Bike Rider DX headed to the Nintendo Switch this week (in Japan)

The Bike Rider DX series was among the most popular on Nintendo 3DS in Japan, with the first game ranking #1 of download sales in 2013; the second one ranking #3 in 2014, and the third one ranking #4 in 2015. And good news for fans of that series: Spicysoft announced today that it was headed to the Nintendo Switch this very week (at least in Japan)!

This new game is called Oumori Charisou DX (that could be translated as “Bike Rider DXXL”), and includes a selection of 295 levels from all 3 Nintendo 3DS games. It also features no less than 40 different “costumes”, that you can get using a capsule-toy machine, that only takes tickets you get for free. The more levels you clear, the more “costumes” you can unlock. Those have special abilities, that will prove useful to clearing the trickiest of levels.

Bike Rider DX on Nintendo Switch will also feature “emergency capsule”, that help you clear the hardest levels by helping you back up should you fall down a pit for example. Also, via the Grand Prix mode (playable online), you can challenge other players to intense races. You can use the “costumes” you unlock in Single Player in this mode.

Finally, there’s a special collaboration with Kamen Rider Build, that will be added to the game via DLC. There’s a set of 10 special levels based on the TV series.

Here’s some screenshots for Bike Rider DX on Nintendo Switch:

Bike Rider DX (Switch – eShop) comes out on February 8th in Japan, where it will cost 598 Yen. The Upcoming Games page has been updated!

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