Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp – Splatoon 2 Collab. Fest now live

Earlier this week, the official Twitter account for the Animal Crossing teased yet another upcoming event for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. But unlike the usual teasers, there was no in-game pic… Despite that, it was pretty easy to guess that the event would be about Splatoon 2. And today, Nintendo confirmed it by announcing the Splatoon 2 Collab. Fest!

This new event is now live, with tons of things to check out (make sure to check out the various posts and pages links for additional details, there was just too much for this one post!):

  • Inkling’s splatted cookie (available until October 11th) [check out this page for more details]: unfortunately, it does not come with a Scrapbook memory…
  • Cookie Packs, including an Inkling’s splatted cookie (available until October 11th) [check out this page for more details]
  • Blitz Clam Scavenger Hunt (available until September 25th) [check out this post for more details]
  • special Log-in Bonus items [check out this page for more details]
  • Fishing Tourney #6 (goes live on September 19th, more details coming soon): this time, you will have to fish for squids, it seems!

Important note: all the parts of this event do not go live and do not end on the same day. Please refer to each individual page/post for more details. Alternatively, you can find the end date for each event on the Events and Content Updates page, but it also features content not related to the Splatoon 2 Collab. event!

Source: Nintendo (Twitter)



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