Daily news (October 16, Round 2) – Outbreak: Epidemic / Carto

Today’s Daily news: Outbreak: Epidemic announced for the Nintendo Switch, but also…

  • Carto
  • Family Feud
  • YouTubers Life OMG Edition
  • Fire Emblem Heroes
  • Pokémon GO

Outbreak: Epidemic

Dead Drop Studios have announced their first game for the Nintendo Switch: Outbreak: Epidemic. It will be released on October 22nd in Europe and North America, and it’s now available for digital pre-purchase for $12.74 (regular price from October 28th: $14.99).

This version of the game features some improvements and exclusive features:

  • On the Nintendo Switch, players will face the nightmare up close through over-the-shoulder combat and exploration in a fully-optimized port that makes the most out of Nintendo’s portable – leveraging Joy-Con controllers, the console’s touchscreen, and HD Rumble!
  • Quality Mode/Frame Rate Mode (Options Menu): Quality mode features higher quality graphics with full dynamic shadows. Frame rate mode turns off full dynamic shadows thus greatly improving frame rate across the board.
  • Portable Gameplay: The only game in the Outbreak series to be playable on a handheld device. The full content is here, uncut.
  • Tabletop 2-Player Co-Op: Play through the game with a friend in tabletop mode – or together in docked full-screen mode – using Joy-Con controllers. The Switch Pro Controller is supported as well!

Here’s a trailer, some details, the list of key features, and some screenshots:

The latest co-op survival horror game from Dead Drop Studios, Outbreak: Epidemic is the most polished, biggest Outbreak game yet – dripping with scares, atmosphere, and the nearly endless replayability you’ve come to expect from the Outbreak series.

Outbreak: Epidemic is powered by the next-generation Outbreak engine and includes the Campaign, Onslaught, and Experiments modes from the Steam version – all sporting classic tough-as-nails gameplay for true survival horror aficionados.

  • Claustrophobic over-the-shoulder gameplay.
  • Classic Story, Onslaught, and Experiments modes available in solo play or co-op.
  • Local 2-player split-screen co-op.
  • Several firearms and melee weapon choices.
  • Multiple difficulty settings: Easy, Normal, Biohazard, and Nightmare!
  • No Internet connection required.
  • Search areas, read logs, find keys, and solve puzzles to survive.
  • Quality and Performance modes may be selected from Options screen.
  • Supports Switch Pro Controller, Joy-Cons in tabletop mode, and HD Rumble.

And that’s not all: the four other entries in the series are also headed to the Nintendo Switch, and will be released in the upcoming weeks.

Outbreak: Epidemic (Switch – eShop) comes out on October 22nd in Europe and North America.

Source: Dead Drop Studios PR


Heads up for players interested in Carto: it’s now available for pre-order on the Nintendo eShop in Europe and North America.

Here’s a short trailer:

Carto is a chill adventure game wrapped around a unique, world-shifting puzzle mechanic. Use this power to explore mysterious lands, help a quirky cast of new friends, and guide Carto on her journey home.

Carto (Switch – eShop) comes out on October 27th in Europe and North America.

Family Feud

Ubisoft have announced their latest game for the Nintendo Switch: Family Feud. It will be released on November 12th in the United States, Canada, Mexico, UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

Here’s some details and the list of key features:

Family Feud allows players to answer over 1,500 official Family Feud surveys and compete with up to ten players in two teams, online and through local multiplayer.

  • Classic mode: Players can participate in Classic mode with up to five players against an AI for the authentic Family Feud experience.
  • Party Battle mode: This mode will pit group versus group to battle in local multiplayer.
  • Couch vs. Couch mode: Players can feud with players across the world in online multiplayer.
  • Live Show feature: In this dedicated mode for streamers, Twitch or YouTube Live streamers can broadcast their games and play with their viewers.
  • Character customisation: Players can create characters and unlock customisation items, experience points and special titles by playing more games.

Family Feud (Switch – eShop) comes out on November 12th in the United States, Canada, Mexico, UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

Source: Ubisoft PR

YouTubers Life OMG Edition

Raiser Games and U-Play Online have announced that they will release YouTubers Life OMG Edition in Japan on October 29th. It will cost 3 500 Yen.

Here’s some screenshots:

YouTubers Life OMG Edition (Switch – eShop) comes out on October 29th in Japan.

Source: Gamer

Fire Emblem Heroes

Here’s the preview video and character artworks for the latest Summoning Focus in Fire Emblem Heroes, Goddess’s Servants, which runs from October 19th to November 6th:

Source: 4Gamer

Pokémon GO

Niantic have announced a new type of events for Pokémon GO: Catch Mastery. The first one is all about Ghost Pokémon, and will take place on October 25th (AM to 10PM local time).

Here’s some details:

  • Drifloon will be appearing more often in the wild! If you’re lucky, you might encounter a Shiny one.
  • There will be exclusive Timed Research available only during this event!
  • Complete event-exclusive Field Research tasks to encounter Ghost-type Pokémon and earn Gengar Mega Energy.
  • During this event, you’ll earn additional XP when catching Pokémon with Nice, Great, Excellent, and Curveball Throws.

Source: Niantic



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