Daemon x Machina soundtrack releasing on September 25th in Japan

Daemon x Machina comes out in a little over a month, and Marvelous have announced that it will get a soundtrack album. Said album will be released on September 25th in Japan, where it will cost 3 700 Yen. First-print copies come in a clear sleeve case.

The album will have no less than 45 tracks on 3 CDs, including the main theme, but also the various BGM for action and story scenes, and even the Mode selection screen music. It will come with a booklets with comments from 13 people, including the Bandai-Namco Sound Team (who composed the music in the game), Kenichiro Tsukuda (Producer), Ken Awata (Director), Ken Karube (Art Director), and more.

Here’s the full tracklist for the Daemon x Machina Original Soundtrack album:

Disc 1

2. Hangar
3. Testing Ground
4. Lab
5. Ice Cream
6. Distant Memory
7. Briefing
8. Overkill
9. Battle Dance
10. Destiny
11. Grand War
12. Mercenary Life *
13. Tears of the Hound
14. Vow
15. Arms of Immortal

Disc 2

1. Open Fire
2. From Beyond
3. Grief *
4. Terrors
5. Bulletworks
6. Artist
7. West VII
8. Panzer Crown
9. Messing Around
10. Shell
11. Shell (Vocals)
12. Metalfacer
13. Innocence
14. Solomon
15. Bravery *
16. Full-on Assault

Disc 3

1. Fate
2. Move Out
3. The First Day
4. Memories of War
5. Oval Mystery
6. Soldier’s Dilemma
7. Burning Sky
8. Hope for Tomorrow
9. Live for Today
10. Brothers in Arms
11. Inherit the Stars
12. Life’s Journey
13. Credits

You can list to a sample of the track with a * on the official website!

Finally, here’s some more pictures for the game:

Daemon x Machina (Switch) comes out on September 13th worldwide.

Source: Gamer / 4Gamer / Marvelous



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