Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp – Summertime Bug Catching and All Together Now… Horned Dynastid events now live

Today, not one but two new events for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp went live at the same time… the Summertime Bug Catching and All Together Now… Horned Dynastid events!

Summertime Bug Catching

During this event, your goal is to catch as many bugs as you can. To be more precise, you need to catch the following bugs:

  • fruit beetle
  • horned dynastid
  • goliath beetle

There’s actually a set of Timed Goals to complete in order to earn rewards, including Fortune Cookies! It runs from August 23rd to August 30th. Keep in mind that only bugs you caught yourself count towards the goals: getting bugs from animals or market boxes do not.

To help you, the developers have boosted the appearance rate of certain rare bugs during the event:

  • horned dynastid
  • goliath beetle
  • miyama stag
  • cyclommatus stag

However, you need to be careful: the miyama stag and the cyclommatus stag are not target bugs for the Timed Goals.

In order to catch lots of bugs at once, you can use beetle honey: not only does it allow you to catch 10 bugs at once, but you’re also guaranteed to get at least 1 fruit beetle and 1 horned dynastid, two of the target bugs for the Timed Goals. Unfortunately, you need to spend some Leaf Tickets in order to get some of that precious beetle honey…

All Together Now… Horned Dynastid

Alongside the Summertime Bug Catching event, another one is running at the same time: the All Together Now… Horned Dynastid event. In this one, you and all the other players around the world have to catch as many horned dynastids as possible: more than 3 millions! In total, players ended up catching 3 013 818 horned dynastids.

Since the goal was reached by the end of the event, everyone (even those who did not take part directly in the event) will receive 50 Leaf Tickets as a reward from September 3rd. Just like the Timed Goals for the Summertime Bug Catching event, only horned dynastids you caught yourself count towartds the total, not those you received from animals or from market boxes.

Source: Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp



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