Bravely Second: some details about the “Chariot” class

In this week’s issue, Famitsu magazine revealed a brand new class for Bravely Second: End Layer, called Chariot. Their specialty is physical attacks: they can use pretty much every kind of weapons in the game. Even better: they can even wield three of them at once! But that’s not all: along with the “Throw” ability, they can increase the rating of the weapons they’re currently using (for a limited period of time), which means their attacks can become even more powerful.

Its asterisk holder is called Cú Chulainn (voiced by Tetsu Inada), a centaur (which are quite rare). He’s always carrying a bunch of weapons on his back, and knows how to use them all pretty well. Even though he works for the Grantz Empire (and therefore, Emperor Oblivion), he’s only really loyal to Ayame (asterisk holder of the Wizard job). For some reason, Emperor Oblivion is perfectly fine with that, which means Cú Chulainn‘s skills probably aren’t just for show and are quite real.

Bravely Second: End Layer (3DS) comes out on April 26th in Japan.

Source: Famitsu (via Siliconera)



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