Daily Briefs (April 10, Round 4): Moonlighter / Ninja Box

Today’s Daily Briefs: over 500 000 units and paid DLC announced for Moonlighter, but also…

  • Ninja Box
  • Kill la Kill -IF-
  • Samurai Shodown
  • Fort Boyard
  • Rocket League


Yesterday, Digital Sun announced that Moonlighter has now sold over 500 000 units worldwide since launch. Unfortunately, no regional or platform breakdown is provided, but it’s still a great milestone, especially for an indie game!

To celebrate, they also announced that the game is getting some paid DLC later this month. It’s called Between Dimensions, and brings new creatures to current dungeons, all-new “Interdimensional Dungeon” with mini-bosses, and new weapons, armory, shop items, and rings.

But that’s not all: there’s also something called “Trick Weapons” and new visitors:

On top of that, there are never-seen-before Trick Weapons giving you some special powers – but they can be a little bit punishing (and, well, tricky) at the same time, so be sure to use them wisely. You can also expect some new visitors to hop by the village of Rynoka as well as numerous gadgets to reskin and upgrade Will’s shop, too.

Here’s the full rundown of what the DLC has to offer:

  • A brand-new Interdimensional Dungeon
  • 10 original enemies and 5 minibosses
  • Full set of weapons with a new short sword, big sword, bow, gloves, and spear
  • Set of armor with a new helmet, chest, and boots
  • Trick Weapons – 10 unique weapons – both powerful… and punishing!
  • New Rings – which are boosting Will’s passive abilities
  • New Shop upgrade – allowing Will to showcase his new Interdimensional Items
  • New Customers asking to trade and an unfamiliar NPC: The Trader

Source: Digital Sun

Ninja Box

Here’s the latest set of pictures for Ninja Box:

Ninja Box (Switch) comes out later this year in Japan.

Source: 4Gamer

Kill la Kill -IF-

Here’s the English version of the overview trailer for Kill la Kill -IF- (with English voice over):

Kill la Kill -IF- (Switch) comes out on July 25th in Japan, and July 26th in Europe and North America.

Samurai Shodown

Here’s the latest video for Samurai Shodown, which introduces Nakoruru:

Young, fast, and deadly Nakoruru can take to the skies or even reflect attacks from her enemies.

Samurai Shodown (Switch) comes out this Fall worldwide.

Fort Boyard

Here’s the boxart for Fort Boyard:

Fort Boyard (Switch) comes out this June in Europe and North America.

Source: Microids (Twitter)

Rocket League

Psyonix have shared details about the eSports Shop, which is coming to Rocket League on April 16th. It allows players to purchase Decals, Wheels, and Player Banners that represent some of the best teams, in order to support those very teams.

Click here for all the details!


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