Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp – More details about Ver. 1.5.0 (Friend List, campsite camera, more)

Update: today, some new features went live in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. There’s two of them:

  • Friends Market Box: you can now choose to sell items only to your friends, or to anyone;
  • Mailbox Item Log: you can now check your item history from the last 30 days

Also, starting today, you have to give permission to link your Twitter account to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp again.


Today, Nintendo stealth-released the latest Software update for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp (that we got some early details about a few weeks ago). It brings the game to Ver. 1.5.0, and provides various improvements.

First: the updated Friend List, which is easier to use. Now, you can easily see whether any of your friends needs help at the Shovelstrike Quarry without even having to open it, thanks to a really handy icon. Also, when you return to the Friends or Visitors List, you’re automatically returned to the spot you were previously at, instead of the top of the list (pretty handy if you have lots of friends!).

Next: the Log-in Bonus display, which has been updated (the set of bonuses in the picture below is for demonstration purposes only). By the way, it doesn’t really matter when you update the game to Ver. 1.5.0: the bonuses remain the same for everyone (it’s just the display that changes).

But that’s not all: the campsite camera has also been made easier to use. To be more precise, the zoom and camera angle have been adjusted, and you can now remove borders when taking pictures.

The Ver. 1.5.0 update also brings some other (minor) changes:

  • if Animals in your campsite have requests for you, they will now appear in the “Look who wants to chat with you!” window;
  • some animal-request content has been adjusted;
  • the screen display was adjusted.

Finally, the update fixes the following issues:

  • the issue that caused pointer icons to display in Breezy Hollow and other locations during garden events;
  • the issue that caused the game to crash while arranging campsite furniture;
  • the issue that caused camper-request My Nintendo missions to track completed requests inaccurately.

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