Charade Maniacs: character trailers (#3: Cooking Team)

Charade Maniacs is one of the several Otome Visual Novels from Idea Factory heading to Europe and North America in the near future. This one will launch this Summer in both regions, courtesy of Idea Factory International.

And in the months leading up to launch, Idea Factory International are planning to share several character trailers, introducing the various male characters you will get to meet in the game.

But before that, here’s a character profile for Hiyori Sena, the heroine!

As a sophomore at Gekkei High School, Hiyori is always trying her best at everything she does. She meets a masked figure and is suddenly transported into the Other World Stream.

The first character trailer for Charade Maniacs introduce the members of the Info Team!

  • Kyoya Akase (voiced by Soma Saito)

A student who attends Ariake Technical School. He’s an honest, athletic, and energetic guy with a strong devotion, leading him to be quite influential on the group’s mood.

  • Mamoru Chigasaki (voiced by Daisuke Namikawa)

A soft spoken and respectful man. Whenever the protagonist is in trouble, he lends her a hand. He tries to avoid any conflict and is a very peaceful person. He loves to collect succulents.

  • Mei Dazai (voiced by Makoto Furukawa)

Although he may seem distant, he is very kind at heart. Vigilant and watchful, he keeps the free spirits in the group grounded. He loves cats.

The second character trailer introduces the members of the Cleaning Team!

  • Tomose Banjo (voiced by Kenichi Suzumura)

A schoolmate of the protagonist who is undeniably cool. He’s also her childhood friend, and has the tendency to be a little overprotective of her. He loves clam chowder and is a member of the drama club.

  • Ryoichi Futami (voiced by Tomokazu Seki)

A student in vocational school studying art. He’s very good with his hands and loves to do silver crafting. He’s the brother figure to the cast members who act selfishly.

  • Souta Gyobu (voiced by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka)

Supposedly attends Gekkei High School like the protagonist, but she’s never seen him there. He’s an eccentric man who always acts aloof. He loves old games.

The third character trailer introduces the member of the Cooking Team:

  • Keito Ebana (voiced by Tomoaki Maeno)

Although he seems like a serious person, he’s got a mouth on him and always gets into arguments. However, similar to Dazai, he’s very grounded. A skillful cook.

  • Takumi Haiji (voiced by Nobuhiko Okamoto):

He always seem to be staring off into space. A boy who doesn’t speak often. He’s hard to read but what we know for sure is that he loves ice cream.

  • Mizuki Iochi (voiced by Megumi Ogata):

The oldest of the cast members. Unlike their appearance, they’re pretty bold, often acting as the host of the disorderly group.

About Charade Maniacs

In the near future…
Summer break was around the corner.
Hiyori Sena, a sophomore in high school, was living a peaceful life.
One day, as she was walking home with her childhood friend,
a masked figure appeared before them.
The two were abducted and taken to a strange world with two moons.

When they awoke, they met nine others in the same predicament.
In their confusion, the mysterious figure began to speak.

“Welcome to Arcadia!”
“In this world, if you perform for us, your wildest dreams can come true!”

In order to find their way home,
the group was forced to work together and act in an assortment of scenes from a drama.

They were also made aware that a traitor walked among them…
What could be the motive of this traitor?
And why are they all being forced to act?

Unable to fully trust anyone, whose hand will she take in the end?

Charade Maniacs (Switch) does not have a release date yet, but is slated for a Summer release in both Europe and North America!

Source: Idea Factory International (Twitter)


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