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Cult of the Lamb (Switch): all the updates (Latest: Ver. 1.3.6)

On this page, you will find all there is to know about the various updates for Cult of the Lamb on Nintendo Switch (originally released on August 11th 2022 in Europe and North America, and August 12th 2022 in Japan)!

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Cult of the Lamb – Ver. 1.3.6

  • Release date: April 30th 2024 (North America, Europe, Japan)
  • New content:
  • Fixed issue with the Achievements, not unlocking or showing properly.
  • Fixed issue where no sound was playing in the intro trailer video.
  • Fixed how the controls were displayed during the drum circle.

Cult of the Lamb – Ver. 1.3.5

  • Release date: February 20th 2024 (North America, Europe, Japan)
  • New content:
  • Fixed occasional softlock when trying to hatch an egg.
  • Increased odds of meat room.
  • Fixed issue where damned followers were not spawning inside dungeons.
  • Fixed various occasional crashes.
  • Fixed Sozo not giving the option to decline his quest.
  • Fixed softlock where an enemy will appear fallen over, and the room won’t count as completed.
  • Fixed some localisation displaying incorrect languages.
  • Certain special followers are now unable to mate with one another.
  • Potential fix for a bug where the player is locked inside the resurrection room.
  • Fixed a certain special follower not drinking reserved drinks.
  • Fixed followers born in the cult requesting for you to find their sibling in the dungeon.
  • Damned followers when defeated will be recruited to your cult rather than killed.
  • Fixed drink house not resetting after being destroyed.
  • Fixed blunderbuss not showing on existing save files that started with Quick Start Mode enabled.
  • Fixed occasional softlock when healing a follower in the healing bay.
  • Fixed occasional softlock with the mating tent.
  • Fixed save files that didn’t unlock disciple structures when they should have.
  • Fixed followers that steal a bed not clearing their previous bed.
  • Fixed occasional issue where saving would throw an error.
  • Fixed silos showing incorrect amounts.
  • Fixed player being pushed out of bounds when collecting Sin.
  • Fixed ‘new outfit unlocked’ notification spam.
  • Fixed birds stealing a certain special crop (if this bug occurred, this crop will appear in players inventory on first load).
  • Fixed issue with morgues and crypts not displaying UI.
  • Fixed webber followers requesting to mate.
  • Fixed issue where weapons were being replaced by curses in the final boss fight.
  • Fixed softlock when nurturing a child at night time.
  • Fixed an occasional crash when followers are eating.
Known Issues We Are Investigating!
  • Switch Achievements sometimes resetting or not completing.
  • For some players the Sins Of The Flash trailer video plays without a sound.
  • Buttons in the drum circle mini game do not line up with their corresponding colour.
  • Golden eggs occasionally cause a softlock when hatching.
  • Egg meals occasionally vanish.
  • Additional notes: on console, the Ver. 1.3.5 update includes all fixes from Ver. 1.3.3 to Ver. 1.3.5 on PC
  • Source: Massive Monster (Reddit)

Cult of the Lamb – Ver. 1.3.0 (Sins of the Flesh)

  • Release date: January 16th 2024 (North America, Europe) / January 17th 2023 (Japan)
  • New content:
  • Sins and Disciples
    • New progression systems add more depth and complexity to managing the Cult of the Lamb. By following the sinful path, your followers will delight in gluttonous rituals, vain buildings and wrathful doctrines. Invite your most loyal Followers to the inner circle of Disciples, a revamped levelling system of Follower progression.
  • Better Cult Life
    • Shiny poop, baneful brooms and bigger, better buildings improve busy Cult life. Shiny poops have special effects, like yielding fruitful crops and adding XP to your broom. Levelling up your broom will make chores faster and more effective. To improve automation, there’s also a new tier for the Janitor Station and the Storage Structures so your Followers will take better care of themselves.
  • Ready, Aim, Fire
    • Blast heretics away with the new Blunderbuss weapon. When loaded, it fires big damage in close quarters to bring a new combat playstyle for your crusades. If you charge it up even more with a heavy attack, you can aim to snipe enemies from long range.
  • Outfits, Options and Offspring
    • Each of your cultists can flaunt their Follower fashion at the new Tailor building. Once unlocked, each cultist can wear their own outfit, with 23 different styles to choose from. But your Cult is getting even more unique. When two Followers love each other very much, they might find an egg. Nurture the egg for it to hatch, then care for the offspring until they’re ready to pledge allegiance to your Cult.
  • Patch notes:
New Features
  • Added a new weapon – the Blunderbuss! Lamb goes pew pew.
  • Added 6 new Achievements.
  • Eggs – Followers can be hatched from eggs! Golden eggs will grant special skins.
  • New Resources have been added. These include Grapes, Hops, Cotton, Silk Thread, and Yolk.
  • Extra Resource rooms
  • New Follower skins – Lemur, Caterpillar, Seal, Snake, Worm.
  • Extension of the Sozo questline
  • Sin Doctrine category (4 new choices, 8 new Doctrines)
  • Auto levelling up followers after sermons and rituals.
  • Rebuilding structures mini game.
  • Shop room inside the dungeon with an NPC (Berith) that sells unique clothing.
  • Re-indoctrination option on the indoctrination podium.
  • Outfit and necklace assigning option on the indoctrination screen.
  • Disciple ritual that turns level 10 followers into Disciples.
  • Followers will now fight with one another, causing injuries and sometimes death.
The Sin System
  • Followers generate sin which can be used as a new currency! Sin can be generated from specific Sin rituals and buildings. Spend it on upgrading the Temple, removing the cooldown on purgatory, re-indoctrinating followers and building structures.
New Rituals
  • Rite of Lust – Followers will dance in their birthday suits around the shrine. Choose your favorite Follower to become the Mayflower Leader for half a day! This Follower will generate Sin. Followers will not work for half a day, instead they will prance around naked.
  • Rite of Wrath – Followers will cause havoc on the base! Choose a follower to become the Wrath Leader. This follower will generate Sin.
  • Gluttony of Cannibals – Choose a follower to be consumed by others. This will generate Sin.
  • Sinner’s Pride – Choose a follower to absorb the Sin of all followers.
  • Discipleship – Choose a level 10 follower to become a Disciple, in your inner circle of true believers.
  • Drinkhouse – Craft drinks at the drinkhouse for your followers. Once a follower consumes their delicious little treat beverage, they will generate Sin. There is also chance to become Befuddled. They may need a little tactical spew to keep the festivities going.
  • Drinkhouse Level 2 – Queue more drinks.
  • Mating Tent – You asked for it! When two Followers love each other very much, they may enter the tent, and find an egg afterwards…
  • Hatchery – Place eggs in the Hatchery to make them hatch. What will come out?
  • Drum Circle – Play a drum circle mini game for a chosen follower to generate Sin.
  • Tailor building to craft and assign clothing to followers.
  • Bigger silo storage buildings for fertilizer and seeds.
  • Janitor station 2 building.
  • Seed Storage – Followers will collect seeds from this building and deposit them into Seed Silo’s.
  • Fertilizer Storage – Followers will collect fertilizer from this building and deposit them into Fertilizer Silo’s.
  • Disciple Collection Shrine – Allows Disciples to deposit devotion from other buildings into a central building.
  • Disciple Boost Shrine – Allows Disciples to pray that eventually fills up a shrine to give the Lamb a boost for the next crusade.
Follower States
  • Befuddled – Followers will stumble around, vomit, fight, chat, laugh, sing, and generally have a merry old time until they are no longer befuddled.
  • Injured – Followers will limp around feeling sorry for themselves until they are no longer injured.
Chore Levelling Up
  • When cleaning a poop/vomit/burnt or cleaning out an outhouse, XP will be generated.
  • Once the chore XP bar reaches full, the Lamb will unlock a new mop. There are as many as 10 (!!!) mops to unlock.
  • The higher the mop, the faster the Lamb can clean.
Poop variations
  • Golden Poop – Drops gold when cleaned. Drops gold/gold bars when harvesting a crop fertilized with golden poop.
  • Glow Poop – Attracts fireflies.
  • Devotion Poop – Generates devotion when cleaned. Crop fertilized with devotion poop will generate devotion over time.
  • Massive Poop – Drops multiple poops when cleaned. Followers can get stuck in the massive poop :(
  • Poop pet – Drops a poop pet when harvested, only when the poop is from a follower with the poop skin.
  • Rainbow poop – Gives 5 times the chore XP when harvested. Instantly grows a crop when fertilized with rainbow poop.
Lore Tablets
  • 15 Lore Tablets to collect across the game!
  • Disciple Trait – Can re-educate Dissenters and use special Shrines.
  • Jerk Trait – Jeers at the lamb. Chance to steal Lamb’s gold. Will tell the Lamb they suck after a failed crusade.
  • Hot Tempered Trait – May start a fight with other followers.
  • Royal Pooper Trait – Only poops golden poops. Say that 5 times fast.
  • Scared Trait – Runs away from the player. Can be bullied/reassured.
  • Terrified Trait – Sits in the corner of base and cries. :(
  • Lustful Trait – Increases odds of mating in the mating tent.
  • Celibate Trait – Decreases odds of mating in the mating tent.
  • Fashionable Trait – Generates Devotion 20% faster when wearing a unique outfit.
  • Hedonist Trait – Decreases productivity by 10% but increases Sin generation by 15%.
  • Ascetic Trait – Decreases Sin generation by 10% but increases productivity by 15%.
  • Virtuous Trait – Produces Sin 20% slower.
  • Unrepentant – Produces Sin 15% faster.
  • Doctrinal Extremist Cult Trait – Choose to generate Sin from the Confession Booth instead of Loyalty.
  • Violent Extremist Cult Trait – Chance of Sin appearing as a reward from mini-bosses.
  • Fertility Cult Trait – Followers hatched in the Cult will be born with some Sin
  • Allegiance Cult Trait – Followers hatched in the Cult will be born with a high Loyalty level.
  • Dissented Followers have a chance to show up inside the dungeon and fight the player.
Twitch Integration Update
  • Added outfits for viewer followers! Viewers can now select a snazzy outfit in the follower builder after they win a follower raffle.
  • Added mobile support. You can now use all of the integration’s features on your mobile devices as well!
  • Added additional Help/Hinder outcomes
  • Follower level is now capped at 10 – Followers at max level can can still participate in any interactions or Cult events that would normally increase their loyalty, but their loyalty bar will not appear anymore.
  • Balanced the Enrichment Ritual.
  • Added prompt to signify that sacrificing followers in certain locations are permanent .
  • Laplace Dice is now a single use relic.
  • Paean demon will no longer give hearts whilst wearing the Berseker or Fragile Fortitude Fleeces.
  • Rebalancing commandment stones from levelling of Followers.
  • Remove necklace option.
  • Hide/Show necklace option.
  • Skip sermons.
  • Followers level capped at level 10.
  • Dissenters who have left the cult have a chance to show up in the dungeon and fight the Lamb.
  • Achievements menu that displays unlocked achievements.
  • Fixed confusion with end of level bonus items
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed demons not joining in the final fight.
  • Fixed certain follower questlines
  • Fixed lighting issues with blood moon ritual
  • Fixed Morgue and Crypt issues
  • Fixed birds displaying above the base in photo mode
  • Fixed certain weapons not showing on crusades
Sinful DLC Pack
  • 6 tailor unlocked outfits
  • 6 new decorations
  • 5 new Follower skins: Tiger, Llama, Hammerhead, Ladybug, Sphynx
  • 1 player fleece
  • As an addition : 2 tailor outfits for Heretic pack, and 2 tailor outfits for Cultist pack.
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: Devolver Digital PR (08/01/2024) / Massive Monster (Steam)

Cult of the Lamb – Ver. 1.2.7

  • Release date: October 12th 2023 (North America, Europe, Japan
  • Patch notes:
  • Feast ritual fills up players’ hunger in penitence mode.
  • Fixed softlock when aborting the ascend ritual.
  • Fixed followers displaying incorrect conversation text
  • Various other small fixes

Cult of the Lamb – Ver. 1.2.6 (Don’t Starve Together Update)

  • Release date: August 21st 2023 (North America, Europe) / August 22nd 2023 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
New Content
  • New secret follower & decorations
  • New secret Penitence Mode
  • New Quick Start Mode
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed player being able to die after beating leader bosses
  • Fixed performing a heavy attack during interaction actions prevents the player from performing further heavy attack
  • Fix for when relic spawns a demon or combat follower right before moving to the next node, causing them to not spawn at all
  • Fixed hearts dropping outside of the room in the healing room
  • Fixed various mini bosses freezing mid fight
  • Removed refined resources from post-game shop
  • Additional details:
Spooky spiders make for fine friends!
Webber has made an appearance in Cult of the Lamb, and would love to join your cult!  You will need to unlock this Follower first to access the new Penitence mode, and unlock the new décor!
Spookify your space, with more decorations for your cult! Some strange technology has appeared from a mysterious land… just what is ‘science’?New decorations include:
  • Alchemy Engine
  • Deerclops Figure
  • Marble Tree
  • Pig Head Flag
  • Science Machine
  • Potted Treeguard
  • Hay Wall
Penitence Mode
Arise, Lamb! Sate your ravenous hunger, and rest your weary eyes. This is a brand new mode that brings in survival mechanics inspired by Don’t Starve – Hunger, and Sleep!

When either bar is too low or empty, a mysterious timer will appear. You will take damage each time it counts down. Be sure to rest and feed your hungry little Lamb or not only will they perish, it will be game over… permanently. To play this new mode, select it when starting a new game (just like the Permadeath mode!).

The key to survival will be to manage both your Hunger and Sleep levels – they will continue to go down, even when on crusades. You will be able to abandon a crusade early, but this will come at a slight cost of some of the resources you gathered.

New Beats!

Our audio director River Boy has been hard at work adding more music to Cult of the Lamb!

Cult of the Lamb – Ver. 1.2.4

  • Release date: May 22nd 2023 (North America, Europe) / May 23rd 2023 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
  • Fixed soft lock in the relic room.
  • The user can now skip the intro cutscene video.
  • Fixed disappearing dead followers in graves.
  • Fixed shielded enemies appearing before Heavy Attacks have been unlocked.
  • Fixed a softlock when using Photo Mode after being sacrificed and meeting The One Who Waits for the first time.
  • Fixed incorrect text on Help menu entry.
  • Fixed soft locks when encountering cult leader statues.
  • Fixes to the numbers displayed above enemies in shield order encounters.
  • Black walls blocking entry when rolling into a new room now places Lamb on the correct destination if stuck.
  • Fixed issue where special rooms did not show during post game.
  • Fixed softlock when fighting the final boss in purgatory.
  • Fixed player being unable to finish the lighthouse quest.
  • Relic room will now show in dungeon when the player is wearing Fleece of the Fates.
  • Fixed unable to save issue.
  • Fixed inconsistent soft lock when performing a doctrine.
  • Fixed soft lock when speaking to forneus in purgatory.
  • Followers converted into demons will no longer become exhausted after purgatory.
  • Fixed entrance shrine filling up relic charge exploit.
  • Fixed multiple issues relating to houses and shared houses.
  • Increased Laplace’s Dice charge amount.
  • Fixed rescue room enemies not spawning.
  • Fixed lamb clipping under the map.
  • Fixed new skin notification showing when no new skins
  • Fix name inputs allowing unlimited characters
  • Fixed friendly combatants spawning outside of islands.
  • Interactions will disable their highlight during photo mode
  • Fixed soft lock when accepting quests from followers
  • Fixed undertaker creating duplicate bodies 
  • Fixed debuff room clearing witness eyes
  • Various ritual soft lock fixes
  • Balanced spawned combat allies 
  • Tax/Faith enforcer won’t ask lamb to make them a Tax/Faith enforcer
  • Fixed Haro not speaking in the entrance of the dungeons
  • Specific followers will no longer become lovers
  • Fixed demons duplicating themselves
  • Fixed splatter curses not destroying terrain elements
  • Fixed permadeath not showing for some players

Cult of the Lamb – Ver. 1.2.1

  • Release date: April 28th 2023 (North America, Europe) / April 29th 2023 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
  • Fixed an issue where the title may crash after using a relic
  • Fixed an issue where Fishing out the Beak of the Fowler relic does not play out the unlock animation and impaired the game’s functionality.
  • Fixed an issue where the title became unresponsive upon unlocking certain relics.
  • Fixed an issue where Eye of the Fervant interrupted the charging of Curses by the playable character.
  • Fixed an issue where a redundant text in the inventory menu when the playable character has no relic equipped.
  • Fixed an issue where some of the Heket’s dialogues are not affected by the text scale
  • Fixed an issue where the followers’ faces displayed in the Notifications in the Cult tab menu are inconsistent with the faces from the UI prompts displayed during the gameplay
  • Fixed an issue where The Arachnid card effectively lowers the poison damage dealt by the high-level Bane weapon
  • Fixed an issue where the Tennis Wizard and Archers became passive and freeze without animation if the line of sight is broken after their animation attack 
  • Fixed an issue where there would be no preview of the last edited photo in the Gallery Menu
  • Fixed an issue where the size of the stickers exceeded the limit if they are placed quickly one on another in the Photo Mode editor
  • Fixed an issue where Flipping Offering Statue causes numbers showing the quantity of items to be displayed improperly

Cult of the Lamb – Ver. 1.2.0 (Relics of the Old Faith)

  • Release date: April 24th 2023 (North America, Europe) / April 25th 2023 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
New Content
  • Added a new storyline which begins after completing the base game.
  • Added 37 new Relics with various powers which must be collected by the player.
  • All 5 Weapons got a new Heavy Attack and Level 2 Heavy Attack.
  • Added new Sermon upgrades that unlock extra damage, Relics, Heavy Attacks, and a new ability to reroll your Weapons and Curses on Crusades.
  • Added new Crusades, which are encountered after the base game.
  • Added 13 new Encounters with various Characters and cutscenes.
  • Added many new Combat rooms, with new traps such as rivers, swinging axes, etc.
  • Added Fish, Meat, and Relic rooms.
  • Added 6 new Enemies to fight in new Crusades.
  • Added 16 new Minibosses to fight in new Crusades.
  • Added 4 new Bishop transformations to fight in new Crusades.
  • Added Chemach – a new Character who deals Relics.
  • Added ??? – a new Character who provides quests and opens a shop that accepts God Tears.
  • Added Forgotten Commandment Stones  – a new resource used to unlock Doctrines you didn’t choose in the past.
  • Added 6 new Necklaces to obtain in ???’s shop.
  • Added 7 new Tarot Cards to collect.
  • Added 2 new Critters – Jellyfish in Anchordeep and Relic Goat from Relics.
  • Added 4 new Buildings – Kitchen, Shared Shelter, Crypt, and Morgue with some having additional upgrades.
  • Added 11 new Followers obtainable in various ways through gameplay, and 7 previous Twitch Followers obtainable through ???’s shop.
  • Added 2 new Twitch Follower Forms only currently obtainable as Twitch Drops for Steam (will be available for other platforms in the future through normal gameplay.)
  • Added 6 new special Followers – Leshy, Heket, Kallamar, Shamura, Baal, and Aym.
  • Added new quests, including some secret quests.
  • Added 5 new Fleeces – obtained through various quests and combat.
  • Added Purgatory – a new way to fight in Dungeon Gauntlet and Boss Rush. Use Fleeces to fight in new ways.
  • Added the ability to re-fight Baal, Aym, and The One Who Waits in Purgatory.
Photo Mode
  • Added a Photo Mode that allows you to tilt, change height, and focus, and take Photos while pausing the game.
  • Added a Gallery to view your Photos taken while using Photo Mode.
  • Added Edit option in Gallery that allows the player to add, scale, flip, rotate and undo Stickers.
  • Added 88 new Stickers, with the ability to Clear and Undo.
  • Can now toggle a setting to display follower names above their heads.
  • Tutorial tooltips can now be navigated with the mouse.
  • Tutorial tooltips now show button controls.
  • A Permadeath Mode has now been added, unlocked after finishing the base game once.
  • Dyslexic Fonts (English only) – font option to allow easier reading for those with dyslexia.
  • Numbers as Roman Numerals – change roman numerals in the game to arabic numerals.
  • Stop Time on Crusade – time will pause in the Cult while visiting Crusades.
  • Show Build Mode Filter – the player is now able to turn off the full screen blue build mode filter.
  • High Contrast text option – sets text to a clearer color where appropriate for an easier reading experience.
  • Remove Text Styling – you can now turn off all bold and italic text for an easier reading experience.
  • Main Menu Dark Mode – change the main menu to dark mode.
  • The Flashing Lights option has been improved.
  • Remove Lighting Effects – turn off various lighting and day/night visual effects. 
  • Relics of the Old Faith – Collect all Relics.
  • Shake Down – Get your Coin back from Midas.
  • True Love Found – Reunite Aym and Baal with Forneus.
  • Leader of Leaders – Indoctrinate all five Bishops into your Cult.
Heretic DLC Pack
  • Added 5 new Follower Forms.
  • Added 8 new Decorations.
  • Added a new decorative Fleece.
Balancing & Bug Fixes
  • Fishing rates were adjusted to prevent the player from fishing too long.
  • Mushroom drops in Anura were raised.
  • Dagger damage was raised slightly.
  • Fleece of the Diseased Heart was rebalanced with an added dodging minigame.
  • The Shrine will no longer give Coins when completing upgrades after the base game and gives God Tears instead.
  • Many optimizations were added to smooth gameplay for lower memory consoles.
  • Some miscellaneous general improvements.
  • Many small bug fixes.

Cult of the Lamb – Ver. 1.1.0

  • Release date: January 18th 2023 (North America, Europe) / January 19th 2023 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
  • You can now rename your Cult, view Followers, and statistics while examining your Doctrine book
  • Added the ability to Bless, Inspire, and Intimidate multiple Followers at once
  • Added a Custom Bindings section for controllers, you can now bind your controller as you wish
  • Added auto-fishing Accessibility Option
  • Added auto-cooking Accessibility Option
  • Added hold-action toggle Accessibility Option
  • Roadmap has been updated to reflect the current update plan
  • Updated the UI for Controller layouts
  • Cults and Followers can no longer be given empty names
  • Ratau’s letter now has the correct prompt
  • Play time will now display correctly if the save file exceeds 24 hours
  • Fixed an exploit in the world map allowing you to travel to locations you hadn’t unlocked
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed you to open all Crusade doors after opening Anura
  • Fixed an issue where the difficulty level of a loaded save file may carry over into a new game
  • Revised gamepad layouts
  • Fixed an issue where multiple controllers connected will not be responsive
  • Many bug fixes and optimisations across all platforms

Cult of the Lamb – Ver.

  • Release date: November 17th 2022 (North America, Europe) / November 18th 2022 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
  • Fixed infinite devotion generated from followers.
  • Fixed cult upgrade sequence not occurring causing the temple and shrine not to increase in level – Added fallback to users who have encountered this issue.
  • Fixed weapons and curses not showing in dungeons even though they are unlocked in the player upgrade tree.
  • Fixed player’s hearts not increasing when unlocked in the player upgrade tree.
  • Fixed clock UI showing in the middle of the screen.

Cult of the Lamb – Ver. (Blood Moon Festival Update)

  • Release date: October 24th 2022 (North America, Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:
Introduced our first seasonal event, the Blood Moon Festival!
  • A new Blood Moon Ritual that will raise the ghosts of dead Followers
  • 3 new Follower Forms: the Cursed Crow, Skeletal Deer, and Bat Demon
  • 4 new dreadful Decorations
Other Changes
  • Fixed an issue causing Helob’s tarot cards to become unavailable
  • Fixed an issue related to Follower Form icons
  • Fixed an issue causing the game to crash when opening chests
  • Fixed an issue causing rituals to display incorrect UI elements
  • Fixed an issue where repeatedly pressing the dodge roll during a Leshy dungeon encounter could cause the game to become non-responsive

Cult of the Lamb – Ver.

  • Release date: September 23rd 2022 (North America) / September 24th 2022 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
  • The game will now auto-pause after 10 minutes
  • Fixed issue where the game did not boot in EU-Portuguese for EU players
  • Improved spine animation frame rates for Lamb and Bosses to improve visual quality 
  • Fixed Godhood achievement
  • Fixed issue where DLC could disappear after completing certain actions
  • Fixed issue where the UI element displaying the progress of the day, changes its position on the screen when in the Pilgrim’s Passage
  • Fixed issue causing the “Followers” menu to become inaccessible occasionally
  • Fixed issue where pressing the use button repeatedly after the full column has been selected causes the column UI to be offset
  • Fixed game freeze when clicking back during world map
  • Fixed gifts not spawning correctly
  • Fixed issues with pathing system
  • Fixed Accept button not appearing right away when returning to the main menu
  • Fixed info card UI getting stuck when navigating through them too quickly
  • Fixed some UI appearance issues in the Divine Inspiration menu
  • Fixed navigation in Cult Menu Tab UI
  • Fixed issue that occurred when dodge rolling immediately after cancelling the fishing mini-game
  • Fixed game freeze after performing certain actions during the tutorial
  • Fixed game freeze during the final encounter
  • Fixed game freeze after a Follower receives a gift from Ratau
  • Fixed soft lock that could occur during Bishop encounters
  • Fixed issue with weapons after all weapons have been unlocked
  • Fixed the soft lock when interacting with tarot shrine and the player has collected all the tarot cards
  • Fixed issue causing dungeons to not progress
  • Fixed soft lock when resurrecting ill/dissenting Followers
  • Fixed issues with Helob shop room
  • Fixed issue where a boss can die outside of map and the heart is unreachable
  • Fixed soft lock when mini boss Follower spawns too close to the wall
  • Fixed Witness enemies not returning when the player dies and resurrects mid-fight
  • Fixed decimal rounding on weapon UI
  • Fixed issue where enemies hovering above ground may not behave properly
  • Fixed game freeze when the Moth is increasing a Follower’s loyalty
  • Fixed issue causing Spikes are invisible during combat encounters with Baal, Aym and the final boss
  • Fixed issue where the player cannot see the progress of building or harvesting in certain resources
  • Fixed the fuel meter incorrectly filling if the playable character walks away from the Shrine’s flame when all of the fuel has not been added
  • Fixed bug preventing the last Doctrine from being unlocked
  • Fixed Crystal Flag and Bone Pile decorations
  • Fixed soft lock when player comes back to base before building shrine with a Follower but does not have sufficient coins to build one
  • Fixed Followers getting stuck in a level-up state
  • Followers now leave when a crisis of faith quest is failed
  • Fixed Followers not harvesting crops when away from the base
  • Fixed soft lock when entering the temple whilst cleaning waste
  • Fixed soft lock when moving wrapped bodies in build mode
  • Fixed confession booth soft lock
  • Fixed Follower emotion display in notifications history
  • Fixed Omnipresence animation glitches when a button is pressed and menus are open
  • Fixed game freeze after receiving a quest from a Follower
  • Fixed issue where the Inspiration animation would loop infinitely under certain conditions 

Cult of the Lamb – Ver.

  • Release date: August 24th 2022 (North America, Europe) / August 25th 2022 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
General Fixes
  • Enabled Portuguese-language localization
  • Improved performance while saving and loading a game
  • Fixed snail shells not dropping
  • Implemented pathfinding improvements
  • Fixed invisible enemies spawning from Summoner enemies
  • Fixed issue that occurred while performing rituals
  • Fixed bug that caused Ratau to not appear during the tutorial
  • Fixed certain save corruption bugs
  • Fixed items falling out of the playable area when spawning
  • Fixed an issue causing indefinite controller rumble
  • Implemented optimisation for items spawned from chests
  • Fixed immortal enemies in combat involving Healer enemies 
  • Fixed issue that occurred when the Lamb collected a certain amount of Tarot cards during a single dungeon run
  • Fixed spider nests not dropping
  • Implemented minor optimisations to dungeon performance
Fixes for:
  • Fixed issue that limited 6 Followers entering the Temple at once. 
  • Fixed various soft locks and blockers during the Tutorial
  • Fixed bug causing Followers to disappear
  • Fixed issue where interacting or assigning work to a dying follower caused a semi-unresponsive state
  • Fixed certain bugs causing Follower quests to fail instantly
  • Fixed soft lock that occurred when interacting with Prisons

How to download updates for Cult of the Lamb for the Nintendo Switch?

To download the updates for Cult of the Lamb, you have three options:

  • let the console do its thing if you have automatic downloads activated, and didn’t completely turn it off

If not…

  • try to launch the game from the Home Menu while being connected to the internet. You should get a prompt when doing so: simply follow the instructions on screen;


  • select the game > press either + or – to go to the Options page > select Software update > select Via the Internet.

To check that you have the latest version installed, simply select the game on the Home Menu, and press – or + to go to the Options: the version number is displayed just below the game title.


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