  • Grappling Hook is now Tactics/Brutality instead of Tactics/Survival as being well positioned is needed to optimally using the weapon, but it fits the brutality playstyle more than the survival one.
  • Magnetic Grenade is now a Brutality/Tactic weapon. Keep your foes from approaching while your turrets shred them.
  • Ripper damage increased. 
  • Parting Gifts range and damage slightly increased. 
  • Phaser won’t trigger Thorny’s back damage anymore. 
  • Hook cooldown now resets when missing.

Level design

  • Knife Thrower has been taken out from the ramparts to reduce the number of range enemies, from Clock Tower to reduce the number of invisible enemies and from Toxic Sewers where the knife thrower was redundant with the Scorpion (samey kind of horizontal range, invisible).
  • Inquisitor has been taken out of the Cavern (redundant with its three-hands bigger brother Arbiter).
  • Added a light in each trap room in Forgotten Sepulcher

Graphics & UI

  • Infected Food now appears green on the mini-map.
  • Added an icon above enemies that still have a blueprint unlockable while wielding the Hunter’s Grenade.

Quality of life

  • Added key bindings to move the camera with the keyboard (IJKL by default).

Bug fixes

  • A certain enemy in a certain really challenging fight can now throw fireballs from inside the wall. This sounds like a bug but I swear its actually a fix. Pinky promise.
  • The elite skill Cage will now correctly follow the elite mob when charging up again. Charge time was also increased a little for better readability.
  • The Parting Gift now correctly scales with your Tactics level.
  • Great Owl of War now correctly follows you through sub-levels.
  • Prevented Legendary Altar from spawning in front of mini-teleporters.
  • Root Grenade now applies poison or bleed correctly when it has the corresponding affix.
  • Corrosive Cloud and Bloodthirsty Shield now work correctly with the affix “bleeding causes poisoning.”
  • Slasher‘s third strike will not go over gaps anymore.
  • Kamikaze in Prison Depths or Ancient Sewers won’t drop keys anymore. A kamikaze would not drop its key if it killed itself, and killing one while it was flying over a wall would make the key appear in weird places. This should fix all that.
  • Various crash fixes. Complicated dev stuff, semi-colons and all that.
  • Fixed Slammer and Rampager sometimes levitating. We listened to you, and now they will never feel the breeze under their wings again. You monsters. 
  • Friendly Worms no longer freeze enemy attacks. 
  • Replaced “stun” by “root” in The Boy’s Axe description.
  • Fixed “Legenday” typo in difficulty choice panel. 
  • Magnetic Grenade will not turn friendly bombs or traps into grenades anymore
  • No more stalactites falling after killing the Giant.
  • Parry Shield now parries grenade on the ground without a small delay. 
  • Fixed enemies teleporting to you even when invisible in BC4+. 
  • Fixed Hook not applying its affixes to the next attack. 
  • Fixed being able to parry the horizontal AOE elite skill multiple times. 
  • Fixed Slasher shockwave hitbox. 
  • Fixed Failed Experiment not taking damage from spikes on the ground.
  • Fixed Zombie jumping hitbox preceding the visuals. 
  • Fixed weird hit detection of Magistrate of Death
  • Fixed the legendary forge displaying the wrong error message sometimes. 
  • Fixed being able to stomp with your body when using homunculus rune while climbing a ladder. 
  • Fixed Protectors shielding Friendly Worms
  • Fixed some Spikes hitboxes. 
  • Fixed DOT and other alternative sources of damage not having increased damages in the very last phase of a certain secret boss.
  • Fixed the prisonner floating in the air when climbing a wall with a platform behind his back.
  • Multi-state items (Tonic, Vampirism, Great Owl of War, Lightspeed, etc.) don’t swap places when used on the left slot anymore. 

Dead Cells – Ver. 1.1 (6e5fd4e00)

  • Release date: February 14th 2019 (North America, Europe) / February 15th 2019 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:

Important features

  • A vast number of items have been updated to make them more useful or powerful. The idea here was to make many “auto-recycle” items much more interesting.
  • New custom game mode released! You can now customize your runs the way you want, like unlocking/relocking items, enabling special gameplay adjustments, changing rules etc. You are under control, have fun :)
  • Homunculus skill has been vastly improved: you can now grab your own turrets, cancel a grab, it deals more damage, breaks invisibility etc.
  • Most mutations have been reworked & balanced in order to make some of them more useful. See other notes for more details.
  • The “mob auto-scaling” mechanic has been removed completely. All the levels now have a fixed “difficulty” that won’t adapt to you in weird ways anymore. This affects the game in the following ways:– in 0-cell mode: things will be a little bit easier (just a little bit)
    – in 1 & 2-cells modes: difficulty is roughly the same as before
    – in 3 & 4-cells modes: you’ll have to be really careful to be properly equipped before getting to late levels (picking cursed chests scrolls is highly recommended)
  • All the cooldown reduction mechanic has been redone from scratch. The mutations that granted free CD reduction (for active skills and grenades) were removed. They were replaced by 4 new mutations to give you new active ways to reduce your skill cooldowns: by killing enemies in close combat, by killing at distance, by parrying and by dealing critical hits.For example, one of these mutations reduces all your ongoing skills cooldowns by 2.5 sec for each successful shield parry, and this time value even increases based on your Survival stat.The one that reduces CD for each critical hit is a new colorless mutation that will scale on your highest stat.
  • Bosses no longer drop Legendary items, but 1 weapon and 1 active skill instead. Legendaries are now “world drop”, so you may encounter them when killing mobs or on the new “legendary altars”. The level generator has also been adjusted to ensure you find a “Legendary Altar” in most of your runs. You may also get legendaries as rewards of advanced challenges, like beating a boss without getting hit.
  • Damage Reduction has been heavily reworked. Most items no longer grant DR anymore, their power has been increased as a compensation. Damage Reduction is not a mandatory strategy anymore and the whole game difficulty has been rebalanced accordingly.
  • You can upgrade the Forge with the Collector and unlock the ability to upgrade an item quality more than once.
  • Balanced the way money profits/costs scale on higher difficulty settings. Costs now scale faster than profits. Also, Recycling profits are no longer based on the the buying cost of the item, but on its reselling value, which scales slower (TLDR; recycling no longer breaks the whole economy).
  • New secret holes can now spawn below your feet. Pay attention to hidden runes in the ground and use your stomp move to break them!
  • Most mobs in 4-cells difficulty are now more aggressive: they can teleport, they have a better detection range and they cannot be distracted by deployed traps.
  • New challenge doors in transition levels will require you to kill X enemies without getting hit in a row. Their rewards are equivalent to Timed Doors. Note you can get hit before or after a serie of X kills, this won’t invalidate this challenge.
  • New challenge doors after bosses will grant Legendary items if you kill a Boss without getting hit once.
  • Timed doors have all been moved to transition levels. They now offer a multi-purpose reward instead of Scrolls. You can now choose 1 reward for free among 3 (picked among weapons, skills and talismans). Their quality level (+/++/S) is guaranteed, based on the current difficulty setting.
  • Healing items (Tonic) & mutations (Necromancy, What doesn’t kill me) now heal a percentage of your max life, and this percentage scales with your stats.
  • Elites enemies have been reworked. All of them will now have an additional random elite skill in addition of all their normal skills. Expect many different things, from lightning walls, clones or shield pylons.
  • Killing a mob while the homunculus is stuck on it no longer triggers the homunculus skill cooldown, allowing you to use constantly, as long as your target dies. If you recall it before the enemy death, it will trigger the penalty cooldown.
  • The Achievements are now visible ingame!
  • You may now find Legendary Altars in some levels. They grant you a legendary item but you’ll have to kill all the nearby enemies first. 
  • Fighter Endurance is a new mutation that increases your HP by a percentage which scales with your Brutality.
  • Upgrading items in Forge now costs a fixed flat price that doesn’t scale with difficulty. Upgrading “from ++ to S” for example should now be more affordable in BC3 & BC4. 
  • The Homunculus will now retract if it touches traps like Spikes. 
  • The 5th money blueprint is now available ingame.
  • The way the player’s HP scales has been vastly rebalanced for Brutality and Tactic. You should have much more HP at higher levels, preventing from being one-shot (if your build is balanced).
    Brutality used to give extra HP until level 14, it now caps at level 45 (30 for Tactic).
  • Increased HP given for each scroll you pick. The new values are +60% HP for Brutality, +50% HP for Tactic and +70% HP for Survival
  • 3 shields are now Survival/Tactic: Punishment, Parry Shield and Knockback Shield. 


  • Electricity based weapons now deal critical hits if the target is standing in water.
  • Elite sidekicks mobs can no longer be grabbed by Homunculus
  • Increased (a lot) Homunculus DPS
  • Using the Homunculus now breaks invisibility
  • You can recall the homunculus when stuck on an enemy
  • Fixed Homunculus enemy grab distance
  • Community suggestion Pushing a grenade with a shield no longer triggers the “lock penalty timer” of the shield.
  • Pushing grenades lying on the ground using the Parry Shield now properly creates additional bonus grenade.
  • Magnet grenade deals electric damage (crits in water)
  • Countered bullets can now fly through walls if the countered bullet does.
  • Countered bullets now pierce first enemy.
  • Player Turrets no longer block enemy bullets.
  • Fixed elite Inquisitor wake distance (at last!)
  • Homunculus can now climb ladders.
  • Countered bullets will now go back to the enemy that sent it (yes, we’re looking at you, Inquisitor!)
  • Fixed Lightning Whip not dealing electricity damage in water
  • The frontline shield (which won the “Most useless thing” award in 2017) has been updated. It can now be holded to grant invincibility, but this ability needs to be recharged (using parries or just waiting). It’s no longer a zombie blueprint.
  • Vampirism has been redesigned: it now causes bleeding to all nearby enemies and you get free healing when you kill them. It recharges when using your potion.
  • Tonic recharges when using your healing potion. It’s blueprint requirement was removed too, so it’s available very early in any new game.
  • Partial hits (like the ones you get from blocking instead of parrying with a shield) no longer give you Infection markers.
  • Spiteful sword no longer stun enemies if the attack wasn’t successful (eg. hitting a shield)
  • Added and fixed scores on some monsters for Daily Run Mode
  • Homunculus comes back to you if your main body gets hit.
  • Fixed elites level
  • Legendary items rerolls at the Forge are now much more expensive, as expected.
  • Balanced refine/reroll costs for most items at the Forge. S-tier items cost much more gold in the Forge.
  • Ice Crossbow now has a much higher shooting rate but its range has been decreased.
  • Almost tripled the pickup distance of some precious rewards (gold teeth, gold cells etc.)
  • Removed incompatible affixes for the Frantic Sword (like “moar damage when full life”).
  • The Electric Whip has been updated: it deals more damage and has a 3-steps attack sequence.
  • All gems are now automatically picked up as you walk past them.
  • Poison cloud now scales damage instead of giving damage reduction.
  • Shields no longer grant damage reduction. Parry damage has been increased for many of them.
  • “Combo” mutation deals much more damage but lasts less time.
  • Vengeance mutation now reduces damage taken by a fixed percentage after getting hit.
  • YOLO mutation now locks its mutation slot if it was consumed (you cannot remove it). You can still remove it if it wasn’t used.
  • You don’t get any healing from food when you have the “Dead Inside” mutation.
  • Increased damage reduction on “Tough Nut” mutation. It now grants you a move speed buff when you get hit by a trap.
  • “Ripper” mutation now removes up to 3 arrows from enemy’s body, dealing damage for each arrow.
  • The “Melee” mutation lasts a little bit longer if the conditions are not met anymore (2 mobs or mob around you).
  • New perk reset costs (very cheap on first use, very expensive for all the next ones).
  • “Gastronomy” mutation now grants a DPS buff when you recycle food. This buff lasts 5 min and stacks. It still increases food efficiency if you eat it.
  • “Counter Attack” mutation deals almost twice more damage.
  • Cluster bombs spread much farther and each sub grenade deals more damage. It also has a slightly higher attack breach chance.
  • Oil Grenade now applies oil on twice larger area, and it lasts longer.
  • Ice Bow now deals more damage but its freeze duration is now 0.5s. This weapon is meant to be an long-range “interrupt” weapon.
  • Fire grenade now scales its damage with the item level and no longer grants damage reduction.
  • The Boomerang weapon now goes through all enemies, making it much easier to play. It no longer crits, but its damage were been increased accordingly.
  • You may now drop a temporary “increased cell drops” bonus from enemies.
  • Affixes like “Shoot an arrow in front of you” or “Throw a grenade” can no longer interrupt enemy attacks.
  • Nut Cracker no longer stuns enemies but deals critical strikes to frozen/stun/rooted enemies instead.
  • Doubled Spartan Sandal knockback power.
  • Swarm Grenade now invokes 2 minions but can be repeated to have up to 8 minions. It now has a 1 sec cooldown. Minions last much longer, and disappear if they are too far from you.
  • Alienation mutation now increases the number of enemies you have to kill by +50%
  • Acceptance mutation now inflicts Curses when you eat food.
  • Cursed Items no longer have a “+20% dmg taken” penalty (which never actually worked anyway, thanks to a bug). They are now always “++” tier and Colorless.
  • Increased Alchemic Gun attack speed (the DPS didn’t change).
  • Toxic Cloud is now an “acid” cloud that inflicts bleeding and poisoning. It lasts twice longer.
  • Elemental affixes (ie. “extra damage on fire/bleed/poison”) have been balanced. Fire got nerfed.
  • Sadism mutation was removed.
  • “Open wounds” is a new mutation that inflicts bleeding on every critical hits you deal to enemies.
  • You can no longer use your Homunculus while cursed.
  • Pyrotechnics weapon deals less damage and has a slightly longer initial casting time.
  • Fire Blast weapon description has been updated and its range has been increased.
  • Oil disappears more quickly on burning enemies.
  • Punishment Shield deals more damage and repels + stuns nearby enemies.
  • Death Orb now explodes after a specific amount of damage dealt, or if the player is too far.
  • Slow-down effect after freezing now has a diminishing return limit (ie. it no longer works after X uses on the same enemy).
  • “Long Slow-down after freeze” affix now is 2x longer instead of 4x.
  • Lightning Bolt weapon can now be held beyond the overflow limit. You’ll just take damage as long as you hold it.
  • Death Orb no longer has a “rally effect” (recover recently lost HP).
  • Frost blast now has limited ammunition that automatically refills over time. It also has a slightly longer recovery time.
  • The speed buff you get from killing enemies is now twice higher and lasts slightly longer.
  • The Grappling Hook now adds a percentage based damage buff that scales with your stats and stuns the victim on your first attack.
  • Polished and balanced the Time Keeper! Will be more difficult to beat!
  • Balanced some item prices.
  • Spartan Sandal has a much faster casting time and now has a 3-steps attack sequence. The last attack ignores most knock-back resistances.
  • The Rapier “crit window” lasts longer after a roll, allowing for more critical hits if you’re fast enough.
  • Repeating Crossbow now roots enemies and has 4x more ammo. It inflicts critical hits to rooted targets.
  • Repeating Crossbow is now a Tactic/survival weapon
  • Increased quality level of all items in shops.
  • Reduced “extra damage on slowed down target” to 25%
  • Fixed item duplication exploit.
  • Blood Sword bleed lasts much longer but inflicts less damage.
  • Increased Hand of the King root resist.
  • All the unused cells you have with you after you beat the Hand of the King will drop in a bag at the beginning of your next game, in the Prison.
  • Slightly increased Heavy Turret damage.
  • Increased Powerful Grenade damage so it’s now actually much more powerful. Its cooldown was decreased.
  • Infantry Grenade has a lower cooldown.
  • Added “Bleed on parry” affix.
  • The BroadSword now inflicts critical hits on 2nd & 3rd strikes.
  • Balanced Blade has almost no chance to interrupt enemy attacks (ie. stagger).
  • Elite sidekicks no longer stop arrows. 
  • Boomerang can no longer receive “Ammo +3” affix. 
  • Decreased Cudgel damage. 
  • Spiteful sword now deals critical hits if you’re cursed OR if you got hit up to 8 sec ago. 
  • Acceptance mutation now inflicts 5 curses when eating food. 
  • Prevented some affixes to be added to skills with very short cooldown (ie. Swarm). 
  • Corrupted Power cooldown was halved.
  • “Bow & Endless Quiver” now deals more damage and inflicts a critical hit on last arrow. 
  • Quick Bow deals more dmg for critical hits and has 1 extra ammo. 
  • Duplex bow now shoots 3-arrows at a time and is considered a Tactic/Survival weapon. It’s slower, but deals more damage. 
  • Decreased Fire Grenade cooldown.
  • Decreased Explosive Decoy cooldown.
  • Decreased Lacerating Aura cooldown. 
  • Decreased Wings of the Crow cooldown. 
  • Dead Inside mutation now increases your HP by +50%.
  • Mobs attacked by the Homunculus will now aggro the hero in BC4. 
  • Impaler spear now has knockback effect when hitting enemies. 
  • Infantry Grenade now deals about twice more damage. 
  • Beating the HotK is now rewarded with cells. 
  • Fire Turret cooldown is now twice shorter. 
  • Phazer cooldown was reduced. 
  • Wave of Denial is now twice more powerful, its cooldown is twice shorter and it can repel enemy bullets. 
  • Lacerating Aura can no longer interrupt (stagger) enemy attacks. 
  • Lacerating Aura has a shorter cooldown and a slightly larger area of effect. 
  • Limited the frequency of scrolls on mobs. 
  • Fixed DashShield not properly stopping Thorny mobs when they roll over your face. 
  • Punishment Shield inflicts damage to nearby enemies when blocking arrows or deflecting bombs. Its damage was slightly increased. 
  • Player’s diving attack no longer stuns enemies if they are under a full shield protection. 
  • Ice Shard weapon now throws 3 grenades at a time, is twice faster and slows down enemies for twice longer. 

Level design

  • Scrolls lying on the ground should no longer be too close from each others in levels.
  • Updated Roofs & Clock tower for speed runners.
  • Added a connection between Prison Depths and Ancient Sewers that requires 1 activated boss cell.
  • Sepulchre now has 5 triple scrolls and no doubles.
  • Ancient Sewers now have 4 triple scrolls and no doubles.
  • Cemetery lost 1 triple scroll.
  • Added 3 boss-rune locked doors to Fog Fjord village.
  • Added 2 boss-cell locked doors and a few extra stuff in Ancient Sewers.
  • Removed many rooms from Ancient Sewers to make it shorter.
  • Minor balance adjustments in Prison Depths.
  • Rooms added for Ossuary and The promenade of the Condemned
  • New traps added in secret portals!
  • Triggered doors now open almost instantly when walking on a pressure plate.
  • Minor level design fixes
  • Added permanent lights near boss-cell locked doors in Sepulchre. 
  • Spikes in the Throne room now retract after the HotK combat. 
  • Sewer rooms have been updated : the sewers are now narrower 

Graphics & UI

  • Lightning Bolt color feedback is now more legible.
  • The forcefield wall fx (the one surrounding some bosses) has been updated & optimized
  • Pause & map are now available in Homunculus mode
  • Added cooldown feedbacks to homunculus skill (hero eye changes color)
  • Fixed blood shield showing an area effect on blocking instead of on parrying only.
  • Added a feedback to invite you to choose a item to replace
  • Some polishes on Pause and HUD: you can now see if an item is a colorless or legendary, and see what tier is used for it
  • Fixed boss lifebar weird resizing
  • Some little UI fixes
  • Bats position on ceil has been improved
  • Pendulum can be tingled by bullets now.
  • Added cell animation in Collector UI
  • Improved camera during Boss Battle
  • Added a label in Save UI to know if these are from the Early Access.
  • Clock Tower: fixed color doors and polish in background
  • Cursed Treasure have now a background + the treasure color in the map
  • Added various feedback on various UI window
  • Added a fourth panel in GameInfos to show the current gameplay modifiers
  • You can no longer access to superior forge rank if you don’t have the required boss cells.
  • The door behind the Guillain’s Mutation shop now shows a better explanation if you try to open it while it’s locked.
  • “Nerves of Steel” bow and “Boomerang” skins have been updated.
  • Improved a lot of UI for our mouse users!
  • Updated some confusing translations (“victim burns”, etc)
  • Fixed Hayabusa Gauntlets description.
  • Added a limit to the “critical hits” related screen flashing.
  • Made many cinematic animations (like teleporting, or crossing doors) a little bit faster.
  • Added “Resist” feedback on mobs that can resist to all slow-down effects (ie. Hand of the King)
  • Fixed Twin Daggers damage in its description.
  • Weapons that have unconditional critical hits (like Twin Dagger or Broadsword) now only show a single DPS value in their description. 
  • Long-press feedback (like when recycling items) now shows up on top of everything. 
  • You can now break hidden wall blocks using the “Activate” button/key (useful if they are difficult to hit with your current weapons). 
  • Removed blood fx for critical hits on background props.

Bug fixes

  • Ammo stuck on Hand of the King now drop if he jumps.
  • Fixed Hand of the King attack that did damage the player before the animation actually hits. It also no longer hits player if he’s behind the boss on 3rd strike.
  • Fixed Hand of the King issues with Bear Traps.
  • Lightnings generated by an affix no longer hit nearby doors.
  • DirectX “device removed” errors are now handled correctly.
  • Fixed Infection reset exploit during loading screens.
  • You can now sell an item directly from a dual altar.
  • Fixed crash after reloading a game during a Gameplay Twitch vote
  • Oil Grenade now applies oil on its target properly, even if the target was already burning.
  • Deflecting a grenade with a shield now properly triggers shield “on successful parry” effects (if they can apply), and it no longer locks player controls for 0.5s.
  • The Hunter Grenade no longer has any gameplay affix.
  • Ally worms no longer attack doors
  • Fixed bullets through walls exploit
  • Homunculus attacks can no longer be blocked by shields.
  • Fixed multi activating item with one activate button push
  • The Collector door will automaticaly open if you have nothing to unlock
  • Fixed blueprints not showed in Collector UI the first time
  • Fixed gastronomy mutation description
  • The mouse cursor is now correctly hidden (DirectX version) 
  • Fixed PoisonSkin affix (poison enemies if you receive dmg) affecting mobs that shouldn’t be affectable.
  • Boss Cell should no longer drop in spikes after HotK combat. 
  • The first bomb (that splits into smaller ones) thrown by the Grenader enemy now properly inflicts damage.
  • Fixed small grenades from Grenader mobs that couldn’t be countered. 
  • Wrenchip whip no longer ignore shields on 3rd hit (it’s a kick, not a whip hit).
  • Fixed Elite Archer asynchronous attack anim.
  • Fixed asynchronous animations when a mob is slowed down (using frost weapons for example). 
  • Fixed Wave of Denial being sometime resisted for no reason.
  • Fixed enemy bumps (like using Spartan or Wave of Denial) being resisted for no reason. 
  • Fixed Spartan boots hit box (not hitting enemies that are too close from you). 

How to download updates for Dead Cells for the Nintendo Switch?

To download the updates for Dead Cells, you have three options:

  • let the console do its thing if you have automatic downloads activated, and didn’t completely turn it off

If not…

  • try to launch the game from the Home Menu while being connected to the internet. You should get a prompt when doing so: simply follow the instructions on screen;


  • select the game > press either + or – to go to the Options page > select Software update > select Via the Internet.

To check that you have the latest version installed, simply select the game on the Home Menu, and press – or + to go to the Options: the version number is displayed just below the game title.


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